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Classic Napoleon Chairs For Sale

High-quality Napoleon chairs are manufactured at Forex Furniture’s modern factory in China. We are one of the few banquet chair manufacturers that widely delivers 50,000+ Napoleon chairs to many hospitality businesses in Europe, the USA, Canada, and any country in a year. Wherever you are, we can supply quality Napoleon-style chairs to you.

gold napoleon chair with vinyl upholstery

We have handled so many event furniture projects where Napoleon-style dining chairs were the first seating options. These projects have been done for hospitality businesses in Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Canada, Spain, Australia, London, the USA, and many other countries and cities in the world. Depending on the material used for manufacturing, the Napoleon chairs you buy can be used indoors, outdoors, or both. They are comfortable, stylish, and constructed with solid frames to last for many years.

gold wooden napoleon chairs

Since the start of ballroom events, Napoleon chairs have been one of the most used classic chairs because of the durability and comfort they provide for guests. Whenever you are buying any hospitality seat, you should look out for enduring comfort, good-looking appearance, quality build, and affordable price. This is what we offer at Forex Furniture.

Budget-Friendly Napoleon Dining Chairs

With an unmatched affordable price, these Napoleon dining chairs make a wonderful addition to your restaurant, banquet hall, hospitality facility, and event space. They are so affordable because of the discounts we give on large orders and as a result, many hospitality companies have been sourcing from Forex Furniture because of our competitive prices and quality.

gold wooden Napoleon Chair

Withstand Pressure & Heavy-Load

Because these chairs are one of the widely used banquet chairs for many events, they are mostly constructed to hold a higher weight of up to 700lbs. This means that you never have to worry about breaks resulting from a heavy load on the chair. Napoleon side chairs are available in different sizes and can accommodate many different-sized individuals.

Customizable Colors

The Napoleon chair collection from Forex Furniture is UV protected, with the most commonly ordered colors being available in white, black, silver, and gold. They can be produced in a multitude of colors. The gold Napoleon chairs and white Napoleon chairs are perfect banquet seats for weddings and parties.

Chiavari chair colors

Manufactured with Different Quality Materials

Napoleon chairs supplied by Forex Furniture come in a variety of designs and are manufactured with various quality materials. For example, they are made with resin, polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC), wood, steel, and aluminum frames. The materials are sourced from certified raw material manufacturers and this helps guarantee the quality of the Napoleon chairs we produce in our factory.

Resin Napoleon chairs and plastic (PP, PC) Napoleon chairs are produced using an injection molding machine. Forex Furniture owns over 20 sets of injection molding machines with a 24-hour manufacturing capability. This allows for faster manufacturing. Also, these Napoleon chairs can be custom-made as knockdown or as complete factory-assembled chairs.

clear Napoleon chair with white cushions

Designed to last with metal frames, these chairs can withstand frequent use without becoming weak. The aluminum and steel frames are custom-made with a powder coating surface for protection against rust and corrosion. Forex Furniture’s metal-framed Napoleon chairs have smooth edges and the chair is constructed with reinforced strength. The legs have a plastic or rubber tip to prevent sliding and slipping. These chairs can be used in different hospitality spaces with different floor materials to ensure the safety of guests.

Forex Furniture’s customizable designing options allow you to buy Napoleon chairs with or without removable cushions. The size can also be customized according to your needs. We also provide a special design service that ensures that the overall Napoleon chairs’ design and style match the special events they will be used for. Your order can be tailored to your unique requirements.

white and gold napoleon chairs

We also manufacture Napoleon chairs from wood. We use quality wood that does not rot. Wooden-framed Napoleon chairs are perfect for outdoor gatherings and for events with a natural theme. Just like other Napoleon chair types, wooden Napoleon chairs can be custom-made with a modern design. They are crack-resistant as a result of the surface treatment we do during manufacturing.

Stylish & Ergonomic Wholesale Napoleon Chairs

The chair’s stylish and ergonomic construction is what makes them widely accepted in the hospitality industry. At Forex Furniture, we ensure that Napoleon chairs meet the industry’s accepted standards. We also produce Napoleon ice chairs which can be used for any event and complement various event decors.

wooden Napoleon Chair

Our Napoleon-style dining chairs make all the difference for hospitality clients when events like seminars, parties, and corporate gatherings due to their long-term functionality and low maintenance cost. This is one of the many reasons we process many orders during the high and low manufacturing season for many hospitality clients in different countries.

Global Napoleon Chair Supplier In China

After manufacturing, Forex Furniture can ship furniture products to you through sea-freight or air-freight depending on your preference and how fast you need them. We have created an alliance with reputable shipping companies for the safe delivery of your order. Irrespective of the shipping method you choose, your goods will arrive faster than the average delivery time in the industry.

white wooden napoleon bar chairs

You can contact us for any support after you have received your shipment.

Forex Furniture offers an extensive portfolio of plastic event chairs, wood event chairs, gold wedding chairs, banquet chairs, wedding sofas, banquet tables, and more. We can supply you with any hospitality furniture you need.

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Napoleon Chairs FAQ

We can supply clear, white, black, silver, and gold for the resin frame chairs, natural, lime wash are wood chairs paint colors, the steel, and aluminum chairs have a wide range of powder-coated color you can choose from, also we can OEM for you.

Forex furniture can supply wood, resin, steel, and aluminum frame chairs with multiple colors finished, all of them can stack, and the resin one can disassemble packing save your shipping cost

The chairs made of resin and aluminum can withstand any weather, they are water and UV-proof. The crystal chairs are hot sale for weddings.

Yes, the one made of solid wood can fold, easy for storage and transportation, they can supply with wood seat and vinyl upholstered, you can order them with different color padded

The K/D design chair can load 2250 chairs in 40ft HQ container, 4 chairs in 1 carton. They are make of UV proof resin, lighweight to stack up.

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