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Durable Powder Coated Metal Cross Back Chairs For Sale

It is a known fact that there are countless banquet chairs out there. So why should hospitality businesses buy metal cross back chairs?

Metal is one of the most durable materials in the world. That’s why aluminum and steel cross back chairs are preferred to other wood and plastic chair types. Plus, metal is easy to clean, so it’s protected against spills, stains, and most other contaminants.

x back metal dining chairs with upholstery

When you’re buying banquet chairs, you want to know how long they’ll last. You don’t want to be buying new ones again and again. We have the solution for you! The answer is simple: high-quality metal cross back chairs from Forex Furniture.

These metal X back chairs have been tested in the most extreme conditions—they can hold up to 500 pounds, which means your guests will always be safe and comfortable. And their durable neat finish will stay looking good for years to come. The customization we do provides anti-scratch protection that helps keep them looking perfect for a long time.

If you’re looking for a banquet chair that lasts longer, aluminum cross back chairs are a great option for your needs. Forex Furniture offers different manufacturing options for your cross back chairs like custom frame designs and color patterns. In addition, you can have your own logos or designs printed on the surface of the chair.

Preferred Over Others Chair Types

In fact, many business owners prefer metal cross back chairs to other types because they can be used in many different environments and settings—from coffee shops to bars to banquet halls, to patios—and they can be produced in various combinations with other materials such as rattan weaving, wood and more.

Metal cross back chairs are customizable with different colors and weight limits as well. They come with a warranty that they’re durable enough for long-term use and won’t break easily after a couple of years.

metal cross back chairs with rattan seat

Perfect For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Metal cross back chairs are very popular in the hospitality industry because they can be used both indoors and outdoors especially when they are produced with powder-coated aluminum, chromed steel, and other commercial-grade metals.

Most businesses have been using the same old designs for the last few decades. Our new line of metal cross back chairs provides an opportunity for clients to update their furniture while also making a bold design statement!

At Forex Furniture, we use aluminum and steel in their pure form to manufacture cross back chairs for hospitality businesses. We ensure that the end product is exactly what you ordered and that it matches your hospitality space or the event that the chairs will be used for.

wholesale metal x back dining chair

Can Metal Cross Back Chairs Be Custom-Made?

Yes, this is one of our specialties. Our designers have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing metal furniture that meets the most demanding requirements of our customers. We make sure that each order is unique so that you can offer your customers something special with every purchase. We work with you until your order is perfected. We also offer additional customizations.

Best Material Used For Manufacturing

Now, you may be thinking that metal isn’t the best choice for banquet chairs—but think again! Metal is actually one of the best materials we could use in high-use hospitality areas like your restaurant, wedding hall, or banquet hall. It has high resistance against wear and tear and can last an incredibly long time without showing any signs of destruction!

Unlike other similar types of banquet chairs, metal cross back dining chairs are resistant to UV damage and won’t peel off due to harsh weather conditions.

Global Metal Furniture Supplier In China

For years, we have supplied these quality metal cross back chairs to the most famous hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses in North America and Europe. We can ship to any country and deliver furniture products using air-freight or sea-freight. Because of the exceptional durability of Forex Furniture’s metal cross back chairs, hospitality businesses keep placing thousands of orders every year. We are just a call or email away, contact us today.

gold x back metal dining chairs for sale

Affordable To Purchase Steel X Back Chairs

While other banquet chair types are incredibly expensive and often have nasty safety problems, metal cross back chairs can be produced for much less money, making them a favorite among budget-minded businesses.

Forex Furniture specially manufactures metal cross back stools for bars. These are a more preferred seating option for bars because they can withstand everyday use with no damage.

Aside from their high durability, metal x back dining chairs take up significantly less storage space than other chair types. For all these reasons, there’s no reason not to buy more than you need right now.

metal cross back chairs manufacturer

Your #1 One-Stop Furniture Manufacturer

Hospitality businesses of all types rely on banquet chairs, gold wedding chairs, wood event chairs, Louis chairs, resin padded chairs, foldable tables, and more when hosting any kind of event. Forex Furniture manufactures all this event furniture and more so contact us when you need any.

Email Forex Furniture today and place your order.

Metal Cross Back Chairs FAQ

The weight is different, the steel chair is heavier. The colors are not the same, some colors only wood or metal frame have, can not mixed. The natural wooden grain is metal chair can’t have

They can’t be broken easily, also can have multiple powder-coated colors collections. The most important is to protect the natural environment, save more trees.

Yes, we can supply moveable cushions with fabric/vinyl covers, the cushion thick meets your request. Also, we can supply assemble cushions with a plywood board inside.

The aluminum x back chair won’t rust, it is lightweight and stackable, can use for different kinds of outdoor events 

Generally speaking, the meal chairs have less manufacture process than wood chairs, its delivery time around 2 weeks, the wooden one need 3 weeks or more.

Yes, there are, they have the same chair sizes, packing quantity same.

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