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Customize Church Banquet Chair For Sale

Having an experienced furniture company that has been manufacturing all different furniture including church banquet chairs is stress-relieving saves your time and money. Forex Furniture has been in business for a long time to warrant the most sought-after furniture manufacturer and supplier among churches.

Last Longer Church Chairs For Your Hospitality Business

The church banquet chairs we produce are durable and can last for up to 10 years or more if they are well maintained. For many years, we have supplied custom-made church banquet chairs that are produced with specifications like size, weight, height, design, and more given to us by our church clients. 

church banquet chairs

We can customize your church’s banquet chairs anyhow you want them. Forex Furniture understands that different people use your chairs and sit on them for hours, they are built to be able to hold up heavyweight. 

Buy Different Church Banquet Chair Types

Forex Furniture always takes into consideration how often the chairs may need to be packed and stored and as a result, we make the chairs stackable for easy storage. 10-15 chairs can be stacked together. The metal banquet chairs are custom made with glides on the legs to prevent scratching the nicely finished surfaces when they are stacked together. Aluminum and steel are used for the frames of metal church banquet chairs. They are powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion. Metal-framed church banquet chairs have leg caps that prevent scratches on the church floors and also prevent the chair from sliding.

church banquet chairs

Order any church banquet chair type and we will manufacture it exactly how you want it. We use beechwood, birchwood, ashwood, and other durable wood species to manufacture long-lasting wood banquet chairs for churches. These high-quality wooden banquet chairs do not easily break. The type of manufacturing method used and the dovetail joint style employed in manufacturing contribute to chair strength. The wood-framed chairs don’t shrink, swell, or rot because the wood used contains less than 10% moisture. They are also termite-resistant.

Forex Furniture manufactures many types of plastic church banquet chairs. Our plastic chairs are superior to the average ones in the market due to the type of material used and also the manufacturing method used. An automatic machine that uses an injection molding method is used to manufacture plastic church banquet chairs. Complete chairs that do not need assembling are easily produced using this modern computer-controlled plastic chair manufacturing machine.

church banquet chairs

Forex Furniture produces the finest upholstered church banquet chairs. The highest quality upholstery materials that have nice designs are used. We can use velvet and Italian leather to upholster any church banquet chair type. Forex Furniture’s upholstered banquet chairs are not negatively affected by the weather conditions of where they are used. This means they can be used in both warmer and colder countries, and the quality will still be maintained. 

Comfortable Church Banquet Chairs

We can design church banquet chairs to be more comfortable for longer sitting periods. The chairs can be custom-made with cushions on both the seat and backrest. The cushions are made with more than 45 kgs per cubic meter of high-density spongy foams that don’t sag, they maintain their original shape for longer. The backrest cushions also support the spine and prevent your congregation from developing backaches. Banquet chairs with removable cushions can also be custom-made for you. This makes it easy to stack and store the chairs whenever needed without the cushions. Also, the removable cushions can be easily cleaned separately. 

church banquet chairs

For clients that prefer to do their own assembling, we can supply flat pack banquet chairs for their churches. These chair types come with an instructional manual or video to assist in putting the chairs together as whole furniture pieces. Within a short period, many church chairs can be assembled using the easy-to-follow manual. Buying a large quantity of flat pack church banquet chairs helps you save a significant amount of money on shipping costs. Unlike factory-assembled chairs, many flat-pack chairs can be organized inside a container.

Special Customizations

We also do logo embroidery which we recommend to all our clients because it helps your furniture to be easily identified. We use the latest logo embroidery to imprint your church’s name and logo on any fabric upholster part of the chairs. The embroidery can be done on the seats, backrests, or wherever you deem fit.

church banquet chairs

We can produce church banquet chairs with or without armrests. The ones with armrests support the arms and shoulders and prevent any discomfort. 

Benefit from Forex Furniture’s extended warranty when you purchase any furniture from us. In case of damage during shipping, we will replace it with a new and more durable one. 

Fastest Shipping Your Church chairs

Forex Furniture uses sea-freight and air-freights to deliver your banquet chairs to churches in any country. The chairs are safely packaged with thick export cartons to prevent scratches and foams for shock absorption to prevent breaking. They can be loaded into 20ft and 40ft containers when sea-freight is used for delivery. DHL can also be used for airplane shipping. 

church banquet chairs

We also manufacture and wholesale other furniture like church tables, church cabinets, banquet tables, event chairs, and any type of furniture your outfit may need. We respond to all inquiries the same so don’t hesitate and contact us today.

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Church Banquet Chairs FAQ

Yes, we can customize your logo and use the machine to embroidery it on fabric, it is free cost, let us know what is logo size you want, we can send you one sample to confirm before mass production

There is a fabric pocket at the chair back, also we can manufacture bookshelf underneath the chair seat

They can stack 5 banquet chairs in store and transport, also you can order chair dolly to easily carry them from warehouse to church

We can add two metal locks on banquet chairs on both sides, you can lock them together when laying them in church 

It is commercial grade sponge with over 45 kgs/ 1 cubic meter, you can use them for over 5 years no problem, we can also provide CAL 117 and BS 5852 certificated upholstered for you.

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