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Custom-Made Types Of Banquet Booth Wholesale

Forex Furniture manufactures robust banquet booths with the finest materials without sacrificing comfort. These banquet couches are built to the highest standards and they meet important certifications like CAL 117, they have higher resilience to heat. They are sturdy and will last for years thanks to the durable materials used for manufacturing. They can be used in almost any setting, including hotels, resorts, conference rooms, cafeterias, etc. You can purchase banquet sofas from Forex Furniture with or without armrests.

Banquet Booth

Buy the most affordable banquet couches that are comfortable. Banquet couches add a stylish element to event halls, restaurants, and other hospitality spaces. They are designed to add warmth to seating arrangement and decor wherever they are used. Our banquet couches have been designed keeping in mind the comfort factor of the people they cater to.

Complete Customizable Your Design

Forex Furniture banquet booths can be purchased in any configuration. The weight, size, and material types used can be customized to your liking. Irrespective of the weight, they are built to hold the different weights of people that use them without the tendency of breaking or becoming weak. The banquet booths have been shockingly tested to support up to 500 lbs.

Banquet Booth

Banquet couches are made of premium materials that resist staining, tearing, or wrinkling that can happen with day-to-day use. They hold up well under regular, real-world conditions. The cushions will remain plump and comfortable for years to come without flattening out as cheaper couches can do. 

The banquettes can be built with larger seats. Forex Furniture manufactures banquet couches to last for years of heavy use. They can seat a large number of people making them perfect for celebrations, weddings, and parties. Their sturdier frames make them ideal for this purpose.

Forex Furniture can manufacture banquet booths with double seats that are on opposite sides of the sofa frame. This provides more seating space for people at a time. The dual banquet sofas maximize space. This makes them ideal for diners, restaurants, and in any place where many people need to be seated at a time. 

Banquet Booth

Their design allows guests to have more space for stretching their legs. They can easily get in and out of banquet booths. The cushions are well-padded on both the seats and the backrests. 

Forex Furniture banquet booths can be customized to a  height that is good for high tables to make it easy for users to have access to food and drinks.

We use stronger and rot-resistant wood like beech wood, birch wood, ashwood, and more to manufacture wood-framed banquet booths. A rubber base is attached to wooden banquet sofas to keep them in a static position without sliding. They also protect hard floors and also function as a protective barrier between the banquet booth and wet floors. 

Banquet Booth

We produce flat pack banquettes that are cost-effective since more can be shipped than fully assembled ones. They can be set up immediately out of the box and include all necessary bolts and hardware sets. A manual is added to make assembling stress-free. 

Our banquet couches are a great way of adding a touch of luxury to banquet halls and any hospitality space. Forex Furniture can customize them in beautiful designs and make them the perfect luxury large event seats. They can have a tufted design that is eye-catching and makes guests feel more welcomed. We can also do logo embroidery on the banquet booths.

There is a minimum quantity of 50 banquet couches you can order, however, Forex Furniture can loosen up and manufacture a lesser quantity for you. We value the business of our clients so we do everything possible to support your success. Larger orders are completed in about 3 to 4 weeks.

Banquet Booth

We can send you a free sample which takes 5-7 days to complete. Once you are pleased with the banquet booth sample’s quality we send you a quote of the quantity you want to purchase. 

Bigger & Faster Manufacturer

Forex Furniture manufactures your order in a factory that is 10 times bigger than a football pitch. We use modern industrial machines to manufacture banquet furniture. The factory has 15 modern production lines capable of producing about 10% of your order each day. 

Over the 10 years that we have been in business, we have supplied more banquet seats to our clients without a delay in delivery. When we ship goods, they arrive faster than that of average banquet furniture suppliers. Sea-freight and Air-freight are the transportation means for delivering all the furniture you buy.

Banquet Booth

Guaranteed Warranty

Any furniture you purchase comes with a 3 years warranty. As an original banquet seat manufacturer, we always make sure that you get the best quality furniture parts that are easily available for repair works.

We manufacture different furniture types for the hospitality industry. Forex Furniture is always ready to provide you with a free quote for furniture like foldable event tables, folding banquet chairs, wedding chairs, restaurant furniture, and more. 

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Banquet Booth FAQ

Forex furniture can supply modern, curved, corner, L shape, and more designs 

We make it by solid wood construction with plywood frame. High-end fabric, vinyl, and leather upholstered

Yes, we can customize your banquet booth length, width, height, seat height, and upholstery colors

Yes, we can supply them passed CAL 117 & BS 5852 certificated.

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