Durable Stackable Clear Acrylic Arm Chair For Parties CGD 244

40Ft Container Load 536 Chairs

4 Chairs Stacked In “L” Shape Box

Injections-Molded With UV Proof PC

Clear Acrylic Arm Chair Passed Test EN 12520

Colors Available In White, Gold, Black, Clear, Amber



Clear Acrylic Arm Chair For Sale

At Forex furniture, we believe that you should get more than just a chair.

You deserve a chair that’s as unique and special as you are.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce this customizable clear acrylic arm chair—the first of its kind.

clear acrylic arm chair for wholesale


  • Has a crystalline image
  • Stable and long-lasting
  • It is collision-proof
  • Capable of withstanding the effects of the weather
  • It can be stacked in piles of up to six
  • manufactured by injecting polycarbonate in a single mold

wholesale stackable clear acrylic ghost arm chair for sale

High-Quality Acrylic Chair

This chair is manufactured from polycarbonate by injecting the material into a single mold.

So it has a crystalline image, delicate texture, and superior strength.

It can withstand the effects of weather, and it’s also collision-proof, which means it’s safe for everyone, especially kids.

You can stack these chairs up to six high without worrying about them falling over or breaking,

They’re perfect for any setting, whether it’s at home or in your office.

wholesale clear acrylic arm chair for sale

Different & Beyond Comparison

We know there are other clear acrylic arm chairs out there on the market right now that are similar to ours.

But this is one of those times where “similar” doesn’t cut it. So if you want something truly extraordinary.

Something that will make you stand out from the crowd, something that will be noticed by everyone who walks by.

Then this durable clear acrylic arm chair fits exactly that description.

clear acrylic arm chair for sale

Stylish & Lasts Longer

We know what you’re thinking: “Who cares about the chair when it comes to a restaurant or wedding reception? What about the food?”

Well, we’ll have to disappoint you there.

This clear acrylic arm chair is designed for people who care about their comfort and their health, and who want a dining experience that’s as comfortable as it is stylish.

That’s why we’ve chosen only the highest quality material (clear acrylic) and the best construction methods available so that when you sit down in this clear acrylic arm chair,

you can feel confident that it’s going to last—and that it won’t give up on its commitment to your well-being any time soon.

transparent acrylic ghost arm chair for wholesale

Cleans Easily

The best part is how easy it is to clean!

Just wipe down with warm water and mild soap every couple of weeks (or more often if necessary) and it will be good as new.

And because these chairs are made from acrylics instead of fabric or leather,

Which can absorb stains—they’re also resistant to most kinds of liquids, including water, wine, soda, and even coffee.

clear acrylic ghost arm chair for sale

Extremely Comfortable

Plus, they come with both armrests which enhances the comfort of the users.

Sometimes events take longer so having a chair that’s constructed with an armrest makes it easier to sit comfortably for long hours without any shoulder/back aches.

Ideal for Weddings

If you’re hosting a wedding and want to add a little extra flair to the ceremony, you should consider this clear acrylic arm chair.

The clear design of this chair is elegant, yet simple. It is a great choice for any event where you want your guests to focus on the bride and groom instead of the decor.

Durability and affordability are what sets this beautiful chair apart from the other wedding chairs.

If you want the luxury of customizing this chair then that is the more reason you should get it.

wholesale clear acrylic ghost arm chair for sale

Usage:Banquet Hall, Wedding Hall, Party Hall
Material Options:Polycarbonate / Resin
Chair Frame Thickness:Solid
Chairs Functions:With Armrest
Removable Cushions:Yes
Chair Sizes:Standard Seat Height 48 – 50 CM
Chair Weight Capacity:1000 Lbs / 450 Kgs
Chair N.W.:11 Lbs / 5 Kgs
Cushions Upholstery Options:Fabric, Velvet, Vinyl, Leather
Upholstery Certificated:CAL 117 & BS 5852 Certificated
Foam Density:45# Pure Sponge, Not Recycle One
Plywood Board For Cushions:10 MM Thick
Chair Frame Colors:Clear, Silver, Gold, Black, Customize
Chair Finish:UV Stabilized
Guarantee:3 Years
Delivery time:7-10 Days
Packing:Cartons And PE Foam
Chairs Quantity Per Package:4 Pcs (Stackable)
Minimum Order Quantity:50 Chairs (Clear)
Production Capacity:50,000 Chairs / Month
Shipment:FCL & LCL Container
Place of Origin:Foshan City, China
Model Number:CGD 244
Certification:ISO 9001:2008, SGS
Chair HS Code:94017900




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