Chiavari Banquet Chair

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Custom-Made Types Of Chiavari Banquet Chairs Wholesale

Grab Forex Furniture’s quality Chiavari banquet chairs at an affordable price. It is stylish, durable and adds an elegant touch to any occasion, event, and hospitality space. The Chiavari chair can be customized to your preferences with different wood, metal, resin, and more materials. Our supervised banquet furniture manufacturing occurs in a large factory over 30000 square meters with 25 production lines in China. Forex Furniture gives you a 3 years warranty for any banquet furniture you buy. 

Chiavari Banquet Chairs

Order Best Selling Chiavari Chairs

The benefits of Forex Furniture’s Chiavari banquet chairs are durable and long-lasting. Our American, Canadian, and European clients continue to order more than 10 containers every month when a new hospitality project is started. The Chiavari banquet chairs we manufacture tick all quality assurance standards. The Chiavari chairs with cushions pass the CAL 117 and BS 5852 standards. They can withstand immense heat without any damage. 

Forex furniture manufactures different Chiavari banquet chair types including wooden-framed, resin frame, and metal-framed chairs. The wood-framed Chiavari banquet chairs are manufactured with hardwood that has less than 10% moisture content. This prevents wooden Chiavari chairs from shrinking when the weather is extremely dry and it also prevents swelling when there is too much moisture in the atmosphere. This makes our Chiavari banquet chairs usable in any region in the world, whether dry or cold. 

We are using 1.2 mm steel and 2.0 mm aluminum to manufacture metal Chiavari chairs, they can customize with multiple powder-coated colors, like gold, white, silver, and more. Acrylic Chiavari chairs made of durable UV stabilized resin, are ideal for use for outdoor events, lightweight, and high stacking capacity white Chiavari chairs are widely used for weddings.

Chiavari Banquet Chairs

Durable Designs Chiavari Styles Chairs For Your Banquets

Our unique way of doing dovetail designs for wood Chiavari chairs makes them last longer. Our experienced staff uses modern machines to put together the different parts of the chair ensuring that the joints are stronger. Nothing can dislodge the Chiavari chair joints. They can withstand a heavyweight. 

We use the latest technology and furniture crave machines to do the logo on your banquet furniture. If you run a hotel, restaurant, bar, resort, or rental business, we can nicely engrave your business’ name on any part of the Chiavari banquet chair or any banquet furniture. 

Chiavari Banquet Chairs

You can request knockdown Chiavari event chairs from Forex Furniture. The advantage of this type is they are produced faster and delivery is much quicker. Unlike the factory assembled ones, the knockdown Chiavari banquet chair reduces your shipping cost since many of the chair parts can be arranged in a shipping container. You will receive an installation guide to help you assemble the chairs. 

Forex Furniture also produces already assembled Chiavari banquet chairs. These chairs are thoroughly checked after production to ensure there are no defects. In case of a faulty part, we will replace it with a new and more durable one. 

Chiavari Banquet Chairs

Approve Blueprint Before Manufacturing

We provide you with drawings of the Chiavari banquet chair type you want before we even produce the sample. The drawing helps you know the chair’s specification and appearance after manufacturing. Our designers have over 8 years of experience in designing Chiavari banquet chairs for hotels, resorts, banquet halls, and many other 5-star hospitality clients. We produce the sample within 5 days and send it to you to check the quality frame, finish, and style. 

At Forex Furniture, we involve you in the manufacturing process from start to end. We constantly update you on how manufacturing is progressing by sending pictures and videos at every important manufacturing stage.

Chiavari Banquet Chairs

Non-Rust Metal Chiavari Banquet Chairs For Sale

The metal Chiavari banquet chairs you buy from Forex Furniture have a top-notch quality that can’t be compared to the average and poorly produced ones in some banquet furniture factories. Industrial grade aluminum and steel are used to produce the metal Chiavari chairs. They are powder-coated for protection against rusting and corrosion. The banquet chair’s edges and surfaces are smoothened and polished beautifully. The tips of the metal legs are covered with plastic caps that prevent slipping. They keep the metal Chiavari chair stationery on tiled floors. We also add free extra leg caps to your order. 

Whether you order minimum or maximum quantity, Forex Furniture manufactures them faster than you can possibly get anywhere. Technologically advanced machines like CNC cutting machines for both wood and metal, automatic welding machines, injection molding machines, and more are used for manufacturing. All the Chiavari banquet chairs you receive from Forex furniture have the same quality including the weight, size, shape, and color due to the automatic machines that are used for manufacturing. 

Chiavari Banquet Chairs

The Chiavari banquet chair cushion density and thick can be custom-made to your preference. We can upholster the cushions with high-quality material like velvet or Italian leather. These Chiavari banquet chairs are part of the luxury event chairs we produce with either a gold or silver frame. 

For the most durable resin or plastic banquet chairs, Forex furniture is your right furniture manufacturer to contact. The last mold injection machines, process, and quality resin material prevent the chair from easily breaking. Just like the wooden and metal Chiavari chairs, our resin Chiavari banquet chairs can be used frequently for a longer period and still maintain their quality.

Chiavari Banquet Chairs

Fastest Shipping

Forex furniture is a global Chiavari chair supplier in China, we deliver to any country. We provide you with a tracking number to monitor your furniture in transit. All furniture we supply can be delivered using sea-freight and air-freight. Whatever shipping option you choose, your goods arrive on time, but air-freight is the fastest. 

In addition to Chiavari banquet chairs, we manufacture banquet tables, folding banquet chairs, phoenix chairs, gold wedding chairs, gold wedding tables, wedding sofas, tablecloths, chair covers, and more. You can contact Forex Furniture 24/7 for a free quote. 

Chiavari Banquet Chairs

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Chiavari Banquet Chair FAQ

We can manufacture Chiavari chairs in wood, steel, aluminum, and acrylic. All of them can stacking up to 10 pieces.

We can supply gold, silver, black, white, and more other colors for your banquet chairs, you can confirm it before place order

Our aluminum and acrylic Chiavari chairs can use for outdoor banquets, they are rusty free and UV stabilized, also lightweight and stacking, easy for transport

We have various colors of Chiavari banquet chair covers and sashes to choose from, you can select the interested one and place an order

Yes we do,  we can supply them in metal and resin frames, the resin one is whole piece injection, durable but lightweight

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