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High-End But Cheap Banquet Chairs For Sale

Buy cheap banquet chairs that are durable from Forex Furniture. Although the chairs are built with a low-priced material, that does not mean they are less durable. These are budget-friendly and no matter how tight of a budget you have set aside to buy banquet chairs these are affordable ones that can last at least 5 years. 

Manufactured With Quality Materials

For cheap metal banquet chairs, Forex Furniture uses commercial-grade steel to manufacture them. The chair is designed with stronger full welded steel frames. They are as strong as aluminum-framed and stainless steel-framed banquet chairs. To make steel-framed banquet chairs last longer, we add multiple layers of powder coating to the surface of the chair for protection against rust, corrosion, and flaking. The steel banquet chairs are reinforced with additional bars under the seat to make the chair capable of absorbing heavy weight and pressure.

cheap banquet chairs

Also, we manufacture wood banquet chairs with less expensive hardwood like Chinese wood. Forex Furniture ensures that the wood is well dried to prevent a possible attack by termites. It is also sprayed with chemicals that give it more protection against any insects that might destroy the chair. The affordable wood banquet chairs we manufacture can last many years just like the ones produced with relatively high-priced wood. 

Forex Furniture also produces cheap plastic banquet chairs for hospitality and service clients as well as churches. The only thing that makes them cheap is the type of plastic material -polypropylene- used. The cheap plastic banquet chairs can last as long as the ones produced with polycarbonate. Though you spend less money purchasing cheap banquet chairs, the quality is top-notch. 

cheap banquet chairs

Quality Cheap Banquet Chair Wholesale

We’ve had clients from famous hospitality facilities in the USA and Europe acquire cheap banquet chairs because they are more affordable. No matter the material used, Forex Furniture does not compromise on quality.

The banquet chairs are taken through numerous tests including durability tests and heat-resistance tests to ensure they are ready to be used. Forex Furniture has experts that undertake quality checks before the cheap banquet chairs are packaged and put into containers for shipping. 

Forex Furniture manufactures cheap upholstered banquet chairs with either metal or wood as the frame. Vinyl, polyester, and other quality fabric materials are used as the upholstery material. The upholstered banquet chairs are not easily scratched and maintain their nice look for longer with frequent maintenance. 

cheap banquet chairs

Free Cheap Banquet Chair Sample Before You Buy

A very important step that Forex Furniture undertakes when clients order a lower-budget banquet chair is to send a sample. Once you receive it, you can check the quality and be certain that the chair will definitely last longer. When you are satisfied with the quality you can then order the quantity you need. 

Minimum Order Quantity Accepted

We can take a minimum order quantity of 50 chairs. There is no limit to the maximum number of chairs you can order. Forex Furniture has a faster lead time. Any quantity you order is produced in 3 weeks or less.

cheap banquet chairs

Supervised & Faster Manufacturing

We have a larger banquet chairs factory in China that is capable of manufacturing plenty of cheap banquet chairs in a short time. There are many production lines in the factory that make faster manufacturing possible. Manufacturing is strictly supervised by staff that is more experienced to ensure that the end results are exactly what you ordered.

Forex Furniture can manufacture cheap banquet chairs with a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds. Guests can sit on it without breaking the chair and this is irrespective of whether the banquet chair is made of wood, metal, plastic, or any other material. 

You can contact us via email 24/7. During weekdays, we respond almost immediately to all inquiries. Any email sent after working hours is replied to within the 1st working hour of the following workday. On weekends, we respond to all inquiries within 8 hours. 

cheap banquet chairs

Long Warranty Period

All purchases made at Forex Furniture are bound by a 3-year warranty. As long as the warrant is valid, we will repair for free any broken chair. During shipping, if there is an unfortunate incident that leads to chairs being broken, Forex Furniture will replace them with newer ones. 

As part of the quality service we offer to our clients, Forex Furniture provides a free design layout for various hospitality spaces like restaurants, and more. This means you get to know how many banquet chairs with a limited budget will fit perfectly in the space, and this helps you to know the exact quantity to purchase. 

cheap banquet chairs

Global Affordable Banquet Chair Supplier In China

Forex Furniture ships cheap banquet chairs to all countries. We ship furniture in 20ft and 40ft containers. You can choose LCL and FCL shipping. We also do airplane shipping for the fastest delivery. 

You can order additional furniture like banquet tables, restaurant furniture, wedding furniture, event chairs, and other hospitality furniture from Forex Furniture. 

Send an email for a free quote on lower-cost banquet chairs.

Cheap Banquet Chairs FAQ

not really, all banquet chairs we supply with 3 years warranty for commercial use.

Actually these chairs not cheap, compare other chairs, they use different materials to lower cost to meet your limited budget only

We can customize various styles banquet chairs to meet your wholesale business, but with high quality finished

The high stacking folding banquet chair comes with most competitive cost

Depending on your budget, we can manufacture banquet chairs with steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, polypropylene, and polycarbonate. They are different price ranges but commercial quality.

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