Types Of Top End Chiavari Chairs For Sale CGB 254

Provide 5 Years Warranty Chiavari Chairs For Sale

Wholesale Different Thick, Colors, And Materials Chair Cushions

Customize KD, Assembled Design, Whole Piece Injection Frame Chairs

One Of The Biggest Chiavari Chairs Company In China Found In the 2005 Year

Supply Multiple Materials Manufacture Chairs, Like Wood, Metal, Resin, And More

Supply a Full Range Of Colors For Your Chairs, Like Clear, Amber, Gold, Silver, Limewash, Fruitwood, And More









Manufacturing Array Of Materials Chiavari Chairs For Sale

Forex furniture manufacture and wholesales a full range of Chiavari seats worldwide.

We can custom-made acrylic, resin, wood, iron, stainless steel, and aluminum Chiavari chairs for sale.

All the chairs are commercial quality and perfect for your event furniture distribution business.

Metal Chiavari chairs

In Forex furniture, there is over 300 experienced staff who manufacture stackable Chiavari chairs for sale.

With the advantage of machines like CNC metal cutting machines, automatic welding machines, and more,

All your metal Chiavari chairs can deliver before your schedule, to catch up with your busying wholesale seasons.

Friendly Budget Steel Chivari Chairs

gold metal Chiavari chairs manufacture

Steel is one kind of durable metal material in the furniture industry, it is cheaper than other metals.

But it is strong and durable for manufacturing event chairs.

Forex furniture use 1.2 mm thick steel to manufacture your Chiavari style chairs.

They are welded around the hole where the pipes are put together, improving the weight capacity and lifetime.

In the Forex furniture factory, all steel chairs  for sale come with 7 pipes underneath, they are connecting each 2 chair legs,

Which can support 250 kgs, if your budget is limited we can adjust the quantity to 4 or 5 pipes, which also can support 200 kgs.

Also, we can custom-make Chiavari-style chairs with an “X” pipe under the seat for your wholesale business. This design has great support for 300 kgs.

metal Chiavari chairs manufacture

Non-Rust Aluminum Chivari Chairs

Made of 2.0 mm thick aluminum, these chairs are much lighter than the steel ones, they can stack up to 13 – 15 chairs when in store or transported by Dolley.

Each pipe has 2 pieces of the plastic stopper to prevent scratches while moving the chairs.

Aluminum is softer than iron steel, although the aluminum pipes will be cheated in an oven to make them harder and stronger before manufacturing,

aluminum Chiavari chairs manufacture

7 pipes under the seat will be best for your chairs.

All aluminum Chiavari chair frames are fully welded, and for each pipe after being put into the hole staff will turn around the chair until finished welding.

Forex furniture wholesale multiple powder-coated colors of metal Chiavari chairs for sale, like gold, white, silver, black, and more.

You can choose the one popular for your event furniture wholesale business or for your banquet halls.

aluminum Chiavari chairs manufacturer in China

High-End Stainless Steel Chiavari Chairs

In these 3 years, the silver and gold stainless steel chairs have become a trend in the event furniture rental market,

they are high-end and luxury designs, ideal for indoor five-star wedding halls.

As one of the biggest event chair companies, Forex furniture customizes SS Chiavari chairs for sale with top quality.

These chairs are made of a 1.2 mm thick stainless steel frame,

stainless steel Chiavari chairs for sale

before they are welded, need to send the pipes to the metal molded machines, from the round to bamboo designs.

As stainless steel is the most expensive metal in furniture manufacture, also it needs over 10 processes like cutting, welding, sanding, polishing, chromed, and more till finished,

stainless steel Chiavari chairs will be more expensive than other designs.

We can customize white, brushed, ti-gold, rose gold, silver, and black gold SS Chiavari chairs for sale, all of them can deliver to you within 2 weeks once you confirm the order.

In Forex furniture, we wholesale fabric, velvet, and vinyl upholstery cushions for all your metal Chiavari chairs,

they can customize different thicknesses like 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm, and thicker.

The cushions with  2 sides velcro design are easy to fix and take away from chair frames, also we can custom-made cushions with plywood board inside and crystal buttons upholstery.

All the metal chairs can load 1308 pieces in a 40ft container and 540 pieces in a 20ft container.

They are stacked together and packed. And the cushions can be put on the top of the chairs before being packed, no take any extra space.

stainless steel Chiavari chairs for sale

Outdoor Used Resin Chiavari Chairs

Resin is a vegetable or synthetic solid or highly viscous substance that can usually be converted into a polymer.

Forex furniture imports high-quality resin from Germany, it is a UV stabilized and environmentally friendly material to manufacture your Chiavari chairs.

They are scratch resistant and have a long lifetime, great ideal for your event rental business.

There are over 20 sets of 1000 T automatic molded injection machines in our company, from resin preheat, deliver to the mold, melt, injection,

and chair parts release from the mold are all automatic finish.

resin Chiavari chairs for sale

Forex furniture can manufacture and wholesale disassemble design and whole piece frame Chiavari chairs for sale to meet your order requirements.

The disassembled chair has 7 bars under the seat, 2 of them in the front feet are injected together, and the other one is on the backrest,

Another 4 pcs are needed to assemble by screws on both sides of the chair.

There are 4 pieces of chairs packed together in 1 box, the chair backrest, front feet, bars, screws, small covers for screws, and seats are coming with the installation guide,

you just need to follow the guidelines and put screws together to assemble the Chiavari chairs within 1 minute.

The chair passed test EN 12520, and weight capacity of 1000 Lbs.

clear Chiavari chairs for sale

The KD style resin Chiavari chairs have the largest container load capacity, a 40ft container can load 2352 chairs, and a 20ft container can load 1032 chairs.

If your staff costs are expensive, we can assemble all the chairs you order before loading them into the container.

The whole piece frame design Chiavari chair for sale looks almost the same as the disassemble one, only the difference is the seat design is like a plate,

and the disassemble one is like a cover and needs to fix the screws.

The fully injected chair has less container load capacity of around 1000 chairs, but they have a shorter delivery time of 5 days,

and once arrive just need to open the package and can use it.

white resin Chiavari chairs for sale

Forex furniture can customize multiple chair colors for sale for your rental or wholesale business, like transparent, white, black, gold, silver, etc.

Clear Chiavari chairs are in stock shipping, other colors we need take 10 days to manufacture, and the minimum order quantity would be 300 pieces for each color.

We also supply the Chiavari style chairs made of polypropylene, which is cheaper than polycarbonate,

Forex furniture put metal core piping throughout the frame to improve the weight capacity.

The polypropylene chairs can customize in any color but without the clear ones.

Elegant Acrylic Chiavari Chairs

The acrylic Chiavari chairs also named crystal Chiavari chairs, it made of polycarbonate that the lighting can go through the whole chairs, perfect for ballroom and other event area use.

They can be stackable and lightweight, easy to transport by chairs Dolley.

Polycarbonate is one kind of durable material used for chair manufacture, it is soft and easily bent but won’t be broken when you sit on the chairs.

They can pass the SGS test and heavily support 450 kgs.

acrylic Chaivari chairs for sale

Classic Wood Chiavari Chairs

The classic style wooden Chiavari chairs are popular in the US, Australia, and other countries.

The bride and groom hire these chairs to use for outdoor weddings, with wood farm tables and flower decoration, they create an unforgettable wedding memory.

Compare with other materials, the wooden Chiavari chair’s loading ability is less, 20ft and 40ft containers can load 432 and 1030 pieces, also delivery time will be longer,

need takes 3 – 4 weeks if you order a full container.

wood Chiavari chairs for sale

Forex furniture needs over 15 manufacturing processes to produce high-quality Chiavari chairs for sale.

We import grade A beechwood from European, they have nice wood grain and non-black knurl, perfect use them to manufacture natural wood Chiavari chairs.

We also purchase high-quality Elmwood to produce wood chairs to meet your limited budget.

Before starting manufacture, all the wood needs to be fumigation and dried in an oven, in Forex furniture all wood moisture must be under 10%,

it won’t be bent or cracked when use in cold or hot areas.

wood Chiavari chairs for sale

We use CNC cutting machines to cut the wood into square long and short strips, the long one for Chiavari chair back feet, the short one for the front feet, sidebars, and backrest.

Staff sends all the wood strips to lathes when all chair parts are ready, from the lathes the square strips become round and with the Chiavari styles.

After that staff send them to cut both sides to match the chair size, and also cut the one with small holes fixed on the lathe.

Drilling the holes to assemble the chairs is a very important process, it can not any mistake,

they must be drilled in the right place and correct sizes, wrong place, and sizes can not assemble success.

Staff set up the mold on automatic machines, before starting bulk chair parts drilling,

they will do one chair sample test to make sure they are all correct on your chairs.

quality wood Chiavari chairs for sale

Forex furniture assembles your wooden Chiavari chairs with commercial-grade glues, they can last 5 years not loose, put all wooden parts in the mold,

from the small chair backrest parts to the whole chair frame, and all chairs are the same finished and stacked nicely.

Three times bottom and two times top paints make your wood Chiavari chairs last longer than 5 years.

Forex furniture can provide limewash, natural, gold, silver, fruitwood, and other painted colors Chiavari chairs for sale rocket your wholesale business.

Colorful Kids Chiavari Chairs

kids Chiavari chairs for sale

Forex furniture wholesale Colorful resin mini Chiavari chairs for sale like white, pink, blue, yellow, red, and more colors,

the lightweight chair (only 2.8 kgs) are laying in the event area, Children easily carry them and enjoy their party everywhere.

They can be stacked up to 15 chairs and can transport 20 chairs each time by Dolley.

The whole piece injection chair frame design is durable and heavily supports kids aged up to 16 years.

With colored fabric upholstery cushions, even same-color chairs have become another beautiful view at parties.

No matter you are doing events decoration business or wholesale event chairs to hospitality owners,

Forex furniture’s full range of Chiavari chairs is your 1# choice. Just send us an inquiry, and we talk more.

white kids Chiavari chairs for sale


Specific Use:Event Chairs
General Use:Ballroom Chairs
Type:Gold Chiavari Chair
Application:Events, Parties, Weddings, Ballrooms, Dining Rooms
Design Style:Modern
Material:Resin / Polycarbonate / Polypropylene / Metal / Wood
Disassembled:YES, Customize
Place of Origin:Foshan City, China
Brand Name:Forex Furniture
Model Number:CGB 254
Chair Weight:4.8 KGS
Certification:ISO 9001:2008
Color:Clear, Amber, Gold, Silver, White, Customize
Minimum Order Quantity:200 Chairs
Container Load Ability:1032 / 2000 / 2352 Chairs
Delivery time:2 – 3 Weeks
Product name:Chiavari Chairs For Sale, Tiffany Chairs Wholesale
Usage:Indoor / Outdoor Ballrooms
Frame:UV Proof Frame
Supply Ability:50000 Chairs Per Month
Guarantee Period: 2 Years







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