Children's Banquet Table And Chairs

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Lightweight Designed Children’s Banquet Tables & Chairs For Sale

At Forex Furniture we don’t only supply quality banquet furniture for adults, we also cater to the furniture needs of children at events and hospitality establishments. Forex Furniture manufactures kids’ furniture like durable children’s banquet tables and chairs. These kids’ tables and chairs are designed keeping the comfort of children in mind.

Children’s Banquet Table And Chairs

Modern Children Banquet Table & Chairs Designs

They are available in various designs and finishes that give them a beautiful look and make them suitable for different kinds of events like weddings, parties, birthday celebrations, and more at banquet halls. This kids’ banquet furniture is perfect for all hospitality businesses including restaurants, hotels, and more. Children’s banquet tables and chairs of this kind come with modern designs that are exclusively made to enhance the appeal of this furniture. For more information reach out to Forex Furniture to find out how these kids’ furniture can be custom made for you.

What you order is what we supply. If you opt for the knockdown type, little time is required for assembling. The best part is that the furniture is safe in the first place so that the kids need not get hurt by them.

Children’s Banquet Table And Chairs

Right-Fit For Children

Because the children’s banquet table and chair set provide a fun space to eat while promoting healthy eating habits, we offer a wide range of children’s furniture to fulfill all event space requirements of children. We offer customized services so that you can get our children’s banquet table and chairs in just the size you want.

Children are young and hence picky about their seating. They need special furniture which is fun, colorful and comfortable. Assorted colors like silver, gold, blue, red, yellow, green, and more are used in painting this furniture that gives it a fresh look. You may also choose to have this furniture customized as per your requirements.

Children’s Banquet Table And Chairs

The customizations also include size, shape, height, weight, and more. Having different children’s banquet chairs and table sizes allows kids of different ages to use the perfect furniture for their size at restaurants, banquets, and any gathering or event. We can produce them in beautiful shapes that kids will love to sit on. Customizable children’s chairs and table height is something you should be particular about as a business owner and since we provide this service at an affordable rate contact us today.

Children’s Banquet Table And Chairs

Buy Different Kids Furniture Types

At Forex Furniture, we prioritize the safety of kids so we use the best materials for manufacturing. Since we don’t compromise on quality, the children’s table and chair’s durability is guaranteed. We are strict on the kind of quality tests we do for children’s banquet chairs and tables to ensure they last longer.

Children’s banquet tables and chairs are available in different materials like wood, steel, plastic, and so on. The material used is based on what you prefer. No matter the material type that you want, Forex Furniture provides you with the design blueprint for your confirmation before we manufacture. Also, we send a free sample for you to check how conveniently kids can use them.

Children’s Banquet Table And Chairs

Easy To Maintain

Children can be messy while eating so we manufacture easy-to-clean kids’ banquet furniture. They are made to withstand any form of stain so that their nice appearance can be easily maintained. The same applies to the quality kids’ banquet chairs that we produce.

We custom make them lightweight thus it is possible to be carried anywhere easily. This type is suitable for any hospitality establishment where children are welcomed.

Children’s Banquet Table And Chairs

Different Styles

The numerous styles we custom-make come with their own unique options. You can order foldable children’s banquet tables and chairs. The folding style makes it simple to put them away when not in use. The chairs can be made stackable for easy storage after using them.

If you want, we can also produce padded and upholstered children’s banquet chairs. Soft cushions that provide extra comfort are used for the padding and durable upholstery materials like velvet, vinyl, and more can be used.

We also produce children’s banquet chairs with armrests to help the children sit comfortably for longer periods.

Children’s Banquet Table And Chairs


Our outdoor children’s banquet tables and chairs are one of the most purchased kids’ furniture by service and hospitality businesses. Metal framed tables and chairs are produced with powder-coated aluminum and steel that do not rust. They can withstand any weather condition. The polycarbonate banquet furniture for kids is also UV-resistant and can be used outside without cracking under the sun. For both indoor and outdoor children’s banquet tables and chairs, Forex Furniture is the number one kids furniture manufacturer to contact.

Children’s Banquet Table And Chairs

Worldwide Kids Banquet Furniture Supplier In China

We have supplied over 20,000 kids’ furniture to banquet halls, restaurants, and other hospitality facilities in the USA, Europe, and other parts of the world. Wherever you are in the world we can deliver a quantity of 50 and above to you on time.

In addition to children’s banquet tables and chairs, you can buy all types of banquet furniture like banquet tables, upholstered banquet chairs, and more for various kinds of events. We also supply different hospitality furniture and event furniture like cross-back chairs, clear event chairs, and more.

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Children's Banquet Table And Chairs FAQ

Our kids’ banquet chairs and tables are easy to stack and fold,  they can easily pick up and transport, widely used for parties.

Forex furniture can supply plastic folding chairs and tables, also have metal and wood frames furniture to choose, they are friendly to children, non bad smell.

Yes, we can supply a wide variety of colorful tablecloths and banquet chair covers for children’s parties use, also we can customize them if you have a special design.

A wide range of colors you can choose, white, pink, blue,  yellow, and more. Different children’s furniture can supply different colors, let us know your idea before placing order

Our banquet table and chairs can for 0 – 12 years old children use. Our furniture’s structure will change the design to improve weight capacity to ensure children’s safe use

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