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High-quality Banquet Chairs Manufacturer In China

Forex furniture, an over 15 years banquet furniture company supplies kinds of stackable banquet chairs and exports them to more than 80 countries wholesalers, distributors, and five-star hotels every year.

We insist use commercial quality materials and modern technology to manufacture your chairs, ensure all of them pass ISO 9001, and be SGS certificated before shipping.

Banquet Chairs Material Options

Forex furniture won’t purchase any 1.2 mm thick iron steel and 2.0 mm aluminum pipes before the inspection.

1.2 mm thick iron steel tube

steel tube for banquet chairs

2.0 mm thick aluminum tube

Aluminum tube for banquet chairs

We well know that material thickness will affect your chairs’ lifetime and weight capacity, in our factory the whole chair is using the same thickness of metal to manufacture, but some other suppliers in China use thinner metal like 0.8 mm steel or 1.5 mm aluminum to manufacture your banquet chairs, which will lower the use times or even break when your guests sitting.

Chairs’ Material Cutting

Each banquet chair has a different size, and we can customize them for you also. Before we cut, we will calculate how much total metal pipes will be used and try to lower your chairs budget, that is why we ask you how many chairs will you order before giving a free quote. Forex furniture uses automatic CNC machines to cut the metal correctly and faster.

banquet chair materials cutting

Customize Chair Designs

There are a lot of chairs backrest designs we can supply for you, like crown back, round back, dome back, trapezoid back, and many more. Also, we can customize the design you have.

customize banquet chair design

Forex furniture staff uses automatic bending machines to create your banquet chair’s backrest and feet before they weld. The backrest frame is bent by a whole metal pipe, which can improve your chair’s strength. When backrest design is complicated, it needs to repeat a few times until finished.

custom made banquet chair design

Drill Holes On Chairs’ Tubes

After the tube is cut and bent, it needs to dill some holes before weld. There are 8 holes on the banquet chair’s seat frame used to assemble cushions with screws, and 2 holes on the backrest frame used to get inside and out when loading chairs into dilute sulfuric acid to take out the rust before powder coating. Without or less rust on the chair frame surface, its powder coated will last longer.

Drilling holes on banquet chair

Chairs’ Frame Welding

When all chair materials are ready, Forex furniture staff start to weld, it is another important process for improving banquet chairs quality. Your chairs are welded on the metal mold to make sure each chair size are same and stacks well after assembling cushions. All your chairs frame are fully welded in our company, it won’t point welded, point welded not stronger enough and lower your chairs weight capacity.

Aluminum chairs welding

banquet chairs welding

Steel Chiavari banquet chair welding

chiavari banquet chairs welding

Sanding And Polished Chairs

While your chairs are welded, there are some places not smooth enough, Forex staff need to sand them until smooth before sending them to powder coated, if there are any small holes, they need to be welded again and sanded until they are covered.

aluminum banquet chairs sanding

Types Of Powder Coated Colors For Your Chairs

Forex furniture sends all metal banquet chair frames to power coated supplier, from there they will get out all rust in a dilute sulfuric acid pool, after clean your chairs will hang on production lines and go through 300 degrees oven to evaporate all moisture, while the chairs arrive the work shop, staff sprays the white coat on chair frames, it is the bottom coated, they will go through the oven again, after that the coated already fixed on chair frames, the second time is the colored coat, they will spray the color coat you ordered, once again through the oven, they can take down from the production line to wait for temperature lower and pack.

metal banquet chairs colors

For lower cost, some banquet chair suppliers in China won’t send the chairs to take out rust and spray the first bottom coated, only finish the color coated. It made the coat easily fall down and get rust if it is steel frame. And without the bottom coated, the color coated can not cover the black steel frame as well.

banquet chairs powder coated

Multiple Upholstery Materials You Can Choose From

During the chair frames under powder coated, Forex staff start upholstery cutting, we can supply the different design fabrics, vinyl, velvet, and leather for your banquet chairs.

Depending on the chair’s backrest and seat design, the staff cut the suitable size upholstery for pads.

banquet chairs sponge cutting

Forex furniture uses a 6 cm thick 45# density mold sponge for banquet chair seat cushion, it is more durable and heavily supports your guest’s weight, and won’t be out of shape in 5 years. for the backrest upholstered, it uses a 3 cm thick 100% pure 45# density sponge, staff cut them to follow up the chair frame shape.

Under the chair seat cushion and backrest, it is a 10 mm thick pure plywood board, it will be cut and covered by fabric or other materials, and while assemble it will be fixed by screws.

banquet chairs plywood cutting

Some other suppliers in China will use recycled sponge and buildings plywood board to manufacture chairs, maybe their chairs are heavier, but after a few months, the sponge will be lost its form and looks ugly. Order high-end banquet chairs, weight is a standard, but not all.  

Assemble And Pack Your Banquet Chairs

When chair frames get back from powder coated factory and upholstery materials are ready, Forex furniture staff start to assemble the 3 cushions with screws and glue.

Once finished, chairs will be inspected the quality, to see if meet our quality standards, and staff will be packing the chairs when passed.

banquet chairs assembled

Your chairs are packed with PE foam and plastic bags, between each chair they have rubber stoppers, which can prevent chair scratches when transported.

It is not easy to find a good banquet chair supplier in China when you can not visit before placing an order or need chairs urgently.

Chiavari banquet chairs packing

Forex furniture is your reliable company who can long cooperate, we are open and will send your chairs manufacture status by photos and videos from start to the end. Also, we can provide one chair sample and deliver it to your company to inspect the quality before ordering.

Furthermore, kindly click and send us your banquet chairs inquiry.

About products:

Excellent Range Of Banquet Chairs For Sale

For the most high-quality banquet chairs, Forex Furniture – an over 15 years chair manufacturing company is your supplier to contact. There are so many reasons why hospitality businesses should buy durable banqueting chairs from us, but the main reason is that an excellent chair can make your customers feel happy, welcome, and taken care of.

If your customers are comfortable and relaxed, they’ll be more likely to come back time and time again. And also we build them with the top quality materials making them last longer than you may get from other banquet furniture manufacturers in China.

types of banquet chairs wholesale

Because the Forex Furniture banquet chair is the ultimate chair: it’s strong, durable, stylish, and comfortable. Our hospitality clients rate the wholesale banquet chairs we supply highly for their design appeal and customisability.

Banquet chairs may not the flashiest item that hospitality businesses spend money on, but they can be a huge investment, especially the durable ones we produce at Forex Furniture. After all, banqueting chairs provide a comfortable place to sit for each of your guests and play a big role in determining their overall experience. Plus, they help you to create an attractive atmosphere!

types of wood banquet chairs for sale

Get Functional Banquet Seating Solution

When it comes to outfitting your venue with chairs, you may think that the different banquet seating options are more or less the same. But if you think about what the banquet chairs will be used for, you see that getting different types of chairs is important because of the different benefits they provide for each hospitality space. Forex Furniture custom-makes function chairs for sale.

banquet hall chairs for sale

Among the many reasons why hospitality businesses buy banquet chairs from Forex Furniture is because we have been in business for over two decades and we have the experience to help you arrange your facility with the perfect seating solution. We are committed to providing satisfaction and ensuring that each banquet chair is personalized to meet your needs.

As long as you operate your business in the hospitality industry, banquet chairs are a must-have. And for a successful business operation, you must have different banquet style chairs that can offer the best seating experience to guests and make sitting for long periods comfortable.

hotel banquet chairs for sale

Not only does Forex Furniture manufacture comfortable banquet room chairs, but we also ensure they look amazing to impress your customers/guests. You can easily achieve this by investing in the superior quality banquet chairs we produce for various hospitality facilities and events.

Guaranteed Quality Banquet Chairs You Order

No matter what kind of hospitality business you’re running, if you’re serving people food, then it’s likely that at some point, you’ll be offering them a seat. And when that happens, you need to be sure that the seats you’re relying on are up to the task.

With so many other businesses vying for customers’ attention, it’s important to make sure that you stand out in the crowd. One of the best ways to do this is with your seating. This is where Forex Furniture comes in.

durable banquet chairs for sale

The good news is that our banquet chairs are designed from the ground up to give your business the quality and durability that it needs. How do we know? We’ve been in this industry for a very long time – over 15 years. Forex Furniture banquet chairs will stand up to hundreds of thousands of rear-ends and still look brand new.

That’s why we’re so happy to offer our customers the quality they deserve. We don’t just want to do business with you—we want to help you serve your customers better! Forex Furniture’s banquet chairs support the success of your hospitality business with their durability and because they are modern-designed chairs.

durable gold banquet chairs for sale

Forex Furniture sells the best chairs for banquet halls, both standard banquet chairs and customized banquet style chairs in the industry. The chairs have a lifetime warranty, no matter what happens, you can replace your chair without paying a cent.

Not only do we take the chairs through different durability tests, but we have also tested them in some of the toughest conditions. They have been used in regions where temperatures are extremely hot and cold. And irrespective of where they are used, they maintain their quality for 5+ years.

Faster Manufacturing Timeline

Forex furniture knows you don’t want to wait forever for your chairs to be delivered, we’ve built a streamlined process that gets your chairs out to you as soon as they’re ready. Never has manufacturing been slow because we have 15 production lines and we use computer-controlled machines for faster chair manufacturing.

Materials For Manufacturing Quality Banquet Chairs

Banqueting chairs are designed to be extremely durable and long-lasting. The materials used in their construction vary widely and depend on the manufacturer and desired look of the chair. We use metal (2.0 mm thick aluminum, 1.2 mm thick steel,1.2 mm thick stainless steel), hardwood, UV stabilized resin, and other materials to manufacture various kinds of banquet hall chairs.

stackable banquet chairs manufacturer

Types of Banquet Chairs You Can Choose From

You can buy different types of chairs for the banquet based on the different material that was used. Forex-Furniture custom-makes banquet chairs typically with either a heavy-duty stacking frame or lightweight frame.

Aluminum chairs are common because they are lightweight and sturdy. They also come in a large variety of powder-coated colors, which means that you can coat the chairs to coordinate with your event’s decor. Steel chairs are stronger than aluminum and less likely to bend under pressure, making them ideal for high-traffic venues such as churches and auditoriums. The metal banquet chairs we manufacture do not rust because of the 3 times powder-coated surfaces. They do not absorb stains or odors.

types of banquet chairs for sale

Wooden banqueting chairs can be made from any type of wood, including maple, ashwood, birchwood, beechwood, oak, or more though many manufacturers use plywood or MDF for chair manufacturing. Wood chairs have a more traditional look than metal banquet chairs. Some wooden chairs have a stain applied to the wood to make them look better, though this isn’t always necessary.

Forex Furniture is one of the top 1% trusted banquet furniture suppliers in China that custom-makes quality plastic banquet chairs. Based on your preference, we can produce your plastic banquet folding chairs with polypropylene or polycarbonate. For stronger ones that don’t break, opt for polycarbonate banquet style chairs.

white folding banquet chairs for sale

Buy Sturdy & Functional Banquet Chairs

There’s a big reason why the banquet chairs you buy should be sturdy no matter the material they were manufactured with. Your chairs will be used in the banquet hall by many people. That is a lot of different bodies sitting in those chairs—and they all have their own distinctive shapes and sizes.

And then there’s how they sit in the chair —some people cross their legs, some don’t. Some people lean back more than others. As you can imagine, all this is going to have an impact on your chairs over time. A lot of people means a lot of wear and tear—and it can really start to show! This is why Forex Furniture ensures that each wholesale banquet chair manufactured for you is exceptionally sturdy.

wholesale banquet chairs manufacture

Your Banquet Chair Customization Available

Forex Furniture can work with you to design one-of-a-kind chairs that complement your brand’s aesthetic and enhance the character of your space. You can customize everything from the color of your banquet seats to the shape of the backrest and legs. Hotel banquet chairs, restaurant banquet chairs, and even church banquet chairs can all be customized per your preference.

Custom-Shaped Wholesale Banquet Chairs For Sale

At Forex Furniture we believe you should be able to have whatever kind of banquet chair in any shape – curve, square, round- that you want. We offer them in a range of shapes and sizes to meet your needs.

The different customizable shapes are meant to match different banquet themes and are also made to fit different hospitality spaces.

crown back banquet chairs manufacturer

Different Banquet Chair Color Customizations

There are a lot of reasons why hospitality businesses should consider buying colored banquet chairs for their tables, but one of the primary reasons is that they can be customized to match the decor that you set up at your banquet hall, hotel, restaurant, or wedding hall.

At Forex Furniture we want every banquet furniture service we provide to be on par with our dedication to customer service, which means we always want to customize wholesale banquet chairs with whatever color you may want.

metal banquet chairs colors

The color can be customized for the entire chair, just the frame and only the upholstery or padding. Don’t settle for boring chairs.

Whether you’re planning an event, or just looking to make your space more comfortable, our gold banquet chairs can be customized to make a statement and help show your guests that you’ve gone the extra mile to create an unforgettable experience.

Or maybe you’re looking for a sleek, professional look. Forex Furniture can customize silver banquet chairs for a perfect look without sacrificing style.

plastic banquet chairs colors

The quality white banquet chairs we manufacture are perfect for weddings and other events meant for celebrations. You can also choose green banquet chairs, red banquet chairs, blue banquet chairs, and black banquet chairs for your next event. The best part is that this isn’t just about color—it’s about complementing your event decor.

Brown banquet chairs are perfect when you want a natural ambiance for your event. We can customize them produced with any material for brown color chairs. Or you can simply request wooden banqueting chairs which have a natural brown color and show nice wood grain patterns.

wood banquet chairs colors

Order Different Banquet Chair Designs & Styles

There are many different types of banquet chairs available on the market, each with its own unique look and style. These different types include Chiavari banquet chairs, folding banquet chairs, stackable banquet chairs, and padded banquet chairs.

gold Chiavari chairs for sale

The most common type of banquet chair is the Chiavari chair. There are many different materials available we can customize for these chairs, including steel, aluminum, acrylic, and wood, as well as colors such as white, gold, rustic, black, and more.

Folding banquet chairs have been used in banquets for decades because they are durable and easy to carry from place to place, which makes them ideal for large events where there might need to be a lot of setup time involved before guests arrive or after they leave (such as weddings). These folding chairs offer stability without sacrificing comfort. They are also lightweight enough to be moved easily around spaces such as banquet rooms or conference halls without any issues.

wood folding banquet chairs for sale

Another popular option is padded banquet chairs which can be found in almost every hospitality facility. The padding simply makes sitting comfortable and enjoyable because the chair users will never experience body aches.

Highback banquet chairs offer more back support, your guests will be comfortable for hours. They can be used in any number of settings, including outdoor events like weddings or indoor parties such as New Year’s Eve and other celebrations.

Armless banquet chairs are ideal if you want your guests to be able to get up and move around without having to deal with arms getting in their way—whether they’re dancing or serving themselves at buffets. If you’re looking for something lightweight and easy to clean, these might be just what you need.

banquet chairs with arms for sale

Banquet chairs with arms offer maximum comfort because guests get a comfortable place to rest their arms and this supports their shoulders. Forex Furniture is one of the few banquet style chairs suppliers that bost of never having furniture returned after clients purchase them. The banquet furniture we produce passes all quality standards.

Custom-Made Banquet Chair Backrest Designs

Forex Furniture’s banquet chairs are designed to protect your guests from back pain and give them the support they need for long periods of sitting. With our wide variety of options for backrest designs, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect style for your space.

round back banquet chairs for sale

These banquet chair backrests can be customized in a number of ways. The round-back design is ideal for smaller spaces and offers flexible support, while the dome-shaped back fits well in larger spaces and provides ample support. The crown back is a classic banquet chair style, and the flex-back design adds a unique design element to your space.

Round-back banquet chairscrown-back banquet chairs, and flex-back banquet chairs are perfect for weddings and corporate events.

crown back banquet chairs for sale

Because we customize ergonomic chairs, we ensure that the banquet chair backrest design we customize helps promote good sitting posture. This prevents the chair users from developing backaches.

The designs are timeless, giving your guests ample comfort and allowing you to create a space that will last for years to come.

Widely Used Banquet Chairs

Banquet dining chairs will add an element of class to any venue, from hotels to bars and everything in between. They’re great for special occasions like weddings or corporate events too! You want your guests to be able to sit down relaxed and in style when attending these types of functions – which is why it makes sense that having good quality seating from Forex Furniture will make all the difference.

They can as well be used in restaurants and other hospitality businesses. No matter the number of seats an event or hospitality space requires, whether small or large, durable wholesale banquet chairs from Forex Furniture should be number one on your supplier list.

wholesale banquet chairs for sale

Indoor & Outdoor Banquet Chairs For Sale

We produce banquet-style chairs for both indoor and outdoor events. The type of chair you settle for should be perfect for the venue. For example, if it’s an outdoor event, then you’ll need a chair that’s made with lightweight materials like aluminum or resin. However, if it’s an indoor event, then you’ll need something heavier like wood or stainless steel.

The outdoor banquet chairs we manufacture are UV-stabilized and are resistant to other weather conditions. But the commercial banquet chairs you buy from Forex Furniture are multipurpose and can be used in several locations.

outdoor banquet chairs for sale

Upholstered Banquet Chairs For Sale

One of our top sellers is upholstered banquet chairs, with comfortable seats and backrests which provide support to those who need it most. We specialize in upholstered banquette seating, and we can make them in any color or pattern imaginable.

Most upholstered banquet chairs are made of vinyl and fabric upholstery. Vinyl upholstered chairs are just as nice and durable as banquet room chairs upholstered with leather. Forex Furniture can use premium Italian leather to manufacture luxury upholstered banqueting chairs. Leather upholstered chairs are commonly used in high-end settings.

vinyl upholstered banquet chairs for sale

Fabric banquet chairs offer a touch of luxury for event themes and hospitality space decor. We have hundreds of fabrics to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect option that matches your needs and style.

Forex Furniture can help you provide that experience with our custom-upholstered banquet chairs. We’ll work with you to create a chair that fits your aesthetic vision and provides an atmosphere of elegance and class. Don’t hesitate to contact us for these unique elegant banquet chairs.

upholstered banquet chairs for sale

You can choose from four different upholstery designs: standard, diamond-stitched, tufted, and perforated. That way, no matter what kind of ambiance you’re going for at your event or meeting, the upholstered banquet chair design has the perfect appearance for your space.

For fancy banquet chairs, Forex Furniture recommends specially customized upholstered banquet-style chairs.

Buy Affordable Banquet Chairs Wholesale

As a worldwide banquet chairs supplier in China, we have one thing in mind. We want to give you the best quality and a competitive price. We have streamlined our operations that we can cut manufacturing costs and make the top quality banquet chairs at the best price possible.

When you buy banquet chairs in bulk, you’re saving a lot of money. But you don’t want to lose quality and comfort when you buy wholesale. That’s why Forex Furniture offers high-quality wholesale banquet chairs for sale at an affordable price.

Our factory is located in China but we have distributors across the United States, South America, and Europe, allowing us to ship orders to you quickly at an affordable price.

stackable banquet chairs for sale

Faster & Reliable Shipping

Shipping time is the fastest so you don’t have to worry about not receiving your goods on time. Whether you order full factory-assembled or knockdown banquet chairs, we can deliver them via sea-freight or air-freight at the best price you can ever have. Forex Furniture even gives discounts on orders above full container chairs. For a smooth buying experience, we offer a customer service hotline that responds to all inquiries within the same day.

banquet chairs shipping

Buy Quality Banquet Chairs & Other Furniture

Any banquet chair you want, whether Chiavari chair, resin folding chair, Tiffany chairs, King Louis chairs, Napoleon chairs, chameleon chairs, or even wedding sofas can be manufactured for you at Forex Furniture.

Forex Furniture doesn’t just sell high-quality custom-made banquet chairs. We also sell durable banquet tables like round wedding tables, farm tables, melamine banquet tables, and plastic, wood, and metal banquet tables. Choose Forex Furniture as your reliable banquet chair supplier in China.

Contact Forex Furniture to buy your budget-friendly and durable banquet chairs.

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Banquet Chair is a lightweight, four legged chair that can be stacked or folded, with or without armrest.

It is used to provide short-term seats for banquet and other activities.

It can make of widely material, like iron, aluminum, wood, stainless steel, and plastic (resin, polycarbonate, polypropylene).

it can use for indoor and outdoor banquets, weddings, and other events.

These is a wide range of seats that can be use in hotels, restaurants, wedding halls and many other places.

Usually, banquet seats sometimes need to accommodate hundreds of people. And this seat is not a permanent part of any venue.

We can supply multiple materials to manufacture banquet chairs, like beech wood, Oakwood, (moisture under 10%), and more, metal (steel, aluminum, and Stainless Steel), plastic (PC and PP), which can use for indoor and outdoor events.

Yes, there are. Our metal banquet chairs can be stacked up to 15 chairs, and wood and plastic banquet chairs can stack up to 10 chairs. We also supply covers to protect the chairs far away from the dirty when stored.

You can choose the standard banquet chairs from our catalog, or send your model to customize, both of them we can provide you a free quote in 8 hours.

After finalizing the quantity and price, we will provide you with a proforma invoice with bank account details to arrange payment.

When the chairs are done, we can arrange to ship them for you if you don’t have a reliable shipping agent in China.


All of our chairs made of 100% new material, for the metal chairs they are fully welded frame, the wood chairs are dovetail joint frame, the resin chairs are UV proof molded injection frame.

All of them are designed for commercial business and rental business.

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