How to choose the high-quality banquet chairs: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today’s guide will answer all questions you may be having about banquet chairs.

 It compiles are questions, with an aim of giving you insights and making you an expert in the banquet furniture industry.

 So, if you want to learn more about how to order high-quality banquet chairs, read this FAQ guide:

What are banquet chairs?

 A banquet chair is a lightweight, four-legged stackable chair without armrests. These chairs are ideal for short events like banquets (thus, its name). You can find a wide variety of these banquet chairs, but not all these chairs are the same. The quality of these chairs is the biggest concern for most customers, which is why Forex Furniture focuses on the quality of chairs for its users.


The array of materials banquet chairs for wholesale

 Metal banquet chairs

The metal banquet chairs are the most popular and wide use for hotels, restaurants, and other events, in Forex furniture we can use aluminum, steel, and stainless steel to manufacture multiple design chairs.

Aluminum banquet chairs

High-quality banquet chairs

  Aluminum is a lighter metal, it is easier to maintain aluminum chairs than steel ones. You can easily move them from one place to another without worrying about their weight.

 Aluminum banquet chairs are rust-free, which means they will last much longer than steel banquet chairs. You can keep the aluminum chairs anywhere you want without fearing rust or corrosion.

You can stack up to 15 chairs if they are aluminum as compared to steel which offers only 10 chair stacking. You can save more space with these aluminum chairs, making them ideal for long-term use.

 Aluminum chairs come at a higher price as compared to steel chairs, but they are certainly worth the investment if you consider their perks.

 Steel banquet chairs

steel banquet chairs

 The lower price banquet chairs it is. Compare with aluminum banquet chairs, it is heavier and with lower stacking ability, although with powder-coated finished, use in wet weather conditions, they will rust after a few years of use.

But they can use in an indoor banquet hall for over 5 years with no rust. Steel banquet chairs are cheaper than aluminum, if it is a limited budget to start a business, then it is a good choice for you.

Stainless steel banquet chair

stainless steel banquet chairs

 The high-end banquet chairs have become a trend in luxury events, like weddings, parties, and more.

 Because of the heavyweight and the chair design, most of them only can stack up to around 5 chairs, the stainless steel is the most expensive metal for banquet chairs manufacture.

Compare to the aluminum and steel banquet chairs, the stainless steel chairs need to take more days to manufacture, it needs to laser cutting chairs material from the whole metal panel.

Wood banquet chairs

wood banquet chairs

 The classic style wood banquet chairs are welcomed from the 19th century.

They are made of various solid wood like beechwood, oak wood, ash wood, and more, their moisture content is under 10%, won’t warp can use in different temperature areas, the chairs come with lime wash, white, mahogany, and other paint color made wooden chairs more options use for different banquets.

The wood Chiavari chair, cross back chair, Louis chair, bentwood chair, and more are popular in the USA, Australia, Euro, and more countries.

Plastic banquet chairs

plastic banquet chairs

Lightweight and easy transport are the plastic banquet chairs’ advantages. Made of a metal frame with powder-coated finishes, high-density polyethylene blow-molded chair seat, and backrest, with manufacturing technology improving, now have more color and chair design options to choose from.

Another design of plastic banquet chairs is mold-injection with UV stabilized Polypropylene and Polycarbonate, they are waterproof and stain-resistant, ideal for indoor and outdoor events, the acrylic Chiavari chair, Napoleon chair, phoenix chairs, ghost chairs, and more are the most popular banquet chairs for weddings.

Folding banquet chairs

folding banquet chairs

The white folding banquet chairs are welcomed for outdoor weddings, they are high stacking, easy for transportation and storage, and they come with a removable seat pad, comfortable for seating for a long time if needed. The folding chair is only 12 lbs but can support 1000 lbs, Forex furniture provides 3 years warranty for commercial use.

Banquet barstools available for your events

Chiavari Barstools

Besides types of banquet chairs, Forex furniture also manufactures banquet barstools with different materials, like gold chameleon bar chairs, Napoleon barstools, wood Chiavari barstools, clear Ghost barstools, and many more.

 Customize your banquet chairs with multiple color options

 In Forex furniture, we can provide a wide range of powder-coated colors for aluminum and steel banquet chairs, like gold, silver, black, white, and more, also we can customize the color to match your banquet hall interior decoration styles.

 For the stainless steel banquet chair, you can choose the Ti-gold, rose gold, black gold, and different color chromed finish, also you can add an extra clear coated cover chairs frame to make them long-lasting.

kids cross back chair

 For the wooden banquet chairs, we can supply various painted colors for you to choose from, the limewash, white, black, walnut, gold, and mahogany are the hot sale color, also customized colors are available for you.

 Forex furniture owns modern injection machines, during plastic banquet chair manufacture, we can adjust the chair colors you need, like white, black, blue, amber, red, and more. As this color powder is mixed with raw material, they won’t lose when used.

 A wide range of upholstery collections for your high-quality banquet chairs

upholstery banquet chairs

 You can get these banquet seats in fine quality upholsteries too as Forex furniture offers different fabrics, such as linens, vinyl, and velvet. The seat and the back of these banquet chairs are high-density molded sponges, making them ideal for comfortable sitting for hours.

We can also custom-made banquet chairs upholstery passed CAL 117 & BS 5852 certificated if you need them. The gold frame and white vinyl or fabric upholstery chair is popular in high-end banquets.

Banquet chairs’ high stacking ability

 With a high-stacking capacity, you can easily load more chairs in a container when shipping, which also can save your storage space and cost. Thus making them ideal for long-term use.

 These banquet chairs have superior quality as well as high strength and resistance. You can stack up to 15 aluminum banquet chairs on one another. One container can load around 1400 standard banquet chairs.

 And the steel frame banquet chairs are heavier and can stack 10 chairs. Between each chair, there are 6 plastic strips to prevent chair friction. The wooden banquet chairs are designed with extra bars under the seat, it can stack 10-piece chairs when loading a 40ft high cube container.

 The stainless steel banquet chair size is bigger than other standard chairs, only can stack 5 – 6 chairs when storage, in shipping there are 6 chairs in one box, can load around 600 chairs in 40ft high cube container, almost half less of aluminum chairs.

round back banquet chair

 The folding banquet chairs have limited package space after flat lay in cartons, depending on their design, they can lay 4-10 chairs in one box, a 40ft container loads 5400 chairs maximum.

It can stack up to 50 chairs when transported by banquet chairs trolley also.

Forex furniture manufactures your banquet chairs in durable

banquet chairs manufacture

 Forex furniture insists on using commercial-grade raw material to manufacture all banquet chairs. All the standard banquet chairs we made of 1.2 mm thick steel frame and 2.0 mm thick aluminum frame with a full welded finish.

Before chairs are sent to the power-coated process, they will remove all rust on the chair’s frame with sulfuric acid, which can improve the powder-coated adhesion and can last longer.

 Before stainless steel banquet chair manufacturing, our designer draft the material list based on the chair design and size, we need to calculate and save the stainless steel panel cost before using laser cutting machines to cut them.

All chairs are made of 1.2 mm stainless steel panel and tubes to be fully welded together, they need to be polished and sanded till it is smooth before sending to chrome.

Wooden banquet chairs are manufactured by grade 1 solid wood frame with moisture less than 10%, they are dovetail joint design and have strong weight support. Before painting colors, the chair’s frame will lay a clear bottom coat and sanding, take out of wood glitch, make them smooth, and protect against the tide.

metal banquet chairs

Forex furniture use imported pure polycarbonate and high-density polyethylene to manufacture different kinds of folding banquet chairs. they are fast set-up and easy handling, have strong stacking capacity, and UV stabilized frame they can use for different area events.

 Not only the metal banquet chair cushion but also the moveable upholstery cushion for wood chairs are made of high-density sponge over 45 kg per 1 cubic meter, it has heavyweight support capacity and is comfortable for seating for a long time in banquets.

 12 mm thick original plywood used for all banquet chairs seat to support body weight, with the extra chair frame bar, they can support over 300 kgs for commercial use.

 Supply fully assembled and Disassembled banquet chairs for choose

folding banquet chairs

 Forex furniture supplies fully assembled banquet chairs, they are ready for use when you received them.

To save packing space and can load a maximum quantity of chairs, we can design and manufacture disassemble chairs as well, each packing box has easily understood assembled guide instructions, they just need to fix a few screws in the parts of each chair, and we can provide video call to assist you to fast assemble chairs if you need.

Both two design banquet chairs that are strong enough for the rental business.

Easily clean banquet chairs

metal banquet chairs

 All Forex furniture’s banquet chairs are easy to clean, just need to use dry linens to clean the chair’s frame, to clean the coffee or some other drinks on vinyl, you can get the linen wet and then clean, after that use another fabric clean water on the seat.  

What should you consider when choosing banquet chairs for sale?

 Forex furniture wholesale over 300 different designs of banquet chairs for sale, they can use for different function halls and outdoor weddings.

 The aluminum banquet chairs are the first choice for indoor banquets, lightweight, easy to carry on, and can stack up to 15 chairs when transported, with various chair frames and upholstery colors you can use for different theme parties.

 Although they price expensive than steel banquet chairs, it won’t rust and can use for more than 5 years, Aluminum banquet chairs are a long-term investment since they are durable and can withstand damage. You do not have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

gold framed banquet chairs

 Compare with aluminum chairs, steel banquet chairs are cheaper and more affordable for low-budget events, heavier, and only can stack up to less than 10 chairs, they easy to get rust if used in high moisture space.

 The gold stainless steel banquet chairs are the most expensive ones, they are welcomed in high-end events, and under the spotlight the gold and white upholstery chairs are shining. They can also change the upholstered for different clients’ parties.

 The white folding banquet chairs are widely used for outdoor weddings, no matter metal folding chairs or plastic folding chairs are a good choice, they can withstand different weather and are stain-resistant, when transport one trolley can load over 30 pieces of folding chairs, within half hour you can set up an over 300 guests wedding party in the garden.

 Wooden banquet chairs also can use in outdoor events when not raining, it is a classic style but popular in some countries, like the USA, Australia, and more. With chair back sashes or flowers, it is another modern style of wedding decoration.

 The extra service when you order banquet chairs

banquet banquet hall

 If you are new or don’t know how many banquet chairs and tables need to order, or how to lay them in halls or outdoor, Forex furniture’s R & D team can provide banquet hall furniture layout design drawings for free, you can get all details from it. Also, we can provide chair style and color suggestions to meet your banquet hall’s interior decoration styles.

Our sales teams will send you the production schedule before finalizing the order, and when your banquet chairs are under-produced, we will send you different manufacturing process photos, before packing we will send you a video and different views of the chairs photos to check the quality of the chairs after you confirm then we pack.

 Forex furniture can assist you to book the container and shipping out chairs, if you can’t visit us when loading, we will send you photos during the whole order loading into the container, also our after-sales team will supply you with one year of service, we are ready to answer your question when chairs in daily use.

What are the Effects of material when manufacturing banquet chairs?

wood banquet chairs

 Forex furniture insists on using commercial quality 1.2 mm thick steel and 2.0 mm thick aluminum to manufacture metal banquet chairs, all chairs are fully welded in each chair part, durable, and can heavily support over 300 kgs.

 It will be damaged chairs’ weight support capacity when using a thinner metal pipe to manufacture chairs, they can be bent or even break if much over his support weight, also if banquet chairs are not in a full welded frame after a few times use it would be shaken and break down to the separate frame.

Before powder-coated or golden chromed, metal banquet chairs need to take out the rust by the extra acid-washed process after these chairs surface more cleanly to improve coated adhesion, can keep at least 3 years not fall off.  

 Forex furniture can manufacture knockdown and whole-pieces plastic banquet chairs, we use pure polycarbonate with high temperature molded injection, plastic banquet chairs are clear as crystal, they are UV stabilized, waterproof, and stain-resistant and can use withstand any weather and for different events use.

If mixed recycle plastic when producing chairs, it will be vague and age after a few times use under sunshine, finally, chairs will fracture.

 Use the moisture content under 10% hardwood to manufacture wood banquet chairs, it won’t be bent and cracked when the different temperatures changed. Paint coated on wood chair frames can protect chairs not termite erosion and protection against the tide.

What are the quality standards for your banquet chairs?

aluminum banquet chairs

 In Forex furniture, an experienced quality control team inspects all your banquet chairs from material cutting to packing in the whole manufacturing process, making sure chairs finish match your requirements. We passed international quality standards like SGS, TUV, ISO 9001, and more. In our workshop, we test the banquet chair’s weight support before and after finished packing.

what’s the difference between banquet chairs?

FunctionsSteel banquet chairsAluminum banquet chairsstainless steel banquet chairsPlastic banquet chairsFolding banquet chairsWooden banquet chairs
Main Material1.2 mm steel pipe2.0 mm aluminum pipe1.2 mm S.S PanelPure PCPure PP / HDPEHardwood: beechwood / Oakwood / ASH
Manufacture MethodMetal weldingMetal weldingMetal weldingMolded injectionMolded injectionDovetail joint
ColorsPowder Coated, CustomizePowder Coated, CustomizeChromed, Gold / Rose gold / Black GoldWhite, Clear, Black, Gold, Amber, and moreWhite, Black, Ivory, Brown, and morePaint color, Customize
UpholsteryFabric / Vinyl / Color CustomizeFabric / Vinyl / Color CustomizeFabric / Vinyl / Color CustomizeN / MVinyl / Color CustomizeFabric / Vinyl / Rattan / Color Customize
Sponge Density45 kgs / cbm Molded sponge45 kgs / cbm Molded sponge45 kgs / cbm high density sponge40 kgs / cbm high density sponge40kgs / cbm high density sponge40 kgs / cbm high density sponge
CushionsFixed On Chair FrameFixed On Chair FrameFixed On Chair FrameMoveable CushionMoveable CushionMoveable / Fixed Cushion
Plywood Board For Seat12 mm pure plywood board12 mm pure plywood board12 mm pure plywood boardN / MN / M12 mm pure plywood board
Chair’s WeightHeavyLightweightHeavyLightweightLightweightMiddle
Stacking Capacity10 Chairs15 Chairs6 Chairs5- 10 Chairs10-20 Chairs5 – 10 Chairs
Packing Quantity10 Chairs15 Chairs4 – 6 Chairs4 Chairs4 – 10 Chairs2 – 10 Chairs
Indoor UseYesYesYesYesYesYes
Outdoor UseOnly available not rainyOnly available not rainyOnly available not rainyYesYesOnly available not rainy
40FT Container Load Ability1400 PCS1400 PCS600 – 900 PCS800 – 2250 PCS5400 PCS Maximum1100 PCS Maximum
RUSTYYES, After few yearsNOYES, After few yearsNONONO


Where you can use banquet chairs?

 High-quality stacking banquet chairs can be widely used in multiple hospitality businesses, like hotel banquet halls, wedding halls, restaurants, and other events.

Also, the lightweight and modern design banquet chairs are a good choice to boom your event rental business.

Banquet chairs manufacturing capacity

kids Chiavari chair

 In Forex furniture, there are over 300 experienced staff and 20 production lines that support your urgent orders, automatic welding machines, and injection machines manufacturing chairs fastest and without any errors, we can load full 40ft container banquet chairs within 15 days to catch up with your schedule.

 When should you replace banquet chairs?

 All Forex furniture’s banquet chairs are commercial grade quality, they are durable, and provide 3 years warranty. The main chair frame is lifetime no need to replace, the upholstery cushions are used often, and it needs to replace when dirty or scratched.

 Why you should choose banquet chairs not other standard chairs?

wood banquet chairs

 Compare to banquet chairs and other standard chairs, lightweight, high stacking capacity, maximum loading ability, widely use for indoor and outdoor events, save your storage space are the banquet chairs advantages, also you can use them from home kitchens to commercial businesses. 

 Through all the information in this guide, I hope you can choose the right product for your specific application. However, if you have any questions about my products, the Forex furniture team is ready to help you.

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