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Manufacture A Wide Variety Of Styles Louis Bar Stool For Sale

In the hospitality industry, Forex Furniture is known for manufacturing durable Louis bar stools as a desirable seating solution that helps hospitality businesses create a unique atmosphere for their customers. Whether you’re creating an adult-friendly wine cellar or you’re setting up an arcade with a unique theme, there are Louis bar stools that can perfectly pair with your aesthetic and allow your customers to relax in style.

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Buy From A Globally Recognized Furniture Company In China

For over a decade, Forex Furniture has been custom-manufacturing and supplying high-quality Louis bar stools to many hospitality businesses in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada, and the USA. Wherever your business is located in the world, we can supply you with any Louis bar stool quantity you order.

Whether you’re looking to build a new bar or update an existing one in your hospitality facility, Forex Furniture can manufacture them. And if you want to kick it up a notch, we can custom-make them with your requirements.

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Why would anyone want one? Well, for starters, they’re custom-made with quality materials such as UV-stabilized rattan that can be used for the backrest and the seat. When guests use padded Louis bar stools, their whole upper body feels pampered while they enjoy their time at a bar or out at a restaurant.

And did we mention that the seats and backrests can be upholstered with velvet fabric—a material that’s so smooth, so luxurious, so soft that it feels like butter on your skin? That’s right—you can have a buttery velvet seat and backrest on your Louis counter stools! This is one of the high-end Louis bar chairs that 5-star hospitality businesses around the world buy from Forex Furniture every year.

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Different Types of Louis Bar Stools For Sale

There are many types of Louis bar stools available: the bar side chair stool, the backless bar stool, the counter height stool, and more. The first two are designed to be used at bars and can be paired with a table or used to line a bar top. The counter stool is sturdier and customized higher than the other two options and is usually used with countertops. Whichever type you want, Forex Furniture can manufacture it for you with your specifications.

When deciding what kind of Louis bar stool is right for your space, some considerations to keep in mind are the size of your space and how many stools you need. Forex Furniture’s best-selling options are Louis bar stools that have footrests and backs. However, other options include those without footrests and backs as well as stools with only one or two legs. There are also Louis bar stools that have 4 legs. The legs could be made of the same material as the stool seat. What you want is what we will customize.

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Perfect For Different Hospitality Spaces

Louis bar stools can be used to fill out spaces in bars, bistros, pubs, and other establishments where people gather to enjoy food, drink, and company. They can also be used inside game rooms, arcades, breweries, lounges, and more!

Due to the range of styles customizable by Forex Furniture, combined with the timeless look of these chairs, they are a popular choice for restaurants and hotels. We design the Louis bar stool to be comfortable and functional while adding an elegant touch to any space.

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Whether you’re looking for a modern, minimalist look or an elegant, vintage feel, Forex Furniture can manufacture it for you. They come in many styles including classic wooden stools with padded seats and classic-style metal stools that come in both bronze and silver finishes.

Forex Furniture can customize Louis bar stools in many colors with a finish that matches a particular event theme. They are available in both short and tall heights that can be adjusted according to the needs of the customer.

Functional and Stackable Bar Stools You Have

Louis bar stools are easy to move around, especially those that have removable seat cushions that can be placed on top of each other for easy storage or moved to accommodate different customers’ preferences. The most common type of Louis bar stool has four legs that support its rectangular shape, although there are some models that have only three legs supporting them instead.

Forex Furniture’s Louis bar stools provide more comfort compared to other types of seating because we custom-make them with soft padding. The padding is made with spongy cushions that don’t sag.

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Guaranteed Durability

Of course, you want to make sure you buy a product that will last for years to come. This is why you should invest in Louis bar stools from Forex Furniture. Each Louis counter stool undergoes quality testing after manufacturing to guarantee its quality. For instance, padded and upholstered Louis bar stools are CAL 117 and BS 5852 compliant meaning they have been tested to ensure they can withstand heat.

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Luxurious or rustic? Comfortable or contemporary? It’s your call because Louis bar stools can be custom-made with any combination of the above.

You can also buy custom-made children’s banquet chairs and tables, farm tables, resin padded chairs, gold wedding chairs, and all kinds of event furniture from Forex Furniture.

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Louis Bar Stool FAQ

They are made of hardwood moisture content under 10%, won’t be curved and termite. And they assembled not by wood shoots but dovetail joint, more strong.

The wood bar stools can stack 2 chairs, acrylic bar chairs can stack 4 chairs, and they can be KD packing, saving 70% shipping space.

We can supply kinds of upholstery backrests, like fabric, velvet, vinyl, and rattan weaving. Also, we can customize the backrest design for you.

Yes, we can supply them with brushed stainless steel frames, they can with or without armrests, also gold, silver color available.

The transparent acrylic backrest is your choice, and we can print your hotel or bars logo on it. boom your brand.

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