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OEM Multiple Styles Crown Back Chairs For Wholesale

Buy crown-back banquet chairs from a trusted event furniture manufacturer and wholesaler, Forex Furniture. We sell to businesses in the hospitality industry like hotels, banquet halls, events management companies, and more.

Forex Furniture has been making crown-back banquet chairs for the last twenty years with extensive experience in event furniture manufacturing. We produce banquet chairs that will hold up for years, not just a few uses. Durable crown-back banquet chairs with luxurious finish have been our specialty since our establishment many years ago.

For high-quality crown-back banquet chairs for events, wedding receptions, or church outings, Forex Furniture is your go-to manufacturer. At Forex Furniture, we have unrivaled manufacturing experience when it comes to making all high-quality crown-back banquet chair types. We know how important quality is and as such we manufacture durable banquet chairs to promote patronage of your hospitality and rental business.

crown back banquet chair

Durable Materials For Manufacturing

Forex Furniture uses the best materials to manufacture crown-back banquet chairs. We don’t cut corners by using inferior materials that make you lose money since frequent maintenance and repairs will be required. We use resilient materials that can make the chair accommodate constant use and take pressure well to manufacture banquet chairs. The banquet chair cushions made of high-density sponges don’t sag easily from the weight of your clients or event attendees.

Order Different Crown Back Banquet Chair Types

We manufacture metal-framed crown back banquet chairs with aluminum and steel. The frame is powder-coated to prevent rusting and prolong its life span.  Forex Furniture’s metal banquet chairs are manufactured with a commercial-grade furniture finish to make them resilient against scratches and dents. Also, our chairs have a stackable design to save storage space.

crown back banquet chairs

We use hardwood for wood-framed crown back banquet chairs – not cheap particle boards or MDF boards. Our wood banquet chairs are built to last for years. Forex Furniture’s banqueting chairs have higher quality than what other furniture manufacturers produce. Also, the banquet chair’s durability is incomparable to that of your competitors operating a similar hospitality business to yours. What does this mean for your business? You will spend less on maintenance and replacement costs and save money in the long run.

Other crown back banquet chair types can be made of stainless steel with chromium plating to prevent rust. The whole frame and legs can be welded together or the chair’s back can be fastened by nuts and bolts. You can order ready-to-assemble crown back chairs.

Forex Furniture manufactures crown back banquet chairs using advanced furniture manufacturing machines like CNC cutting machines, automatic welding machines, and more in our state-of-the-art factory in China. We have more than 20 production lines in our factory and this allows for faster production in a short time. In addition, all our crown back furniture is tested for quality assurance before we deliver them to you.

crown back banquet chair

Custom Crown Back Designs You Prefer

Forex Furniture can customize a wide range of designs including straight and curved crown backs as well as more detailed crown shapes to meet your specific needs. The crown back banquet chair designs are sent to you for approval before we manufacture them.

We can also manufacture a free crown back banquet chair sample and send it to you to check the quality before you order. The chairs pass the CAL 117 and other fireproof standards, they can resist high temperatures and fire for longer periods without damage. Our crown-back chairs meet the highest quality standards in the hospitality industry and are designed to last for years.

crown back banquet chair

Faster Lead Time & Global Shipping

Manufacturing lead time is short for our crown back banquet chairs. Lead time to deliver your banquet chairs is 3-4 weeks, and most urgent orders are completed within 2 weeks.

We have an excellent track record of supplying high-quality crown-back banquet chairs to hotels and other hospitality establishments in the USA, Canada, Europe, and other countries.  Forex Furniture safely packages shipment and uses the best shipping companies and courier services to supply crown-back banquet chairs globally. Your furniture goods can be shipped with LCL, FCL, and air-freight.

Forex Furniture manufactures crown-back banquet chairs that are affordable for even the tightest budget. You can order any quantity from 50 and more. We provide a free quote to let you know the total cost of the quantity you want to order.

crown back banquet chair

Buy Quality Chairs For Your Business Operations

Forex Furniture is your one-stop banquet furniture manufacturer as we produce all types of crown back banquet chairs, plastic folding tables, folding event chairs, hotel furniture, wedding chairs, and all other hospitality case goods.

Contact and order crown-back banquet chairs from Forex Furniture today and enjoy our competitive prices, quick delivery, and excellent customer support.

Crown Back Banquet Chairs FAQ

All our banquet chairs are made of 100% pure raw material, some other companies use recycled sponges and plywood boards for cushions. It will lower chairs lifetime, increase your use cost

We can supply aluminum and steel banquet chairs, their outside looking is the same, but steel ones has lower price can meet your budget

We can customize stacking crown back chairs with back decoration panels, it is more fashionable and modern

We have 20 mm, 25 mm, “H”, “U”, flat and round shape metal pipes for you to choose from, all of them can use to manufacture crown back chairs

Yes, banquet chair top with handle hole and they can stack over 10 chairs when transport by dolley. The lightweight aluminum chairs can stacked 15 chairs when store.

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