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All the girls have their dreamlike weddings.

A romantic, special and affecting wedding will remain in their hearts and never forget.

Today, Forex furniture is keep going to develop new styles of high-quality banquet tables and chairs for the event rental market, striving to create high-end and unforgettable weddings for all the bride and groom global.

Forex Furniture

Our Journey

From requirements to

Providing solutions.

After a large indoor event, our founder, Dr. Peter Mark, was looking for more fashion design banquet chairs and tables.

When no suitable banquet furniture was found on the market, he began designing products more modern and save storage space.

Unknowingly creating the first stacking banquet chair and folding banquet tables.

stacking banquet chairs for sale

Start up

As Dr. M continued to study how to improve chairs’ lifetime, he found that banquet chairs could make of metals.

There are more durable and bear more weight, also provide a wide range of powder-coated colors and upholstery.

folding banquet table and chairs

Fast developing

With production technology improving, Dr. M has developed blow-molded folding banquet tables and chairs.

There are lightweight and with high stacking capacity. Also UV stabilized can use for outdoor events.

banquet table and chairs for sale


After a long time of marketing research, Dr. M launched the gold wedding chairs and gold wedding tables.

Unlike the previous metal banquet chairs, it is a gold chromed stainless steel frame with laser-cutting designs.

With high-quality white leather upholstery, it is widely used on high-end wedding occasions.

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Our Heros

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Engineer Manager

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Marketing Manager

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Manufacturing Supervisor

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Quality Control Manager