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Wide Variety Of Styles Restaurant Banquet Chairs Wholesale

If your restaurant is looking to attract customers by creating a comfortable ambiance, then what will play a decisive role in accomplishing that is nicely designed, durable, and comfortable restaurant furniture. Forex Furniture specializes in the manufacturing and supplying of a large variety of affordable high-quality restaurant furniture including restaurant banquet chairs.

restaurant banquet chairs

When it comes to designing restaurant spaces, you would need to get the best design elements from various sources. Our chairs are one such element that would be a definite head-turner in any space. The variety of colors and styles would help you create a warm ambiance in your restaurant. Don’t be left behind, enhance your restaurant space with nicely designed restaurant banquet chairs that last many years from Forex Furniture today. We manufacture with a faster lead time.

restaurant banquet chairs

Custom-Made Restaurant Banquet Chair Designs

Our chairs come in a variety of designs and can be custom-made as well. There are many styles of chairs available depending on personal taste and also the venue. Forex Furniture can custom make restaurant banquet chairs with different backseat designs including crown back, teardrop, and many more. We produce for you what fits your space. Our team is engaged in offering different varieties of banquet chairs as per the different needs of our clients. We always focus on quality as well as customer satisfaction.

restaurant banquet chairs

Do you get regular visitors at your restaurant and want to offer them comfortable seats? If yes, then you need to transform your restaurant space into an unforgettable experience in the eyes of guests and visitors. That is where we step in with our beautifully designed non-skid restaurant banquet chairs that add a nice touch to your beautiful restaurant and appeal to your customer’s sight. We at Forex Furniture, understand how important it is to give your guests satisfaction so we try our best to deliver quality products every time at affordable prices. Our goal is to help fill your guest’s hearts with instant happiness and liveliness so they can go back home and rave about the stunning restaurant they visited.

restaurant banquet chairs

Most restaurants these days are finding it tough to maintain higher standards, establish a good brand image, and also keep their budgets intact. Imagine, if you could have nice restaurant banquet chairs which are affordable, durable, aesthetically pleasing, stable to withstand heavy use, and look classy. That’s exactly what Forex Furniture restaurant banquet chairs are for.

Different Restaurant Banquet Seating Types

We custom-make metal, resin, wood, plastic banquet chairs for restaurants around the world. The metal chairs provide a sturdy and durable product, but the main benefit is the ability to choose from various colors as well as sizes. They also do not rust because of the powder-coated finish that provides a protective surface. Resin chairs are lightweight and strong, reducing the chance of breakage or damage. They also possess stronger legs like all the other types of restaurant banquet chairs we produce. We can manufacture them with stronger wooden frames, about 5 or 6 times the strength of the average wooden banquet chair. Our upholstered restaurant banquet chairs are passed CAL 117 and BS 5852 certificated, they are used at high-end restaurants and five-star hotels.

restaurant banquet chairs

Forex Furniture has been providing high-quality banquet chairs, high back restaurant chairs, and outdoor folding chairs to restaurants and hospitality businesses across the UK, Europe, and the USA for more than a decade now. The durability of our restaurant banquet seating has been widely tested and approved by our clients worldwide. The ones you receive after you place an order will not fall short of the quality that we supply to all our long-term clients.

Global Restaurant Banquet Seating Supplier In China

The process of selecting the right supplier is usually stressful, but Forex Furniture has over 200 different designs top-quality chairs in our inventory, you can find the right banquet chair in just minutes for your restaurant. We have simplified the entire process. Ordering is super easy! All you have to do is provide brief information about your restaurant needs and preferences and we will match it up in no time. We supply to every country using sea-freight and air-freight. All restaurant banquet seating we supply arrives on time. As a restaurant owner, your will save costs by shipping your chairs straight from a reliable chairs manufacturer to your restaurant.

restaurant banquet chairs

A Worthwhile Purchase

Have you ever spent over $1000 on just a few chairs for your restaurant only to see them break down in less than 6 months? If yes, then Forex Furniture’s durable restaurant banquet chairs will come as a big sigh of relief. We promise/warrant our products, so if any of them prove defective, we will replace them with new ones. The restaurant seats are easily stackable. Dents, dings, and scratches on the chairs are a thing of the past due to the rubber glides on the restaurant chair legs.

Buy stronger, sturdier restaurant banquet chairs as well as banquet tables, wedding furniture, event furniture, and other hospitality furniture that are far more durable than standard chairs from Forex Furniture.

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Restaurant Banquet Chairs FAQ

There are 2 options for you, order our standard banquet chairs without any quantity limited, customize chairs would be 50 pieces per one design

There are multiple design wood banquet chairs in our showroom you can choose from, like the wood cross back chairs, Chiavari chairs, Louis chairs, and more. Also, we can customize the same style and colors as your tables

Our metal banquet chairs and folding chairs can stack around 10 chairs, the wood chairs only can 5 chairs each package

We can manufacture different banquet armchairs, like metal armchairs, Louis armchairs, Ghost armchairs, and more. They can with and without upholstery finishes.

All chairs are manufactured under SGS and ISO 9001 certification and their upholstery can pass CAL 117 and BS 5852 certification if you need them.

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