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Wholesale Multiple Styles Ballroom Chairs

If you want to get the most durable ballroom chairs without breaking the bank then Forex Furniture’s chairs will serve you the best. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-end ballroom chairs in China. Our experts have been manufacturing chairs for ballrooms for over 20 years. And famous hospitality businesses including hotels and restaurants across the globe buy thousands every year. Different ballroom chairs are manufactured for any type of event, hospitality business, and purpose.

Ballroom Stacking Chairs For Sale

The stackable ballroom chair that Forex Furniture manufactures is a commercial-grade event chair that is very strong and durable. It has a metallic frame that is produced using strong materials to ensure it lasts for a long. They are customized with bumper guards on the legs to prevent scratches on the frame when stacked. The chair can stack up to 15 chairs and saves storage space.

stacking ballroom chairs for sale

Forex Furniture wholesales ballroom chairs in different back designs including trapezoid back, crown back, dome back, teardrop back, and more. You can choose from different colors and finishes for these chairs to match your decor or theme.

In an ultramodern factory stocked with the latest manufacturing machines, ballroom stacking chairs’ seats can be upholstered with quality vinyl or fabric to give an elegant look to your room.

wholesale stacking ballroom chairs for sale

The Stackable Ballroom Chair can be used in dining rooms, banquet halls, kitchen areas, lounge areas, conference rooms, and restaurants among other hospitality spaces due to its versatility and durability.

Classic Design Chiavari Ballroom Chairs

Are you looking for a unique way to set your event apart from the rest? If so, look no further than Chiavari Ballroom Chairs. At Forex Furniture, Chiavari ballroom chairs are designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors of everyday use in a banquet hall or ballroom. Metal Chiavari ballroom chairs are manufactured using aluminum and stainless steel. The chairs can as well be manufactured using 16-gauge steel. You can also opt for Chiavari ballroom chairs that are manufactured with polycarbonate using an injection mold.

white Chiavari ballroom chairs for sale

The chairs can hold up to 500lbs weight capacity, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Modern and traditional designs can be customized for different ballroom Chiavari chairs to fit your needs. Each Chiavari chair can be made with wooden frames, acrylic, and resin, allowing you to choose which style best suits your needs.

Forex Furniture also offers Chiavari ballroom chair padding options for added comfort, as well as floor protector plastic glides that make it easier to keep your floors safe while protecting the quality of your chairs.

Chiavari ballroom chairs for sale

Chiavari ballroom chairs from Forex Furniture are one of the few durable event chairs that pass the BIFMA test which includes stability test, seating durability test, and back durability test. This is why these chairs can last many years with little maintenance.

Modern Gold Ballroom Chairs Wholesale

We are pleased to present a new line of gold ballroom chairs. These luxury ballroom chairs are manufactured by Forex Furniture, one of the best Furniture companies in China, known in the hospitality businesses worldwide as a trusted company for high-quality seating furniture.

modern gold ballroom chairs for sale

Gold ballroom chairs are designed to meet the industry’s requirements for durability and strength, but they are also built to withstand daily use without wearing off. That means you can bring a luxurious feel to your hospitality business without worrying about whether your guests will be comfortable or if your chairs will hold up.

The gold surface does not fade or peel off, these multipurpose chairs can be used in any number of settings—from weddings to corporate events and everything in between. You will be able to give every guest the best experience possible while saving time and money on chairs that won’t need replacing after just one use.

gold ballroom chairs for sale

To make longer sitting duration possible, Forex Furniture customizes ballroom gold chairs with comfy padding on the seat and backrest. The padded seat cushion is CAL 117 retardant foam, which means it won’t burn when exposed to fire—even if there is an open flame nearby. This chair can withstand the most demanding environments and still look gorgeous.

Folding Ballroom Chairs For Sale

When you are looking for ballroom chairs, you want something that looks simple to fold and is easy to store. That is why Forex Furniture is one of the first chair companies in China to offer fully assembled folding ballroom chairs for sale to hotels, restaurants, and event spaces. These chairs are great for use in ballrooms, banquet halls, and even at weddings.

Folding Ballroom Chairs For Sale

These chairs can be built with a strong steel frame and wooden legs, they won’t break or crack even if they are used regularly. They are fully assembled when they arrive at your door, all you have to do is unfold them and put them in place ready for use.

We also offer an option with knockdown parts—this means that instead of having to assemble the chair yourself, it comes in pieces that are easy to assemble with an easy-to-follow assembly guide. This option is ideal for any hospitality business that wants to save up on shipping costs since a lot of knockdown parts can be loaded in fewer containers.

Wood folding ballroom chairs for sale

Folding ballroom chairs from Forex Furniture come with a limited warranty of 3 years, you can rest assured knowing your investment is protected from any damage or defects during shipping or use. We take pride in partnering with only the world’s best shipping companies to ensure your order reaches your location without any damage whatsoever.

Elegant Lucite Ballroom Chairs

The Lucite Ballroom Chairs are perfect for your ballroom or reception hall, and they will add a touch of sophistication and style to any wedding or other event you host.

Manufactured with commercial-grade resin to balance weight and provide maximum support, these chairs are elegant, and modern and blend with different decors beautifully.

Lucite Ballroom Chairs for sale

This clear ballroom chair has a transparent look that reflects the colors used in a ballroom for decoration. The manufacturing method used is injection molding, which ensures the highest quality.

These ballroom ghost chairs with the full-frame injection balance weight and provide maximum support while sitting on them. They are manufactured with an ergonomic design that promotes quality sitting posture to prevent backaches.

Lucite Ballroom Chairs for sale

The transparent ballroom chair is manufactured with a compact design that makes it possible to fit them in smaller spaces.

Because the lucite ballroom chair is weather-resistant and UV-stabilized, it is perfect for outdoor use. You never have to worry about cracks.

Bamboo Ballroom Chairs For Sale

For garden weddings, parties, and other summer events, you need a ballroom chair that can stand up to the elements.

That’s why Forex Furniture is excited to offer you the best bamboo ballroom chair—a chair that is perfect for any outdoor event. This high-quality ballroom chair will make you forget about those fragile plastic chairs that would break at the slightest push.

wholesale Bamboo Ballroom Chairs For Sale

These ballroom bamboo chairs are made from a special bamboo that has a higher strength property than other ballroom chairs and lasts longer than most. You won’t have to worry about replacement costs. They are also designed for use in both cold and warmer regions, wherever your event is, you can be confident your chairs will be able to withstand the weather.

Bamboo Ballroom Chairs For Sale

And best of all? These chairs won’t shrink or swell—and they will maintain their original state for many years to come. This means fewer maintenance costs for you and your business, which means more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

White Ballroom Chairs Perfect For Weddings

You want to make your event memorable for guests, and we can help you do that. Forex Furniture has got the perfect ballroom chairs for your white-themed event: the White Ballroom Chairs.

These chairs are manufactured with different materials like resin, metal, and wood which gives you the option to choose what you prefer. You can choose from our wide range of upholstery materials and designs to match your decor style. White ballroom chairs made by Forex Furniture have a stable structure without any issues of wobbling or shifting on the legs, making them ideal for events that are meant for celebrations.

white ballroom chairs for sale

Perfect for weddings, these chairs are designed with comfort in mind, so you and your guests and visitors can enjoy their time at events.

They are available in metal-framed and wooden-framed versions while the seat can be padded for comfort. These lightweight but sturdy chairs come with high weight capacity, they are suitable for children as well as adults. We provide free samples worldwide, you can experience the chair before buying it.

Forex Furniture furniture products come in an array of colors, you can choose from our wide range of options to find the perfect fit for your event theme. The best part is these different ballroom chairs are the most affordable for the kind of unmatched quality you get.

Order More Event Furniture From Reliable Supplier In China

Besides kinds of ballroom chairs, Forex furniture also manufacture banquet chairswedding chairsLouis chairsbanquet tablesfarmhouse tables, and more.

Send us an inquiry today, get more details to rocket your event rental business.

Ballroom Chairs FAQ

Forex furniture can manufacture stackable chairs with various materials, like aluminum, steel, resin, wood, and stainless steel, they can with nice upholstery as well.

We Wholesale lots of Chiavari ballroom chairs to the US, Canada, Europe, and other countries. Also, they can be supplied with assembled and disassembled designs.

Our factory can supply standard, stackable, and ballroom folding chairs for sale. They can customize with multiple materials, you can contact us to get the best one for your order.

In Forex furniture, there are have gold, white, and lucite ballroom chairs for sale, minimum order quantity would be 100 chairs each color, if other colors, it would be 300 chairs each color. 

We can use wood, polypropylene, and metal to manufacture chairs, vinyl padded and acrylic seats are available.

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