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Durable Classic Wood Louis Armchairs For Sale

Forex Furniture’s hospitality clients buy Louis armchairs because they are durable, comfortable, and stylish. Moreover, since the fabric upholstery can be customized as per your business needs, you can match the color of your chairs with the rest of your interiors. We offer customization services to suit your needs. You can customize the design that matches the various events held in your hospitality space.

Because of their durability, wood Louis armchairs are a major seating solution in the hospitality industry and they are becoming increasingly popular for events.

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Comfortable Louis Armchairs Wholesale

Your guests need to relax and spend quality time in your hospitality space while sitting on something that is comfortable and elegant. And these Louis-style armchairs will provide them with just that. These premium chairs are custom-made with a luxurious look.

The Louis chair is a classic chair design that has been used for decades. Since it was first designed in 18th century France, it has become synonymous with luxury and comfort. The design of the Louis armchair is unique because it adds armrests to an already popular design. These make them perfect for creating a luxurious seating arrangement at events or in hotels and restaurants.

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Usable In Different Hospitality Facilities

Louis armchairs are versatile hospitality seating and for that matter, hospitality businesses prefer to use them in different settings for various purposes. These armchairs are perfect for high-end restaurants, hotels, and events, but they also work well in more casual spaces such as coffee shops.

Manufactured With Durable Materials

The Louis armchair can be made from beech wood and oak wood and it is finished with a protective lacquer. The quality finish can last many years without fading. 5 years from now they will still look like how they looked on the first day after manufacturing.

Louis armchairs manufacture

Some hospitality businesses prefer the look and feel of the wooden frames while others prefer the metal frames better. No matter the type you want, we will customize them durably to last many years with little maintenance.

Numerous Designs Armchairs You Can Buy

Forex Furniture customizes these Louis chairs with arms in a modern design. This chair has a curved backrest, which gives a comfortable seating position. The seat height and seat depth can be customized with your preference. If you want, we can also customize them in antique design to match a classic event theme.

The classic style of these armchairs makes them appropriate for any setting, and the customizable upholstery options allow you to choose a color or pattern that works with your existing decor. You can opt for several fabric options with contrasting trim.

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Just like how the chair’s backrest, seats, and legs can be nicely designed, the Louis chair arms can also be uniquely designed. Forex Furniture can manufacture the armrests with padding to enhance comfort during sitting. We can customize the armrest with or without upholstery.

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We make more than 10 designs like tufting in the upholstery on the chair seat and backrest. The backs of these special hospitality chairs can be customized to have a deep buttoning pattern that can be personalized to fit any design. For Louis armchairs that are used outdoors, we can custom-make the backrest with rattan. Outdoor Louis Ghost chairs with arms are UV-stabilized and can withstand other weather elements. They are great at maintaining their original shape and appearance even after many years of use.

Soft Padded Louis Armchairs For Sale

Forex Furniture pays particular attention to the foams that are used to make the soft padding on the Louis armchair seats and backrest. We use high-quality foams that are spongy and make event guests enjoy sitting for longer periods. These foam return to their original state as soon as guests stand up from the chair.

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Custom-Made Louis Armchairs For You

There is no limit to what we can customize on the type of Louis-style armchair your order. From size to weight, to color, to design, and even more, we can do it all.

Forex Furniture customizes Louis armchairs to suit your needs. You can choose the upholstery fabric, the seat cushion fillings, and even add an engraved logo to the back of this chair. Louis armchairs come in a range of styles based on what each hospitality business prefers for their hospitality spaces.

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Faster Shipping Than Other Supplier In China

With a faster delivery timeline, we supply high-quality Louis armchairs to any country. We use two shipping methods: sea-freight and air-freight.

Besides Louis armchairs, Forex Furniture also manufactures Napoleon chairs, chameleon chairs, resin padded chairs, wood cross back chairs, ghost chairs, gold wedding chairs, wedding sofas, and more.

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Louis Arm Chairs FAQ

Besides metal chairs, the Forex furniture company also can supply hardwood and resin crystal Louis Ghost chair with armrests. The heaviest would be metal one.

The wood Louis chairs’ arms can customize different fabrics, vinyl, and leather upholstery for you, they can be fixed by nails.

The acrylic Louis Ghost armchairs are 4 pcs in one box, they are stacked. The wood chairs with arms are 2 pcs each box and cubic meter bigger 

KD design armchair is not a good suggestion, it will be loose after use sometimes, dovetail joins with glue more strong and durable for long time use.

Let’s do like this, the cushions change to removable, they can be fixed by both sides velcro, one side on chair frame, the other under cushions plywood board. You can order different colors cushion to replace for events.

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