Banquet Chairs With Arms

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Multiple Types Banquet Chairs With Arms For Sale

Durable banquet chairs with arms are manufactured and supplied by Forex Furniture, a trusted furniture manufacturing company in China. We are mostly patronized by hospitality businesses mainly because we can custom make any banquet chair with specific details. You can send us your banquet chair with arms design and we will produce beautiful and high-quality beyond your expectations. Also, you can choose from some of the numerous designs we have in our catalog and we will get it ready in the shortest possible time. You get a long warranty period for any purchase.

Banquet Chairs With Arms

Order Unlimited Quantity

Forex Furniture has been supplying over 50,000 banquet chairs with arms every year to hospitality establishments like hotels, restaurants, resorts, and more. We can produce an unlimited volume for you. The least volume of banquet chairs with arms you can order is 50 pieces. No matter the quantity you are ordering, we can customize a sample and send it to you to check the quality before you go ahead and order more. 

Faster Banquet Chair Shipping

We are noted as one of the banquet chair suppliers with the fastest shipping in the furniture industry. For more than 20 years, we have continually supplied to all our hospitality and service clients on time. We never had a delay in delivery. The furniture you order from Forex Furniture is delivered in a safe package that prevents any form of damage during transportation. 

Banquet Chairs With Arms

Forex Furniture has partnered with the world’s most reliable shipping companies to supply furniture to our clients all over the world. Rest assured your goods are handled with care to ensure any uncertainties that will render them unusable upon arrival. You are always given a tracking code to know at every point in time where your goods have reached until it gets to the destination port. 

Depending on the budget of clients, we have made available LCL and FCL options. The LCL option is cost-saving since the shipping cost is shared with others. 20ft and 40ft containers are used for the sea-freight. We can also transport your banquet furniture with airplanes using DHL, FEDEX, UPS, and other freight forwarders that can get your goods safely to your country. 

Banquet Chairs With Arms

Different Custom-Made Banquet Chair with Arms Types

Forex Furniture manufactures different types of banquet chairs with arms. The different types can be based on the type of material used. We can use aluminum, steel, stainless steel, wood, resin, and other materials for manufacturing banquet chairs with arms. Irrespective of the materials used, the stackable banquet chairs are made to remain purposeful for a long period of time.

Materials like metal, steel, and stainless steel are coated with a protective finish to prevent rust, corrosion, and flaking. The protective powder coating also provides a nice-looking surface to the banquet chairs with arms. In order to protect indoor floors, non-marring plastic caps are placed on the legs of the metal banquet chairs with arms. Also, the chairs have glides on the legs to prevent scratching the chair surfaces when they are stacked together. 

Banquet Chairs With Arms

High-Quality Banquet Chairs with Armrests

Every banquet chair with arms produced goes through a series of quality checks to ensure that the quality is top-notch. Our furniture quality experts check everything including the design, durability, and finish. The chairs pass all industry quality standards. After all the chairs pass the quality checks, they are then wrapped, neatly packaged, and loaded for shipment. 

Numerous Banquet Chair Armrest Designs

We can custom make different banquet chair styles like those with cushions and those without them. The cushions are produced from spongy foams. The cushion density can also be customized to thick, semi-thick, or moderately flat. We can make the cushions removable to make them easily washable.

The upholstered banquet chairs with arms produced in our factory are one of the most durable ones used in renowned hotels, restaurants, resorts, and churches in the USA, Europe, and across the world. We use quality upholstery materials like velvet, Italian leather, damask, velour, and more. 

Banquet Chairs With Arms

If you want luxury banquet chairs with arms, Forex Furniture can customize them to match your hotel, resort, restaurant, and wherever the chair will be used. The luxury banquet chairs with arms are modern and your guests will find them beautiful for a very long time.

Also, we can produce vintage-style and Chinese-style banquet chairs with arms that are more suited for resorts and other outdoor hospitality spaces. We ensure that any material used for outdoor banquet chairs with arms is UV-resistant and can as well withstand other weather elements to make them last longer. 

Buy From An All-Service Banquet Furniture Manufacturer

We respond faster to inquiries and that’s one of the major reasons clients prefer to buy from us. You get the same-day response to all inquiries concerning banquet chairs with armrests. This allows your order to be prioritized and produced faster so they can be delivered on time. Manufacturing is done with modern machines so faulty chairs will not be part of your consignment. 

Banquet Chairs With Arms

As part of our services as a furniture manufacturer, we make banquet tables, folding banquet chairs, commercial banquet chairs, flex back banquet chairs, and all other hospitality furniture.

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How to choose the different material armchairs for your banquets?

Armchair PhotosProduct NameMaterialFinishesUpholsteryArms UpholsteryConstructionIndoor UseOutdoor UsePacking QTYWeight(KGS)RustStackable
Aluminum armchairAluminum Armchair2.0 mm thick aluminumPowder CoatedFabric / Velvet / Vinyl / LinensYesFull WeldYesLimited / Sunny46NeverYes
steel armchairSteel Armchair1.2 mm thick steelPowder CoatedFabric / Velvet / Vinyl / LinensYesFull WeldYesLimited / Sunny47.8After few years,YesYes
Resin armchairResin ArmchairUV stablilized ResinMolded – Injection ColorsNONOInjectionYesYes / All Weather44.8NeverYes
stainless steel armchairStainless steel armchairs1.2 mm thick stainless steelSilver / Chromed: Ti-Gold / Rose GoldFabric / Velvet / Vinyl / LinensNOFull WeldYesLimited / Sunny28.5After few years,YesNo
wood armchairwood armchairshardwood: beech, birch, and morePaintFabric / Velvet / Vinyl / LinensYesDovetail JointYesLimited / Sunny27.5NeverNo

From the list, you can find the banquet armchairs are much different, here are more details that can help you easier to choose the right one when buying for your hospitality business.

 1. Aluminum armchairs

Aluminum is one kind of lightweight metal used for banquet chairs manufacture, it never rusts no matter if you are using indoor and outdoor banquets.

 The armchairs can be custom-made with different chair back designs, like crown back, dome back, trapezoid back, and more. With different power coated colors and upholstery collections you can customize a wide range of banquetting chairs for sale.

Based on the fully welded frame, it is durable and can stack up 4 chairs or more when transported by Dolley; between each chair, there has a plastic stopper to prevent scratch.

Aluminum pipe cutting, bending, welding, polish, powder-coated, upholstery, assemble, and packing is the armchair’s manufacturing process, it takes around 15 days or less can ship one container.

2. Steel armchairs

 From outside looking, you are difficult to identify the armchair is made of steel or aluminum, their look is the same! But you can carry on and feel the weight difference, compare with aluminum, steel is heavier.

Steel is cheaper than aluminum, but steel armchairs easy to get rust when it stays in rich moisture space, although the frame of the armchair with a coated finish, after a few years it will rust from the legs inside, use in banquet hall can be used over 5 years or more no problem.

 3. Resin armchairs

 The armchair is made of UV stabilized resin, it can withstand any weather no matter sunny or rainy.

 Before resin armchair manufacture, it needs to invest much more than other armchair designs, like buying automatic injection machines, developing armchair molds, hiring technology staff, and more.

resin armchairs

 But once all settings are done, resin armchair manufacture capacity is over 10 times that of other metal and wood armchairs. One day can produce over 1000 chairs.

 You can customize resin armchairs like Ghost armchairs with different colors when injected, like white, gold, black, amber, and more. As it’s lightweight only 4.8 kg one chair, you can carry it easily, when loading the container, it is an “L” shape box and 4 chairs stack up.

 4. Stainless steel armchairs

 It is the most expensive armchair in the hospitality industry, it can be made of 201# and 304# stainless steel, 304# stainless steel no rust but cost much higher than 201#.

 Before manufacture, chairs parts need to be cut by automatic laser cutting machines, factory staff weld all the parts to chair legs, frames, and arms, before they weld and joint together, it needs to sand and polish where it can’t do after chairs frame setup.

gold stainless steel armchairs

 When stainless steel armchairs are finished welded, the complete chairs need to be polished again, to make sure the complete chairs are smooth and not any scratch, after a quality check, they will deliver to gold chrome.

 5. Wood armchairs

 It is the classic armchairs that are popular till now, dovetail joint construction makes wood armchairs durable and strong.

 The whole world weather is much different when manufacture you need to check the hardwood moisture contain, it should be under 10%, if higher than this wood frame will be curved and termite.

Wood Louis Armchairs

 There are over 15 wood armchairs production processes, hardwood cutting, drill hole, crave, sanding, assemble, and more. Usually, delivery time will take around 30 days.

 The wood armchairs can paint in different colors, like natural, walnut, brown, and more, the wood grain and with different upholstery, armchairs are another good collection for your banquets.

Forex furniture wholesale wood Louis armchairs for your dining room and other events, we can customize multiple upholstery for you.

wood armchairs with upholstery

 Summarize the above banquet armchairs details, the fastest delivery and less maintain would be resin armchairs, the steel armchairs fit your limited budget but can’t use in outdoor and rich moisture area, the stainless steel armchair is modern and a trend in next years but most expensive, the classic one would be wood armchairs and if you can wait for the long delivery time, the aluminum banquet armchairs are your good choice for wholesale business.

 If there are any questions about banquet armchairs or want to customize your design, welcome contact us to discuss more, Forex furniture always likes to assist you.     

Banquet Chairs With Arms FAQ

Yes, they can stacking up to 5 chairs, save your storage space

Yes, we can do that with fabric, vinyl, and leather upholstery

Our chairs can use for church, restaurant, banquet hall, weddings, and more

We can supply banquet armchairs in various material, like aluminum, steel, stainless steel, wood, and resin

The resin ghost armchair is the 1# choice, lightweight, stackable, colorful, widely used for all kinds of event

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