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Wholesale Multiple Styles Farmhouse Wedding Tables 

As the number of events and celebrations that celebrate love, marriage, and commitment increases, as well as all other events, so does the demand for tables. There are many types of tables to choose from, but if you’re looking for something with a rustic feel and truly unique, give Forex Furniture’s farmhouse wedding tables a try. Just like our lifetime hospitality business clients, we are certain that you would also appreciate our farmhouse-style tables because of their exceptional durability.

round and long farmhouse wedding table for sale

The biggest mistake you may make with your table is to go for something that just doesn’t fit your theme or location. Forex Furniture’s farmhouse wedding tables are a unique combination of rustic charm and modern design that’s sure to bring the right amount of farmhouse chic to your big day.

Manufactured With The Most Durable Wood

The idea behind farmhouse-style tables is to capture the feeling of an intimate event in a setting that’s natural and unpretentious. Since these events are often smaller affairs, these tables are designed to complement them by being small enough to be easily moved and versatile enough to serve as both a head table and regular dining table. All of our products are made from high-quality wood harvested in the world’s evergreen forests.

wood farmhouse wedding table for wholesale

What makes our farmhouse wedding tables special is their ability to tie together the rustic charm of traditional country living with the welcoming, cozy feel of modern-day events. Forex Furniture’s wedding farm tables are made out of either oak or walnut wood, a material that’s both durable and long-lasting.

There are a lot of wood types that can be used to manufacture farmhouse wedding tables, and they each have their own durability and longevity factors. For example, maple is a softer wood so it lends itself to being more delicate than oak or walnut. But it’s also a very hardy wood, so when it’s finished with a quality protective layer, it’s almost as durable as walnut.

wood farmhouse wedding tables

Oak is another strong wood, but what makes oak a good choice for wedding furniture is that it has a beautiful honey grain pattern that almost looks like marble or stone. It’s really stunning. Wedding farm tables can also be made from other wood species like beechwood, chestnut wood, birchwood, pinewood, and more. The type of wood we use to manufacture farm wedding tables are excellent choices that will last for generations. The natural wood we use is durable enough to last through multiple celebrations.

Affordable Farmhouse Wedding Tables For Sale

If you are looking for farmhouse wedding tables that won’t break the bank or look cheap in your venue, then we’ve got what you need.

Hosting a wedding or other celebration can be extravagant—but it doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. By using farmhouse-style tables, you can provide an elegant yet rustic ambiance for your event or business without breaking your budget.

white farmhouse wedding table for sale

Our tables also help you save time because they’re easy to set up and break down; this will reduce the time your employees spend setting up for your event and cleaning up. This can be realized when you order foldable farmhouse wedding tables from Forex Furniture. The foldable farmhouse sweetheart tables are a perfect choice when space is limited!

Farmhouse wedding tables made by Forex Furniture are perfect for any venue. They can be used at outdoor weddings, indoor weddings, in restaurants or bars, or even on patios. They’re great for upscale events as well as smaller events.

farmhouse wedding table with cross back chairs

Exceptionally Unique

We know you’re probably not going to just take our word for it: we’re not the type of company to brag about ourselves. But we think you should know more about the high-quality farmhouse wedding tables we manufacture.

Remember the days when a wedding table was just a table? And wedding chairs were just chairs? Times are changing and so are table shapes, designs, and styles. The round, rectangular, or oval table is becoming too common but when the shape is combined with a unique design or style, wedding guests tend to love them. This is why in recent years, farmhouse wedding tables have become popular for weddings especially those that are hosted outdoors.

farmhouse wedding tables color samples

Custom-Made Farmhouse Tables To Your Wedding Needs

We also offer several leg options, such as square legs and tapered legs, spiral legs cross legs, and many more. Irrespective of the table size and the type of wood used, we can customize the leg type you prefer.

Further customization is possible, such as customized sizes or designs that can be created specifically for your establishment.

farmhouse wedding tables and wood cross back chairs

It’s all about customization now and Forex Furniture company are experts at that. No more bland, boring tables from big box stores. Wedding goers have come to expect farmhouse tables with their rustic aesthetic and customizable features like wood types, leg types, sizes, and even designs. Whether the customization you want has been done before or it’s the first of its kind, we can do it to satisfy your expectations.

You can even get an extendable farmhouse wedding table. So if your venue is located in a really small space or doesn’t have an available dance floor, you can still hold a great party. And when you need to seat more people in a larger event, it can be extended by adding additional leaves(fixable table boards at the ends/edges) to create comfort for guests.

wholesale farmhouse wedding table

Buy Additional Wedding Furniture

If you are looking for other special furniture for weddings such as Louis chairs, ghost chairs, chameleon chairs, gold wedding chairs, melamine banquet tables, foldable resin tables, consider purchasing them from Forex Furniture.

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Farmhouse Wedding Tables FAQ

We can supply 36 inch to 48 inch sweetheart tables, 60 inch, 72 inch round tables, and 4ft to 8ft long wooden farm tables for sale as well

There is a wide range of colors you can choose from, like rustic, white, black, grey,  and more. We can customize your colors also.

Our tables come with foldable legs, just need to spend 10 seconds to open them when you are using them at weddings, and close them when stored in the warehouse.

Forex furniture can manufacture round, long, narrow, small, oval, large, and extendable wood farm tables use for country weddings

All our wooden farm tables are commercial grade, designed for rental business, the wood moisture content under 10%, they are supplying 5 years warranty.

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