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Wholesale Clear Ghost Bar Stools For Sale

As long as you operate a bar or own a hospitality space with counter height tables, buying Forex Furniture’s ghost bar stools is great for your business. We manufacture them in higher quality standards and ensure that these ghost counter chairs meet all the hospitality seat standards you need.

When your guests enter a bar, they are always looking for the best seating position. The most comfortable and durable bar stools will give them the best experience and comfort when sitting.

clear ghost bar stools for sale

As a hospitality business owner, you have to think about style and comfort when choosing the right type of stools for your bar business. Ghost bar stools are the answer to all your needs. They are designed for use in hospitality businesses where you are serving customers who sit on stools at the counter.

Durable Material Used For Manufacturing

We manufacture ghost bar stools from polycarbonate using modern injection molding machines. Or we produce them with resin and this makes them extremely durable because of the unique strength properties of the resin material. They can endure wear and tear for many years.

Buy High-Quality Acrylic Ghost Bar Stools For Longevity

For many years, hospitality businesses have been struggling to find the right bar stools that can improve the guest experience. It is a huge challenge to most hospitality facilities to find the ideal bar stools that don’t break due to bumping and frequent moving around.

clear counter height ghost chairs for sale

Ghost chair counter stools that last a few months or break under higher weight are made out of cheap materials. Such low-quality ghost bar stools may be extremely cheap but you end up losing a lot of money because you frequently have to buy new ones to replace the spoilt ones. This can be a big loss for your business. Forex Furniture can help you avoid this problem by supplying you with high-quality clear ghost stools.

As an experienced event furniture company in China, Forex Furniture custom-makes ghost bar stools with your specifications to ensure they fit your needs and match the style of your hospitality space.

They are designed with a higher seat to make guests comfortable when sitting by the counter at bars. They normally come with footrests to promote comfort and relaxation.

ghost stool with back

Ghost bar stools can be manufactured with only a seat without the backrest. We can also customize your ghost bar stool with back depending on your preference.

Ghost bar stools are produced with resin or injection molded polycarbonate which makes them highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. And they last for many years even when used in the busiest hospitality facilities such as busy bars, hotels, restaurants cafes, and so on.

Buy Custom-Made Counter-Height Ghost Chairs

Have you ever been out to eat or drink and asked yourself where the ghost-style bar stool you sit on came from? You might think that restaurant or bar owners just head out to a furniture store and pick up what they need. But, in reality, many of them order their furniture directly from the manufacturer. Why? Because it’s affordable and easier to get exactly what you want for your business. When you buy directly from the manufacturer instead of a retailer, you get better prices on items like these that would otherwise be too expensive for your budget. Plus, it’s much faster—we can have your shipment ready within 2-3 weeks instead of weeks if not months.

acrylic ghost bar stools for sale

Ghost bar stools are one of the most popular options for hospitality businesses because they are relatively low maintenance. At Forex Furniture we manufacture famous and widely-used types like victoria ghost stools which are elegant.

Ghost bar stools manufactured by Forex Furniture are also taller than other types of bar stools which makes them an ideal choice for hospitality businesses because they provide guests with comfort while sitting in bars and countertops. Their height can be customized to 65cm or 75cm high in order to make users access the bar counters.

ghost bar stools with back for sale

Different Variations of Ghost Bar Stools For Sale

The ghost bar stools can also be customized into different variations to suit your needs. For instance, you can customize the seat and backrest into different shapes like square and round depending on your preference.

Moreover, you can choose whether you want ghost bar stools with a seat only or with a backrest and footrest depending on the space available in your business. With these options at your disposal, it is easy to choose the right bar stool that suits your business needs perfectly. The frame/leg of ghost bar stools can be customized with steel or even hardwood while the seat is made of acrylic which is more durable than laminate seats.

If you want, We can manufacture knockdown ghost bar stools for you. This type reduces your shipping cost since more can be loaded in a single container.

ghost chair bar stools for sale

Receive Unbroken Ghost Bar Stools

Since clear ghost stools can be fragile, we ensure that your purchase arrives safely by safely packaging them with EPE foams to absorb any shock and prevent damages. Forex Furniture ships to anywhere in the world and for all types of hospitality businesses.

In addition to ghost bar stools, you can also purchase other event furniture like banquet chairs, wedding sofas, plastic event chairs, banquet tables, and more from Forex Furniture.

Buy affordable ghost bar stools from Forex Furniture, contact us to get a free quote today.


Ghost Bar Stools FAQ

Forex furniture can supply 65cm and 75cm seat height Ghost chairs for you, let us know your counter height before we quote.

Yes, they have different design backrest, the classic one, and other new designs also, contact us for more details.

We can supply the whole piece and knockdown design stools, both of them are strong and heavy support

They can stack 4 chairs when deliver, 40ft container can ship around 900 stools

Beside it, we also supply stainless steel base with resin seat stools for sale, they are K/D packing

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