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Stackable Round Back Banquet Chairs Wholesale

Round back banquet chairs with gorgeous engravings are made by Forex Furniture – a global banquet furniture manufacturing leader in China. These banquet chairs are stronger and are better event seats for your venue and guests due to the unmatched top-notch design, the manufacturing approach used, and many years of experience.

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Multipurpose Use In Banquets

Forex furniture is the preferred venue furniture supplier of corporate and event planners, party planners, wedding planners, and all hospitality business owners. When we make chairs, we use strong materials like aluminum, steel, dry, and treated wood. The chairs are stronger and last longer when we use these materials. The many designs we can customize make them more beautiful and the perfect banquet chairs for any event. Plus, they can be rented at a lower cost when compared to other banquet chair manufacturers in China.

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Long-Lasting & Affordable Banquet Chairs You Buy

Typically, the highest quality banquet chairs are more expensive, but not at Forex Furniture. We offer some of the most cost-effective seating for your events. Forex Furniture round back banquet chairs outlast all other stackable banquet chairs at a fraction of the cost. You can use these chairs not only for wedding receptions but also for other special occasions such as christenings, birthday parties and anniversaries. 

Forex Furniture manufactures them for all events in banquet halls, hotels, and other gathering venues. You can equally use high-end round back banquet chairs like any other business owner in the hospitality space. 

round back banquet chair

100% Custom-Made Designs You Want

The circle back chairs have a higher weight capacity together with the widened seats to accommodate different guests. They can be used by all age groups with ease. The round-back banquet chairs can be stacked easily due to the different customizable designs. Forex Furniture can spray, paint and adorn them in bright colors to bring a fresh look to their appearance.

We have a wide variety of banquet chairs to fit any function and our customizable round-back banquet chair is one of the popular and durable ones. We make them solid to withstand frequent usage. Our circle-back chairs maintain a high-quality form every season throughout the year. 

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You can order round back banquet chairs with or without arms. Whether you want banquet side chairs or those with armrests, we can manufacture them as complete chairs ready for use upon arrival or you will need to assemble them. 

Forex Furniture is the perfect partner for all your round back banquet chairs. From weddings to parties, to corporate events; no matter what you need; our beautiful and durable circle back chairs are guaranteed to last for years. They can be customized with lightweight frames that make them easy to carry.

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FSC Certified Wood-frame Circle Back Banquet Chairs

Also, our round back banquet chairs can be custom manufactured with FSC certified wood. All the wood banquet chairs are ASTM and BIFMA compliant. They comply with safety and durability standards. 

The complete round banquet chairs are readily available for use and they eliminate the laborious task of putting the different chair pieces together. For ready-to-assemble banquet chairs, Forex Furniture gives you a manual to follow. 

round back banquet chair

Leading Global Banquet Furniture Supplier In China

Also, ready-to-assemble round banquet chairs save storage space inside shipping containers and reduce costs since more can be loaded in a single container. Forex Furniture can ship round back banquet chairs in a 20ft and 40ft container depending on whether you opt for LCL or FCL. For faster shipping choose the 20ft container.

Cleans Easily Without Damaging

You can use normal cleaning agents and soft cloths to clean the round back banquet chairs. So far as you don’t use strong acidic liquids which can damage the upholstery, the banquet chairs can last longer than expected.

Secure packaging is part of the excellent service we provide to all our customers. Your banquet chairs are neatly wrapped and boxed to prevent surface damages before shipping them. You don’t have to worry about receiving broken banquet chairs since we cushion them with foams inside the package.

Forex Furniture is among the best furniture manufacturers with the fastest lead and delivery times. No matter the quantity you need, they are manufactured faster with our modern machines and supplied anywhere in the world. 

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Get Free Quote and Free Samples

You are not charged anything when you request a quote, and you also receive replies to all your inquiries within the same day. We are noted for providing our cherished customers with a free banquet chair sample. Within a week, we finish producing a custom round back banquet chair sample and deliver it to you in record time.

Though the round banquet chairs can be stacked together, there are plastic stoppers on the legs to prevent scratching the finished metallic surfaces. In Addition, metal-framed circle banquet chairs have floor sliders to prevent the chairs from sliding and defacing hard floors. 

vinyl upholstery round back banquet chairs for sale

You can buy other custom-made event furniture like foldable tables, foldable banquet chairs, Chiavari chairs, banquet booths farmhouse tables, Louis chairs, and many others from Forex Furniture. Any furniture you buy is inspected to prevent defective product returns.

Contact Forex Furniture for all your round back banquet chair orders. 

Round Back Banquet Chairs FAQ

The gold chromed round back chairs with white vinyl upholstery are our new design, it made of stainless steel frame, can stacking 5 chairs when storage

We wholesale wood, metal, and plastic banquet chairs with different colors and upholstery, we can customize for you as well

We have waterproof resin banquet chairs with comfortable seat padded, suitable for outdoor use, they are lightweight and stackable.

Now the gold framed chair is a trend in wedding furniture rental business, it is stainless steel frame with gold chromed finishes, they come with different color upholstery.

The wood Louis chairs with fabric upholstery are your 1st# choice, it is classic and popular for any event.

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