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Various Sizes Round Banquet Tables For Sale

Looking for affordable and durable round banquet tables in China? Call Forex Furniture and we will custom make what you want and within your budget. Our round banquet tables are versatile, functional and not to mention elegant addition to any event. They look great with both modern and classic interiors and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.

round banquet tables

Comfortable To Use

Traditional different-shaped banquet table suffers from a small surface area and inconvenient height to sit at. Our custom-made round banquet tables increase your space as compared to other banquet table types as they provide a larger surface area. They also allow you to comfortably reach food or drinks on the other end without having to strain yourself. This is what makes our round banquet tables useful. To know more about it, please contact us for inquiries and a quote.

Forex Furniture makes banquet round tables in a variety of sizes with either a wood or metal base. They have been highly rated by customers because of their durability and ease of use. We produce and supply to any country.

round banquet tables

Money-Saving When You Order

Forex Furniture is a plastic folding banquet table manufacturer and supplier in China that set new standards in the market. They fold for easy transportation and storage. Instead of purchasing a cheap banquet table, made out of low-quality materials, investing in a high-quality folding table that will last a lifetime is the best decision for your business. Eventually, it saves you money since zero to less maintenance is required.

round banquet tables

Multipurpose Round Tables

If you are looking for an elegant round table for your wedding, garden party, or any other special occasion, then Forex Furniture is your banquet furniture company to talk to. At Forex Furniture, we understand that each table has its own set of requirements. For example, you want to choose a table type based on the seating arrangement, seating capacity, and seating style. All these demands need to be fulfilled in order to get the perfect outdoor banquet table. So if you are in search of a one-stop-shop for all your event table needs, then think of Forex Furniture round banquet tables. We specialize in all kinds of round tables like half-round banquet tables, round catering tables, 72 inch round banquet tables, 48 inch round banquet tables, etc for events like banquets, weddings, parties, and more.

Our proprietary technology and craftsmanship have enabled us to deliver round banquet tables and other furniture pieces that can be assembled and used in any hospitality space. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can use our amazing table manufacturing technology for your benefit.

round banquet tables

Guaranteed Durability

Most round tables we find in furniture stores are made of materials that can easily get damaged and chipping and cracking of tables is a common sight. Forex Furniture banquet tables are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events, cafeterias, or buffets. This is because of their high stability which not only helps them withstand high pressure but also prevents any form of damage. They resist stains by liquids, UV conditions, and more. Plus they are available in different sizes covered with linoleum, hard plastic covered with stainless steel, solid plastic, or custom-made materials. This makes them perfect for both permanent and temporary restaurants and other hospitality businesses that need extra space for large gatherings or events or where occupying less space is important.

round banquet tables

Experts In Manufacturing

Forex Furniture exclusively focuses on manufacturing round banquet tables that are strong and easy to maintain. They are available in various designs including color, finishes, and styles so you can find the type that is perfect for your business. The table’s diameter (feet) can be customized to seat any number of people at an event. Also, angled legs, straight legs, and extendable legs can be custom-made for the round banquet tables. The tabletop can have a single material layer or multiple material layers depending on your preference.

round banquet tables

We Have More Than You Need

If round banquet tables are not the only furniture you need, then you might want to take a look at other products like banquet chairs, restaurant furniture, bar furniture, wedding chairs, and other hospitality furniture because our company offers great deals on various products other than tables.

Many tables look good in images but often disappoint once it is actually purchased. That’s not the case when you buy from Forex Furniture. We send you a free sample to check the quality. Your options are limitless! How? We’ve been here from the beginning and have done virtually every banquet table project you can imagine. We are happy to answer any of your questions about our products. We also provide after-sales support.

Call Forex Furniture today for an amazing deal on banquet round tables.

Round Banquet Table FAQ

The diameter 60” round plastic folding table is the No.1 choice for kinds of events. It is made of pure HDPE top and steel folding legs. We can also provide multiple round banquet table sizes for your order

The 6ft table can supply 12 people no problem, also you can lay one round “Lazy Susan” on top easy for getting foods

Yes, we supply plastic, wood, plywood, melamine, and tempered glass top, they can use for different function halls

The metal table trolly can deliver 10 folding tables each time, it have 4 rubber wheels can easy move tables from warehouse to banque hall

Yes, send your tables sizes and quantity, no matter it is round, rectangular or other shape, we can custom high quality cloth for you

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