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Wholesale Multiple Styles Durable Farm Tables 

Forex Furniture manufactures farm tables using quality hardwood to make the table last many years. These tables derive their name from the simple table design fit for farmhouse use. Farm-style tables provide a rustic, yet elegant look to any dining area. Farm tables with different tabletop shapes like rectangular, oval, round, and more can be custom-made for you.

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Buy Quality Wood Dining Table And Save Money

When you buy furniture, you always want to get good quality for the price you pay. If the furniture is made of weaker wood, it will not last long, and it will start to suffer from termites. This is why Forex Furniture uses only high-quality hardwood.

No doubt that designing and producing high-quality furniture is our priority at Forex Furniture. We have discovered that there is a direct relation between the quality of wood used in making farm tables and its durability factor. The hardwood species like maple, white oak, walnut, and cherry are chosen for producing stronger tables. We also use other quality wood species for producing durable farmhouse dining tables for sale.

Our hard work has ensured that our farm tables have passed all Quality Control Tests and we are sure they are one of the best choices for the dining area in your hospitality space.

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Your Trusted Manufacturer & Supplier In China

Why are Forex Furniture farm tables better than the rest? This is because our wholesale farm tables are constructed from 100% natural materials and we do not use any form of plywood or cheap veneers that other suppliers use. Our unique dovetail joint also provides additional strength to the tables. In particular, our products are stronger than most of the other furniture brands that end up providing poor quality farm style tables to the USA and European markets.

Forex Furniture farm tables for sale are made to last, they do not get damaged easily.  We provide customer-centric solutions through the design and production of a wide range of rustic farm tables, garden tables, and industrial farmhouse tables.

We know it can be difficult to find a farmhouse table that meets the need of your restaurant, dining area, or hospitality facility. This is why we invite you to discuss with us what kind of farm table you are looking for, where it will be used, and how you want it customized. Send us an email today.

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Custom-Made Wooden Farmhouse Tables For Sale

Farm tables come in various colors ranging from natural browns to calm greys and playful blues to deep reds. But which of these colors would go well with your dining area decor? At Forex Furniture we encourage our hospitality clients not to sweat the small stuff. For example, if you want contrasting colors, try going for a dark tabletop and pair it with a light-colored base. Not only will this add a modern feel to your dining area decor theme, but it will also give the eye some warmth so guests don’t feel like you’re sitting in an icebox (or cave).

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When you contact us we give you a farm table catalog to explore. You get to know the kind of farm dining tables we have produced for our past customers and what colors the tables were customized in. Our expert designers will provide images of a nicely designed farm table based on your requirements. This is done along with the table size, and style for you to approve before production starts. We can produce a free farm table sample and send it to you to check the quality.

The farm-style dining table can be used indoors and outdoors, under direct sunlight and UV rays. Plus, they don’t need any special care.

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Beautiful Designs Farm Style Dining Table

We offer top-rated wooden farm tables crafted with contemporary design. One big wooden board can be used for the tabletop or we can join wooden slabs to make the tabletop. The wooden slabs retain the natural wood markings and add a nice look to the table design.

Different leg styles can be custom-made for the farm dining table. Straight standard legs can be fixed at the four corners of the table for a simple design. X-looking legs can also give the table a modern appearance. Other table legs like the fluted, spiral, tapered, saber, and more can also be customized. A heavy-duty table requires heavy legs that can support the weight. Because farm tables are custom-made heavy, we don’t normally customize foldable ones. But if you want we can custom make them with foldable strong steel legs.

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Get World-Class Service

If have a limited budget and don’t need anything fancy as long as it is strong then Forex Furniture is your manufacturer to speak to. When you meet our minimum order requirement, we provide you with the best quality service you can possibly get in this industry. We provide a longer warranty on the furniture you purchase. Forex Furniture supplies wholesale farm tables to every country with faster delivery timelines.

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Buy Furniture With Guaranteed Durability

You can also buy Tiffany chairs, wood cross-back chairs, melamine banquet tables, Chiavari seats, functions chairs, gold event chairs, and any hospitality furniture from Forex Furniture.

Contact Forex Furniture today for a free quote.

Farm Tables FAQ

Yes, send your tables sizes and color sample, we can manufacture benches meet your tables styles

We can supply folding base and knock down table legs, 2 different design for your choose, both them can lay the base under table top 

We can supply various shapes, like rectangular, round, oval, extend, and more. Also we can customize different size meet your requirements

Oak wood and pine wood are our standard material for tables, we can also use other material for production if you need

Sure, we can send you all color sample photos or send the wood color samples which your are most interested by DHL.

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