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Elegant Rectangular Wedding Tables For Sale

Order high-quality rectangular wedding tables from Forex Furniture – your reliable wedding furniture supplier in China. For decades, event furniture rental businesses in the USA, the UK, and other countries in the world have been buying our rectangular wedding furniture mainly because of how durable they are. They get value for their money since the tables last longer while keeping an optimum function.

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Buy Durable & Affordable Long Wedding Tables

Rectangular wedding tables are a great option for rental businesses because of their flexibility. They can be used in any venue, and they can be customized to fit the needs of the bride and groom. These tables are also great choices because they’re both durable and affordable at Forex Furniture’s factory. We produce your wedding tables in our modern factory equipped with all the advanced machines that allow for the top quality tables to be manufactured.

Their versatility makes them an ideal choice for events and other hospitality businesses like restaurants, wedding halls, banquet halls, and wherever people need to sit and have a meal.

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Different Customizable Designs You Can Order

Rectangular banquet tables have ends that extend beyond the sides. This means that seating arrangements are more flexible than other options like round and square banquet tables

Rectangle wedding tables take up less floor space than other types of banquet tables, you can fit more guests in your venue than with competing shapes. These are some of the customizations we can do for you when you order quality wedding tables.

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Forex Furniture’s rectangular wedding tables come in a variety of different sizes—from 4ft to 8ft long and 30″ to 40″ wide—and they can be customized to your client’s needs if necessary. This allows you to choose the best size for your venue based on how many guests are at weddings. 

After 10 years and still counting, Forex Furniture has been helping clients create a welcoming atmosphere for guests with nice-looking long wedding tables that are not only durable but they can seat as many as 10 -12 people.

The current table designs at most wedding halls are insufficient, common, and sometimes not modern. As a hospitality business that hosts weddings, you should be extraordinary in your service delivery by providing wedding furniture including long wedding tables and gold wedding chairs that are modern with an eye-catching design. 

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This is because wedding couples have a mind of their own to go along with trendy furniture. What better way to offer them this amazing service than to provide wedding reception tables that match their wedding theme and luxurious decor? Forex Furniture has successfully offered this unique service to many wedding halls so you won’t be an exception. 

We are waiting for your call to have your next rectangular wedding table delivered to you on the next available shipping vessel.

Manufactured With Different Materials

Your rectangular wedding table can be constructed from an 18-gauge coated steel frame and a plywood top covered with a high-quality natural wood grain finish. The steel is finished with a protective surface that prevents corrosion, peeling off, and other forms of damage.

Additionally, we can produce long wedding tables that are entirely made of metal. Commercial grade metals like aluminum, steel, and stainless steel, can be used to construct both the table frame and tabletop made of glass. We ensure that the table edges are smooth. This means that none of our metal wedding tables have rough or sharp edges that can accidentally hurt guests.

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You can equally buy rectangular wedding tables that are produced with HDPE, resin, plywood, glass, and more. These materials can be used to produce the entire rectangular wedding table or they can be combined with other materials as well. For instance, we can manufacture long wedding tables with a molded blow HDPE tabletop, and steel can be used for the base. These are mostly customized as folding rectangular tables used at weddings. No matter what materials you prefer your long wedding reception tables to be customized with and how you want them customized, Forex Furniture is your China wedding furniture manufacturer to contact.

Buy Indoor & Outdoor Long Tables For Your Weddings

At Forex Furniture, we make all kinds of rectangular tables suitable for indoor, outdoor, small or large weddings. Our broad range of long tables for weddings, and custom wedding reception long tables can be specifically designed to suit all your corporate catering requirements as well as any other special events from birthdays, and graduations to children’s parties – in either black or brown leather options.

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Buy Without Worrying About The Quality or Customization

Forex Furniture guarantees that if for any reason a custom-designed or personalized rectangular table is not what you need or what you requested we will give you a full refund. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose when you buy Forex Furniture’s tried and tested long tables for wedding receptions. None of our previous and lifetime hospitality clients have returned any of the furniture they purchased. And these clients use the wedding tables they buy from us in the USA, Canada, and almost all countries in Europe. What are you waiting for? Open your email and send Forex Furniture a message to make inquiries about your next purchase.

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Buy Quality Wedding Furniture That Lasts

In addition to rectangular wedding tables, you can also buy chameleon chairssports event chairsLouis chairsghost chairs, and any other event furniture from Forex Furniture.

Send an email today for free response to your inquiry on long wedding tables.

Rectangular Wedding Tables FAQ

Forex furniture can manufacture multiple materials tabletop with metal folding base, gold stainless steel tables with tempered glass top, and wood farmhouse wedding tables.

You can use them at the wedding reception, for the bride and groom, and for the guests also. All the tables can be customized in different sizes and designs.

Yes we do, we supply flowers with metal base, acrylic candle holders,  underplates, cutlery sets, and more.

Sure, let us know your hall sizes, we can draft the table layout for the wedding reception and hall, it will show how many tables and chairs that can be laid there.

Sure, you can do that. We have long table sizes from 4ft to 8ft with different widths. If they are not right for you, we can custom made, before ordering we will send you the AutoCAD drawings to confirm.

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