Bamboo Banquet Chairs

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Wholesale Bamboo Banquet Chairs

Forex Furniture manufactures bamboo banquet chairs and supplies to hospitality establishments around the world. We are a trusted banquet furniture manufacturing company in China. Forex Furniture can offer OEM and ODM services, you can contact us for all your hospitality furniture needs. The bamboo banquet chairs we manufacture have the durability that can outlast many other banquet chairs.

Bamboo banquet chairs

We customize bamboo banquet chairs that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Bamboo has an advantage over most outdoor banquet chairs because it is better at resisting the effects of sunshine and rain. The dimensional strength of bamboo banquet chairs allows them to absorb any heavy load placed on them. Their weight capacity can be custom-made up to 600 pounds, this is considered one of the highest weight capacities among banquet chairs. Among the banquet chairs we custom make, bamboo has the highest load capacity.

Custom-Made Bamboo Banquet Chairs For Sale

Forex customizes bamboo banquet chairs in the natural bamboo color with a protective and long-lasting finish. We can also customize bamboo banquet chairs in other colors like gold, silver, white, red, blue, black, and others. 

Bamboo banquet chairs

Forex Furniture custom makes durable gold bamboo banquet chairs that can last many years with proper care. They are produced with a look that makes them fit perfectly in plush and high-profile events. They can be used as wedding chairs because of their durability and shiny gold color. 

These bamboo chairs can be custom made lightweight. They can be easily moved and arranged quickly for events. When they are not in use, they can be easily stacked together, about 10 pieces high, and stored. Stacked bamboo banquet chairs occupy less storage space. Because of the quality finish, we apply on the bamboo banquet chair, the stacking together doesn’t cause scratches on the chair surface.

They can be made with plastic feet or stoppers that prevent damage to banquet hall floors. Forex Furniture adds free extra pieces of these plastic feet that you can replace spoilt ones with during maintenance. 

Bamboo banquet chairs

Forex Furniture manufactures bamboo banquet chairs with braces on the legs for extra stability. Also, bamboo banquet chairs with arms can be produced for you with the same high quality as the other banquet chairs we produce. 

Customizable Designs

Forex Furniture can custom make many beautiful bamboo banquet chair designs. The backrest, seat, and legs can be uniquely designed. The bamboo banquet chair designs are custom-made per your preference. We can customize modern, contemporary, and vintage designs.

Forex Furniture can also customize bamboo banquet chairs in a weave style. This bamboo banquet chair style is perfect for resorts. Their durability lasts many years.

Bamboo banquet chairs

Also, we can manufacture bamboo banquet chairs with attached and removable cushions. We use spongy foams to make quality chair cushions. Both cushion types do not lose their quality for over 4 years. Add this bamboo banquet chair type to your hospitality furniture collection to provide maximum comfort for your guests.

You can request upholstered bamboo banquet chairs with specific details. We can use upholstery materials like velvet, and different fabrics produced with Turkish and Egyptian cotton. Forex Furniture can also use Italian leather for upholstered bamboo banquet chairs. All the materials we use are high-quality to guarantee longevity.

We also produce folding bamboo banquet chairs. These are suitable for garden events and any outdoor events. They are made structurally stronger than most banquet chairs in order to withstand constant folding and unfolding.

Bamboo banquet chairs

Guaranteed Quality

Every banquet bamboo chair we produce passes quality tests to guarantee its durability and safety. This gives you the assurance that the banquet chairs meet international standards and your money is well spent.

Clients normally order factory-assembled bamboo banquet chairs from Forex Furniture but we can also supply the knockdown type. We add an assembling guide so that you can easily put them together upon arrival. 

Bamboo banquet chairs

Forex Furniture uses both machines and skilled artisans to produce high-quality bamboo banquet chairs. The sophisticated modern machines we use include automatic CNC cutting machines, automatic weaving machines, automatic edge-banding machines, and more. Forex Furniture skilled artisans can craft and weave bamboo into beautifully designed chairs. In addition to durability, clients buy from Forex Furniture because of how creatively we can produce bamboo banquet chair designs.

Faster Manufacturing

With the help of computer-controlled machines, we can quickly manufacture large orders. Forex Furniture is large enough to handle many orders from different clients at the same time. We have 20 production lines that work simultaneously to get chairs ready for all our clients as scheduled. We have one of the fastest lead times in the banquet furniture manufacturing industry. Forex Furniture’s average lead time is 2 weeks. 

Bamboo banquet chairs

Global Bamboo Banquet Chair Supplier

Our delivery time is faster than the average in the furniture supply industry. Forex Furniture delivers bamboo banquet chairs using container shipping and airplane shipping. There are two options for container shipping, either LCL or FCL. Also, your furniture can be packed into 20ft or 40ft containers. Whatever option you choose, your shipment will arrive early. The airplane is the fastest delivery method and it can take just a week for you to receive your furniture products.

Bamboo banquet chairs

Besides bamboo banquet chairs, Forex Furniture is your manufacturer of Chiavari chairs, folding banquet tables, and any wedding furniture and restaurant furniture.

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Bamboo Banquet Chairs FAQ

Yes they are design for  for Indoor and Outdoor Use

It is high-end bamboo construction, with underneath bars provide extra seat support

There are 4 bamboo banquet chairs in one carton, 0.19 cubic meter each one carton


We can supply natural bamboo, metal bamboo, and resin baboo to manufacture different design banquet chairs.

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