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Wholesale Full Range Of Event Chairs For Sale

Forex Furniture manufactures event chairs for all hospitality businesses in North America, Europe, and every country. The chairs we manufacture can be used for weddings, ceremonies, corporate events, seminars, and any gathering that requires seating. They are durable, functional, and sturdy, widely for commercial use.

Forex Furniture’s event chairs are designed to last 5x longer than most manufacturers. The chairs you order from us come in many colors that can be an attractive addition to any event. Each event chair we manufacture is tailored to your needs. They are custom-made to fit your hospitality space and match any decor type.

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Indoor & Outdoor Event Chairs For Sale

We manufacture chairs that are suitable for indoor or outdoor events use. The outdoor event chairs are UV-protected to prevent discoloring or fading with time. They are made with safety in mind. Guests won’t have any problem using any of the chairs whether at banquet halls, ballrooms, gardens, or any outdoor space.

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Custom-Made Quality Chairs For Events

Why purchase only standard event chairs when you can also get chairs custom-made to your specifications. This is one of the many reasons Forex Furniture keeps outselling the succeeding year more than we sold the previous year and also more than other event furniture manufacturers in China. The shape, size, weight, and many other features can be custom-made. Our well-designed event chairs will impress your guests.

The wholesale event chairs we manufacture can replace expensive rental costs. With the exception of luxury event chairs, all other chair types come in factory-assembled and knockdown options. Whatever type you want we can customize it.

Budget-Friendly Event Chairs For Sale

We have one of the best prices in the industry and have a full line of event chair design models available. If you have been looking for the most durable yet affordable event chair types then the ones manufactured by Forex Furniture should be number on your purchase list.

On every purchase you make we offer a 100% money-back guarantee as well as a discount on any order that is over 2000 chairs. This applies to all chairs including clear event chairs that are made from resin polycarbonate and are suitable for weddings and parties.

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Manufactured Your Chairs With Quality Materials

We select the finest materials and take pride in offering only the best event furniture. We do not cut corners when it comes to quality. Each event chair is designed with high-quality materials including metals (aluminum, steel, stainless steel), wood, resin (polypropylene, polypropylene), HDPE, and more. We run our business from our manufacturing facility in China with a team who are experts in their field and skilled enough to manufacture strong and beautifully designed chairs for the famous hospitality businesses in the world.

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Different Event Chair Types For Sale

The different types of event chair models we offer, though each is perfect for events all year round, include resin event chairs, plastic event chairs, wooden event chairs, metal event chairs, upholstered event chairs, folding event chairs, and many more. Also, you can get event chairs with armrests that support comfortable sitting for event guests.

A great advantage of resin and plastic chairs is that it doesn’t require repainting or refinishing after some years of use. These chairs have a solid color that does not wear. They are manufactured using injection-molding technology which makes the end product perfect, free from faulty parts. This is the kind of quality resin and plastic event chair that Forex Furniture provides to all buyers.

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We make some of the best metal-framed event chairs. The strongest aluminum Chiavari chairs and steel banqueting chairs must withstand daily use without failure. They are finished with a protective powder coating that makes them rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The protective layer can also serve as a shiny attractive finish. Their surface finishing doesn’t scratch when they are stacked. They are firm and can withstand heavyweight. All metal event chairs from Forex Furniture have non-marring and anti-slip leg caps that prevent floor scratching. The leg caps also keep the chairs in one position without sliding or slipping even on wet floors. This is the kind of quality metal-framed event chair Forex Furniture provides.

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Just like other durable wedding chairs, wooden event chairs are strong and can last as long as 5 years or more with proper maintenance. We use a combination of quality hardwood like birchwood, beechwood, and more to produce wood chairs that are more suitable for outdoor occasions. Whatever design you want can be done for wooden event chairs.

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As a hospitality business, folding event chairs should be part of the seating options you offer guests. Forex Furniture custom-makes these lightweight and with great attention to detail. We do this to prevent the chairs from becoming weaker, and developing squeaky noises. Irrespective of the manufacturing material used, folding event chairs are custom-made to last many years.

Quality Upholstered Event Chairs For Sale

Hospitality businesses across the world love Forex Furniture’s upholstered event chairs. Their quality construction and design make the chairs look luxurious. Different upholstery materials like fabric (any quality fabric like velvet) and leather (vinyl or Italian leather) are used for making such lavish event chairs. We can also manufacture chairs that come with padded seats and backrests covers that can easily be removed and washed.

We can custom-make chair coverings in different colors for event chairs. They can be used to cover chairs and form part of the decor for various event themes.

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Faster Lead & Delivery Time

Since we handle all manufacturing processes ourselves, it takes a shorter time for manufacturing to complete. When you order your event chairs from Forex Furniture you always receive high-quality products on time without any delay.

Forex Furniture offers 24x7x365 customer support. Forex Furniture is yet to meet a hospitality business that is not satisfied with its purchase.

Buy Every Furniture You Need

We offer leading-edge event furniture solutions for all your hospitality needs including melamine banquet tables, phoenix chairs, wedding chairs, ghost bar stools, metal cross back chairs, and all hospitality furniture. Get a free quote today.

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Event Chairs FAQ

The chair using for the different hospitality businesses, like banquet halls, parties, weddings, meeting rooms, concerts, church, conference room, catering, ballroom, and more. They come with different materials, designs, colors, finished, and more.

In Forex furniture, we can manufacture wedding chairs, party chairs and banquet chairs, with resin, hardwood, steel, aluminum, we can OEM chairs with your request

Our chairs are designed for commercial use, they can stack and deliver by dolly and storage in the warehouse. Also you can order chair covers to protect them away dirty

There are over 300 types of chairs for events, they can stack, foldable, knockdown, whole piece injection, and more. contact us for more details

The gold, white, black, clear, and silver are standard colors, also we can supply other colors for your chairs, but there are have minimum order quantities for each color, contact us to discuss more. 

The Chiavari chair wide use for events, they can make of resin, solid wood, steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, and it can be painted, powder-coated, and chrome finish.

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