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Custom Made Types Of King Louis Chairs For Sale

Are you a hospitality business owner? Are your seating options starting to get dull and boring? Then the King Louis Chairs are the perfect solution for your needs. Over the years, they have become incredibly popular in this industry and are used by many people all over the world. And Forex Furniture is a renowned Louis-style chair manufacturer and supplier in China.

We can manufacture them with or without armrests, round-shaped backrests, customized weight capacity, and different customizations. If you are having trouble deciding if these chairs are right for you then here is what you need to know about them:

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Why Are King Louis Chairs Popular In The Hospitality Industry?

King Louis chairs have been around for quite a long time now, but are still as popular as ever. This is simply because they are incredibly comfortable and can be used in many different types of settings. Whether it is a hotel or a restaurant that you own, these chairs can easily be incorporated into any type of setting.

If you really want to make your establishment stand out then these chairs can help you do that as well. Our hospitality clients in North America and Europe have successfully achieved this by using the durable King Louis-style Chairs made by Forex Furniture.

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Where Can King Louis Chairs Be Used?

One of the best things about King Louis Chairs is that they can be placed just about anywhere in any establishment. It does not matter whether you have a very large hotel or a smaller restaurant, because these chairs can fit perfectly within the space that you have available. Some hospitality businesses even prefer to place them outside so that guests will be able to enjoy their meal while enjoying the wonderful weather.

King Louis chairs are often used in hotels, wedding venues, and restaurants as they offer comfort and style in abundance. However, the chairs aren’t limited to just hospitality spaces—they can also be used in various other commercial settings such as offices or senior living environments, and churches.

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Many of the restaurants, cafes, bars, and pubs are also using these chairs to make their premises look attractive as well as welcoming to guests. Any design we do for King Louis Chairs is intended to achieve this purpose.

Forex furniture wholesale type of King Louis chairs for sale, they can be used in dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms in your hospitality facility.

Multiple Designs Louis Style Chairs For Choose

The unique style of King Louis Chairs is sure to make an impression on your guests. This design lends a certain whimsical elegance to any space, and it’s perfect for use in hotels, restaurants, or any other design-conscious business. It’s also great for events! Add them to a banquet hall or conference room for an instant upgrade from the typical folding chair.

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Not only does this King Louis side chair add style and charm to your business, but it also adds value by giving your guests a sense of luxury. Manufactured with sturdy solid beech wood frames, these chairs are built to withstand heavy use—which means they’ll last longer than your standard plastic seating options. But despite being made from solid wood, the chairs can still be quite lightweight, making them easy to move around and reconfigure your hospitality space as needed.

They can also be manufactured with metal frames that are powder-coated to prevent corrosion. When manufactured with aluminum frames, they can be sprayed with gold or white color to make them look luxurious.

Their construction makes them incredibly durable as well; they won’t get dents, dings no matter how often you move them around (and we know that happens).

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King Louis chairs have become a sought-after seating option for hospitality interiors in recent times. The design is famous for its bold and classic look and offers an alternative to the more typical minimal, industrial furniture that’s come to be expected in hospitality spaces. The King Louis chair is so named because of its royal, French-inspired style. The chair is easily recognizable by its tufted detailing, rolled arms, and claw feet, which are all features that give the chair a luxurious appearance. Forex Furniture can do all these design customizations to meet your needs.

We manufacture different types of King Louis Chairs including the Louis Ghost chair which is also a great seating option for events like weddings.

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Customizable Color for Wholesale King Louis Chairs

King Louis Chairs are available in a variety of colors that will match any decorating scheme with ease: limewash, black, white, purple, and more! The Louis side chairs are sophisticated and offer a timeless that will have a modern appeal. These chairs are perfect for creating an eye-catching focal point in any space with their bold hues.

Long-Lasting Upholstered King Louis Chairs For Sale

Whether they are manufactured with wood frames or metal frames, king Louis-style chairs can be custom-made with your preferred upholstery material. The seat upholstery can vary from fabric (linen) to leather making it perfect for any décor style!

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King Louis Chairs are manufactured with high-density spongy foams. This ensures excellent comfort and shape retention. The best part is that our upholstered Louis Chairs are available in an array of designs so that you can find something that complements your hospitality space’s interior design or event decor.

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Forex Furniture is a one-stop furniture company in China, we also manufacture wedding sofas, wood cross back chairs, chameleon chairs, fan back folding chairs, gold wedding chairs, banquet tables, and more event furniture.

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King Louis Chairs FAQ

In Forex company, we can supply fabric upholstery, rattan weaving,  standard, stackable, acrylic backrest, and other style Louis chairs for sale.

Forex furniture has over 10 production lines that can manufacture wood, resin, and metal frame chairs in different colors and upholstered. Also we can supply armchairs.

The king Louis ghost chair which is made of transparent crystal is hot-sale for different kinds of events use, they can be stack, lightweight, easy to transport by chairs trolley, also can use for outdoor events.

You can order our Louis chairs for different hospitality areas, like coffee shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, banquet halls, and many more.

All our upholstered styles Louis chairs can pass CAL 117 & BS 5852 certification if you need them, let us know before we quote.

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