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Multiple Designs Chiavari Seats For Sale

At Forex Furniture, we manufacture all kinds of Chiavari seats for hospitality businesses around the world. It takes a lot of effort to provide seating facilities for guests at wedding and banquet events. With our beautiful Chiavari chairs for sale, you no longer need to worry about the comfort of your guests. Chiavari chairs complement any elegant banquet, ballroom, parties, or wedding event while providing durable seating for your guests. 

Forex Furniture’s Chiavari seats endure time and trends. We adhere to the highest standards of quality design, manufacturing, and customer service. We give you a sample to test the quality before you buy.

Forex Furniture’s Chiavari seats for sale are ideal for banquets and wedding ceremonies, as they offer premium quality dining chairs that support weight up to 500 lbs per person. They are custom-made to prevent slippage on event floors.

stacking Chiavari chairs

Buy Different Types Of Chiavari Chairs

We offer different kinds of Chiavari-style chairs to fit your needs as a hospitality business. They enhance the beauty of any room by adding a taste of luxurious sophistication and style. The interest in these Chiavari banquet chairs by our hospitality clients is rooted not only in great quality but also in the custom design options available to them.

Ghost Chiavari chairs and other Chiavari seat types are perfect when you want to make one special day even more memorable while providing durable seating for your guests.

blue Children's Chiavari chairs

Our Chiavari bar stools are custom-made with more than average legs. The chair’s legs are longer and can be used at higher tables or counters at a bar. No matter the material used they are as strong as any other bar stool.

You can also buy folding Chiavari chairs from Forex Furniture. Though they are frequently unfolded for use, they have a strong build to make them last longer like other Chiavari seat types.

Because children also attend events, we customize special Chiavari chairs for them. The children’s Chiavari chairs are produced with features like colorful and lightweight that make the chairs easy to use and comfortable for kids.

Chiavari ballroom chairs are considered timeless due to how long they can last. You get the affordable chairs produced by experts that have been in the manufacturing industry longer.

Chiavari chairs colors

Forex Furniture’s Chiavari-style seats are sought after for their refined look and detailed construction. They stack easily for storage and transportation. They can also be custom-made with a variety of finishes to give them a beautiful look and match different event themes.

The Chiavari dining seats we manufacture provide comfort and support that is incomparable to most banquet seating choices available. If you have to choose the best banquet seats for your hospitality facility then Chiavari seats must be among your top picks.

Chiavari chairs with white cushion

Durable Chiavari Chairs For Sale

Made of sturdy, yet lightweight materials, they can withstand the pressures of everyday use. Chiavari chairs are popular rental chairs to purchase for your event rental business, as they’re perfect additions to all types of social occasions. These chairs can comfortably accommodate up to 500 lbs and feature a polished design or a lacquer finish.

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate event, or other celebration, these premium chairs are sure to make a statement. The Chiavari chair’s timeless design is a classic choice for elegant gatherings.

The Chiavari chair sizes can be customized. The chairs can be customized in any color to match event decor.

wood Chiavari chairs

Indoor & Outdoor Use

These Chiavari seats can accommodate an array of large events, from a stylish indoor wedding to a breathtaking garden party. If you are looking for the perfect indoor and outdoor banquet chair, then Forex Furniture’s Chiavari seats are a must-have.

As the best provider of Chiavari chairs in the industry, we have the best selection, best prices, and fastest delivery. We guarantee all Chiavari chairs will be free from defects for many years. All our Chiavari seats undergo quality checks before they are shipped to you to prevent you from receiving defective chairs.

white kids Chiavari chairs

Resin Chiavari Chairs are the first choice for indoor and outdoor events, thanks to their waterproof and easy-to-clean characteristics. Because of its resistance to UV rays, resin Chiavari chairs can be left outside for long periods of time. You can make a name for your hospitality business in the event industry with these chairs. They are always crowd-pleasers at outdoor venues!

Wood Chiavari chairs are more suitable for garden events because they give a natural feel. They can be customized to show the natural wood grain.

White Chiavari Seats

Customizable Logo

We can print your hospitality signature on chairs using a high-quality machine. Because of this, we can have a unique color combination on each chair set with your company’s name and logo. Customers love that they can have a complete wholesale Chiavari chair set with their logo colors.

The metal Chiavari chairs including aluminum Chiavari chairs, steel Chiavari chairs are powder-coated on the frame to prevent rust. When stainless steel is used, it is chromed to give the chair a luxurious finish as well as prevent corrosion. Among the metal Chiavari chairs, the stainless steel one is high-end.

gold Chiavari seats

Forex Furniture has no design limitations. Whatever you want we can custom-make it. The backrest can be custom-made with a slight curve design making it stand out from other typical Chiavari chairs on the market.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

With one of the fastest lead times in the furniture manufacturing industry, we can get your order ready as scheduled. We offer quick delivery time and innovative solutions for even the most challenging banquet seat projects. Your satisfaction with our products is our concern; we work towards ensuring that you are fully satisfied with your purchase by providing our best in all aspects of product delivery.

Purchase High-Quality Furniture

Apart from Chiavari seats, you can also buy other hospitality furniture like folding banquet chairs, folding banquet tables, melamine banquet tables, phoenix chairs, and many more.

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Chiavari chair PhotosProduct NameMaterialFinishesUpholsteryConstructionBars QTYIndoor UseOutdoor UsePacking QTY40FT Container QTYWeight(KGS)RustStackable
gold steel Chiavari Chair For SaleSteel Chiavari Chairsteel 1.2 mmPowder-CoatedMoveable CushionsFull Welded4 pcs / CustomzieYesLimited / Sunny1213084.3YesYes
gold aluminum Chiavari Chair For SaleAluminum Chiavari ChairAluminum 2.0 mmPowder-CoatedMoveable CushionsFull Welded7 pcs / CustomzieYesYes1213083.8NoYes
Wholesale gold wood Chiavari Chair For SaleWood Chiavari ChairhardwoodPaintMoveable CushionsAssembled7 pcsYesLimited / Sunny1010303.8NoYes
Clear Resin Chiavari Chair For SaleResin Chiavari ChairPolycarbonateInjectionMoveable CushionsK/D7 pcsYesYes423524.7NoYes
white Chiavari Chair For saleResin Chiavari ChairPolypropyleneInjectionMoveable CushionsK/D With Metal Core Piping / Full Piece Injection7 pcsYesYes1010004.8NoYes
clear chilren's Chiavari Chair For salechildren’s chiavari chairsPolycarbonateInjectionMoveable CushionsFull Piece Injection4 pcsYesYes1020002.5NoYes
wholesale Children's Chiavari Chair For salechildren’s chiavari chairsPolypropyleneInjectionMoveable CushionsFull Piece Injection4 pcsYesYes1020002.5NoYes

Forex furniture supply array of materials Chiavari chairs for wholesale

 1. Steel Chiavari chairs

 Forex furniture manufacture high-quality steel Chiavari chair with commercial-grade diameter 28 mm steel pipe, it is fully welded metal frame, with underneath 7 bars, they are durable and heavy support for adults use in banquet halls, also you can customize fewer bars like 4,5,6 pieces for your metal Chiavari chairs if your budget is limited.

 We supply a wide range of upholstery cover moveable cushions for your chairs, like vinyl, fabric, linen, and leather. With Velcro, you can easily be fixed and take out them when needed. We supply different thick high-density sponge cushions for you, like 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm, or more.

gold steel Chiavari chairs for sale

 2. Aluminum Chiavari Chairs

 With a 2.0 mm thick full welded aluminum frame, your Chiavari chair can be sent to all the event areas needed to place, lightweight designed that can stack up to 10 – 12 chairs when transported and stored.

 Same as steel chairs, Forex furniture can supply aluminum frame Chiavari chairs with multiple powder-coated colors like gold, silver, white, and more can use for different theme events.

 3. Wood Chiavari Chairs

 Compare to metal frames, finished wooden Chiavari chairs need to spend more time, and there is a lot of production processes. Before manufacture, we need to send the wood to dry till the moisture content is under 10%, after that chair legs need to send to bend and create the bamboo design, then sand the chair parts smooth and fill the small holes if any.

 When all chairs parts are ready, Forex furniture staff assemble wood chairs with quality non-rust metals, they fixed the metal with screws between the seat board and legs, once their quality passed, chairs will send to the next process, it is paint.

 Forex furniture shipped over 100 containers of wooden Chiavari chairs to overseas event furniture distributors, like the USA, UK, Australia, and more. We can customize your Chiavari chairs with a wide range of colors like Limewash, natural, gold, fruitwood, mahogany, and more.

wholesale wood Chiavari chairs for sale

 4. Resin Chiavari chairs

 Forex furniture can manufacture plastic Chiavari chairs with polycarbonate and polypropylene, both of them are UV proof, can use for indoor and outdoor events, like weddings, parties, and more.

We can supply the polycarbonate Chiavari chairs with KD design, it can be load 2352 chairs in the container when you receive the chairs, just need to spend one minute following the instruction and fixing a few screws. They can customize with different colors, like clear, silver, gold, black, amber, and more, you can choose the right one for your event rental business.

clear Chiavari chairs for sale

 As the polypropylene easy softer when in hot weather, Forex furniture manufactures complete Chiavari chairs instead of KD design.

To improve chairs’ weight support capacity, we can lay metal core pipe inside when chairs injection. The polypropylene raw material is white, it only can manufacture white, black, silver, gold Chiavari chairs, and other colors.

5. Children’s Chiavari Chairs

The smaller Chiavari chair is designed for Children’s parties, it can be made of PC and PP. Only 2.5 kgs one chair, kids can carry chair easily by themselves. Children’s parties are colorful, Forex furniture manufactures Chiavari chairs in transparent, pink, blue, red, yellow, and other colors. Also, we can supply multiple color chair cushions for them.

 Forex furniture wholesale Chiavari chairs for sale, you can choose the less maintain and have maximum load capacity resin Chiavari chairs to start your hospitality business, if budget is limited then steel Chiavari chairs with powder coated is your 1# choice.

kiddies Chiavari chairs for sale

 Also, you can mix different designs and colors of Chiavari chairs to full one container, contact Forex furniture today, let us know your inquiry, we are happy to assist you to boom your business.

Chiavari Seats FAQ

Forex furniture not only supply Chiavari chair for adults but also manufacture children’s Chiavari chairs, they are made of PP / PC, lightweight but durable.

We can use metal like aluminum, steel, stainless steel, solid wood, polycarbonate, and polypropylene to produce different styles and colors of chairs for your different events.

Yes, the non-rust aluminum frame chair, and the UV stabilized plastic Chiavari chair made of polycarbonate and polypropylene are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

In Forex furniture company, the chairs are not only stackable but also can foldable, disassembled package to save your shipping cost

There are over 50 different styles of Chiavari chairs wholesale in Forex furniture, the clear one and aluminum lightweight chair is the 1# choice

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