Flex Back Banquet Chairs

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Customize Comfy Flex-Back Banquet Chairs For Sale

Say goodbye to aching, stiff backs caused by old, poorly designed chairs! Forex Furniture designs and produces flex-back banquet chairs as a solution to this problem. The foam in most chairs just doesn’t contour well to your lower back so it basically gets squished all at once. Stacking chairs use at events, banquet halls, hotels, restaurants greatly find the flex-back chairs from Forex Furniture extremely comfortable. Guests can sit for several hours and at the end, they will stand up without any pain.

Flex Back Banquet Chairs

The flex back banquet chair’s design promotes the best sitting position. It supports the spine’s natural position and prevents any ache. Our expert designers for many years have created beautifully designed and functional flex-back banquet chairs and we have manufactured them in high quality for 5-star hospitality facilities.

Lifetime Quality & Extended Warranty

Forex Furniture uses commercial-grade materials to manufacture durable flex-back banquet chairs that last longer, maintain their quality, and smooth finish for not less than 5 years. The flex back banquet chairs we produce come with an extended warranty period. Forex Furniture does free repairs for you as long as the warranty is valid. We also arrange to get you original furniture parts for maintenance after the warranty period.

Flex Back Banquet Chairs

You can order factory-assembled and flat-pack flex-back banquet chairs. The quality for both types is the same and has a longer service life. When you order knock-down packing flex-back chairs, Forex Furniture adds an easy-to-follow instructional manual and video for assembling them. 

Stronger Flex Back Banquet Chairs For Sale

Forex Furniture custom makes flex-back banquet chairs with metals like aluminum and steel frames. The frames are powdered coated to prevent rust, corrosion, and flaking throughout the years the chairs are used. Also, the various colors of powder coating can give the chair a nice-looking appearance.

Flex Back Banquet Chairs

The metal thickness of the flex back banquet chairs you order can be customized, we can supply 1.2 mm thick grade A steel and 2.0 mm thick aluminum. Forex Furniture can build chairs to hold up to 500 pounds. With such a high weight capacity, the banquet chairs can absorb the different weights of users or guests. Besides the high weight capacity, Forex Furniture adds supportive braces under the chair seat for additional support. The braces help for the even distribution of pressure across every part of the chair.

We use an injection molding machine to produce premium quality plastic flex-back banquet chairs. With this modern technology, any plastic banquet chair shape you want can be completely molded and produced by machines. The plastic flex-back chairs do not break easily, crack, and can be used for outdoor events.

The flex back banquet chairs we produce are stackable. 10-15 chairs can be stacked together for storage. We add plastic glides to metal flex-back chairs to prevent scratches when the chairs are stacked together. Forex Furniture also adds non-marring leg caps to metal-framed flex-back banquet chairs. We include free additional leg caps to your shipment to replace the ones that crack. 

Flex Back Banquet Chairs

Forex Furniture produces durable flex-back upholstered banquet chairs. The upholstery can be made out of vinyl and nicely designed fabric. The upholstered flex-back chairs we produce do not scratch easily, they can withstand frequent use without losing their quality and original look. In upholstery material of your choice can be used. 

We can custom make flex-back banquet chairs with different densities cushions. The cushions are made with spongy foams density over 45 kgs per 1 cubic meter that do not sag. The cushions maintain their firmness for a longer period. 

Flex Back Banquet Chairs

Faster Manufacturing Banquet Chairs In China

With our larger factory, we can produce any quantity you want. The machines we use in the factory are all automatic so production is faster. Forex Furniture has faster lead times. Irrespective of the quantity you order it is manufactured 2-3 weeks. Before mass production, we manufacture a sample in 3-5 days and send it to you to check the quality. 

At Forex Furniture, we prioritize quality. All goods produced are thoroughly checked after manufacturing to verify their durability. We have a certified furniture quality control team that handles the quality checks of your order. This is done before all goods are packaged and loaded into containers.

Flex Back Banquet Chairs

The flex back banquet chairs are protectively packaged to prevent damage during shipping. We use PE foams and unbreakable export cartons for packaging. You receive your goods in the same condition as they were after manufacturing. 

Global Flex Back Banquet Chair Supplier

Wherever you are in the world, Forex Furniture can supply durable flex-back banquet chairs to you. We are a global commercial quality banquet chair supplier. Forex Furniture uses 20ft and 40ft containers to deliver your goods via sea-freight. Air-freight is also available if you prefer that choice. Anything shipped by airplane arrives as early as 5-8 days.

Flex Back Banquet Chairs

Forex Furniture is a commercial furniture company that we also manufacture and supply banquet tables, wedding chairs, gold banquet chairs, hotel furniture, restaurant furniture, and all other hospitality case goods. 

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Flex Back Banquet Chairs FAQ

All Forex furniture banquet chairs are meet ISO, SGS, and TUV standard, they passed quality test before load container, they can use for banquets, parties, and other events

The flex back chairs can stacking up to 10 chairs when storage, when deliver by chairs dolley, better load less than 6 chairs, because chairs are heavy

Our commercial quality chairs can use for restaurant, dining room, coffee shop, and more hospitality business

We can supply various powder-coated color and upholstery material for your flex back chairs, kindly let us know your selection when place order.

It won’t, all our banquet chairs are commercial quality design, all material is Grade A quality, also we test over 1000 times before packing.

Flex Back Banquet Chairs Video

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