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Multiple Design Banquet Style Chair For Sale

Forex Furniture manufactures banquet-style chairs for all hospitality businesses in every country. We are based in China with a large factory stocked with modern furniture manufacturing machines for faster production. With all the right materials, Forex Furniture custom manufactures banquet-style chairs that last 3-4 times longer than the ones from other banquet furniture manufacturers.

Banquet Style Chair

The banquet chairs are durable, sturdy, and strong. This makes them able to withstand the wear and tear of long-term use. Party guests, wedding guests, and other event users can be comfortable with the banquet-style chairs for hours of usage. The lasting quality features of the chairs make them desirable by our hospitality clients in the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, and every country. 

Custom Made Banquet Style Chairs Wholesale

We do not just provide the general kinds of banquet style chairs but we also provide specific ones to suit the requests of our clients. If you want customized furniture units, come to us, we will make them for you. You can use Forex Furniture banquet chairs in banquet events, church conferences, business meetings, auditorium seating, and any event held at a hospitality establishment. 

Banquet Style Chair

Forex Furniture uses top materials to manufacture the best premium banquet style chairs available. Our priority as banquet style chair manufacturers is that our clients are satisfied with their products so the furniture is always put through rigorous quality control tests before being shipped.

The banquet-style chairs are heavy-duty aluminum-framed or steel-framed to give strength and durability. They are solid and sturdy to maintain the balance well. Party, wedding, and banquet halls don’t have to worry about damage due to wear and tear. They add a different add-on beauty and decor when used in restaurants, banquet halls, and many other places.

Banquet Style Chair

Order Different Banquet Style Chairs

Forex Furniture can custom manufacture lightweight banquet style chairs with any material. Though they are lightweight but are customized durable and can support event guests for longer sitting periods. 

We use powder-coated metal to make them. It reduces the risk of corrosion due to wet conditions, the impact of rain, etc. The coating also improves the life of the chair and makes it easier to clean, maintain and use for a longer period of time.

Our resin and plastic banquet chairs are molded for longevity and comfort. A molding injection method is used to produce them so their durability is assured. They are strong and will stand the test of time. 

Banquet Style Chair

Forex Furniture’s banquet-style chairs are perfect for the hospitality rental business. They are easy to maintain and convenient to use. They are stackable and many can be moved at the same time with the help of a chair dolly. The chairs can be custom-made with plastic glides on the legs to prevent scratching when stacked together. Also, the metal banquet-style chairs have non-marring leg caps that prevent sliding as well. 

We can custom produce banquet style chairs with any weight capacity, like 600 pounds. This makes it comfortable for your guests’ use for a long time since the chair can support their weight without breaking. 

The banquet-style chairs can be customized with padded seats. Spongy foams with different densities are used to make the padded seats. Forex Furniture padded banquet style chairs are sprung chairs meaning the cushions return to their original density after guests use them. The padded seats enhance ergonomics, making an already great chair even better! Their cushioned seats promote a more relaxed posture. 

Banquet Style Chair

Modern Chair Designs For Your Banquets

The banquet-style chairs you order can be custom-made in any design you want. We can customize them in contemporary and modern designs that can keep your hotel’s decor trendy or modern for a long time. The chairs seat, backrest, armrests, size, and more can be custom-made to your preference. We also do furniture logo embroidery using the latest technology. 

Packaging & Shipping

The banquet furniture you purchase from Forex Furniture is packaged safely to ensure that you receive them without any damage. Plastic bags, thick export cartons, and foams are used for packaging before the chairs are loaded into containers. Before packaging, the chairs are inspected and we guarantee that you will receive them in the same quality condition. 

Banquet Style Chair

Forex Furniture has one of the fastest shipping times in the furniture industry. Our shipping is reliable and you are assured of receiving your banquet furniture undamaged. For container shipping, LCL and FCL are available to all our clients in different countries. 20ft and 40ft containers are used. We also have airplane shipping for clients who prefer this option. DHL, FEDEX, and other courier services can be used to deliver furniture in the shortest possible time. 

Forex Furniture provides long warranty periods for any purchase you make. We also provide after-sales support. 

Forex Furniture also manufactures other hospitality furniture that you can buy. This includes wedding furniture, event furniture, restaurant furniture, and more.

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Banquet Style Chairs FAQ

Yes, we supply multiple styles banquet chairs, you can choose from our series, also we can customize for you

There are a wide range of chairs can use for church, wedding, dining, restaurant, and more

Almost all our banquet chairs can stacking up to 15 chairs, folding style banquet chairs take a limited storage space as well

We have banquet linens workshop, can manufacturer kinds of chair covers and tablecloth for you

We can supply modern, classic, folding, and injection banquet chairs for your hospitality business

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