Plastic Banquet Chairs

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Custom-Made Plastic Banquet Chairs For Events

Forex Furniture has been manufacturing plastic banquet chairs for hospitality business owners all over the world for many years. Our clients prefer to use our plastic banquet chairs mainly because they are strong, don’t easily break, are easy to clean and provide comfort for guests no matter how long they sit. We produce ergonomic plastic banquet chairs that are safe to use by your hospitality customers. 

Plastic Banquet Chairs

At Forex Furniture, we produce high-quality banquet furniture in China. We have acquired many certifications like ISO 9001, SGS, STR, TUV, and more that allow us to manufacture high-quality plastic banquet chairs. They are long-lasting and you never have to worry about replacing most of the chairs for a much longer period. The high-quality plastic furniture we produce meets all approved standards for event chairs.

In addition to manufacturing durable banquet chairs, Forex Furniture also provides excellent world-class customer service. We respond to all inquiries within the first 8 hours after you contact us. We also provide additional customer service after you have received the plastic banquet chairs we shipped. The after-sales support can last up to 1 year.

Plastic Banquet Chairs

Injection Molding Technology

Forex Furniture uses molding injection machines to manufacture your plastic banquet chairs. The machine can produce a complete plastic chair without human assistance. This plastic chair type is not joined by screws or any binding material, they are much stronger. Weight is evenly distributed and this prevents the plastic chair from breaking easily, especially the legs.

Also, if you want to assemble the plastic chairs yourself, we can produce the knockdown type for you. Forex Furniture sends a manual to help you put together the knockdown plastic chairs when you receive them. All the additional hardware like screws or any binding material you will need for assembling is added to shipment for free. You can order more knockdown plastic banquet chairs and save money on shipping costs. 

Plastic Banquet Chairs

Customize The Plastic Banquet Chairs Color You Want

The plastic banquet chair color can be customized for you based on your requirements. Forex Furniture has the latest technology that pigments plastic chairs with the color of your choice including, blue, red, white, black, gold, and more. The plastic banquet chairs can be used for more than 5 years without fading. 

Forex Furniture can manufacture UV stabilized plastic banquet chairs. They are great outdoor seating options for events held in hospitality outdoor spaces. The sun rays do not have any negative impact on the chairs. The plastic chairs do not crack when used for longer periods in hot weather. 

Plastic Banquet Chairs

Our plastic banquet chairs can be cleaned much easier and simpler. You can easily wipe off any stains with a damp rag. You can quickly clean and arrange them in rows much faster for events without any delay. 

The plastic banquet chairs we produce are stackable. As a hospitality business owner, having stackable plastic chairs is one of the best decisions since you need to save storage space. You can stack many chairs and stand them in a little or small area. 

Plastic Banquet Chairs

You can request Forex Furniture to customize plastic banquet chairs in different designs. We can produce the chairs in different designs to match various events. We can customize different backrest and seat designs. Forex Furniture custom makes plastic banquet chairs how you want them.

Forex Furniture can manufacture plastic banquet chairs with or without arms. Our plastic side chairs and armchairs are equally durable and can be used for many years without replacing them. While all our plastic chairs support the backs of guests, the plastic chairs with armrests also provide a comforting area for guests to rest their arms. The customizable armrests prevent shoulder soreness. 

Plastic Banquet Chairs

Faster Manufacturing

We can also manufacture folding plastic chairs for banquets. In a year, we wholesale over 80,000 plastic banquet chairs to hospitality establishments around the world.

Within 2 to 4 weeks, we can manufacture any plastic banquet furniture quantity you order. When the plastic furniture design you want is ready, our manufacturing team with several supervisors starts producing the plastic chairs at different production lines. 

Plastic Banquet Chairs

Forex Furniture has an advantage furniture factory in China where all manufacturing takes place. We use automatic injection machines, automatic welding machines, automatic quilting machines, and more to manufacture. Since all our machines are computerized, manufacturing is faster and without errors. 

Perfect Packaging & Faster Shipping

Packaging furniture delivered to you without damage is one of Forex Furniture’s specialties. We put plastic banquet chairs in a 7-layer export carton and arranges them in shipping containers. We can load your shipment into 20ft or 40ft containers. Forex Furniture is a global plastic banquet chair supplier in China, we can deliver plastic banquet chairs to any country. All furniture products we ship arrive on or before the expected date you need them.

Plastic Banquet Chairs

Forex Furniture also manufactures banquet tables, Wimbledon chairs, wedding throne chairs, gold wedding chairs, plastic tables, and all other event chairs and hospitality case goods. 

Send Forex Furniture a message now for your next plastic banquet chairs order. 

Plastic Banquet Chairs FAQ

We use polypropylene manufacture folding banquet chairs, and polycarbonate manufacture clear Chiavari chair, phoenix chair, and more.

All our chairs can stacking up 8-10 chairs when storage in warehouse, also convenient for transport

The disassembled Chiavari chair, phoenix chair, Napoleon chair, and more, they are 4 chairs per 1 carton, can load 2300 chairs in one 40ft HQ container

The plastic folding chairs are meet your budget, they are made of powder-coated steel frame and blow molded seat and back, suitable for events

Black, white, silver, gold, amber, and blue are standard colors, also we can customize other colors for you, the minimum order quantity is 300 piece chairs each color.

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