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Elegant Round Wedding Tables For Sale

Event coordinators, wedding planners, venue managers, and all hospitality facilities: when you are putting together a wedding or other event for a large number of people, you need to make sure your guests will be comfortable. Round wedding tables from Forex Furniture are a great solution for this and work well for many types of events. These tables are a great way to keep things simple.

Thanks to how we design wedding round tables, they’re also easier to set up. No more trying to figure out where everything goes in a rectangular seating chart. A circular seating chart means there are no corners, so when it’s time for dessert and coffee you can have everything served at once.

diameter 340 cm round wedding table for sale

Perfect For Weddings And Other Events

Hospitality businesses such as hotels, resorts, and restaurants often use round tables because they allow for more people to be seated at one time, and offer excellent table space. Forex Furniture’s round wedding tables also give guests more elbow room to stretch their arms and relax—even at events where there is a buffet that requires guests to walk around the table. Another advantage of buying the quality wedding round tables we produce is that it’s easier for waiters to serve multiple tables when they’re arranged around a central food station in an oval or circle shape.

round wedding tables for outdoor events

Custom-Made With Your Preferred Material

You can get round wedding tables manufactured with your choice of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. You can choose between round wedding tables with a smooth top or one that is adjustable.

We can use hardwood, plywood, or tempered glass to manufacture the tabletop and support it with steel legs/aluminum foldable table base. We use fine hardwoods that have been smoothly finished with an elegant look that will impress your guests and make sure your event stands out from the rest. The smooth surface makes them easier to clean. The quality finish also serves as a protective layer to protect the wooden surface from scratches and other damages. These wooden rustic round wedding tables can be used for both indoor and outdoor countryside events. They always compliment the different decors and event themes.

round table for wedding cake

Forex Furniture custom-makes HDPE round wedding table. Because of its amazing strength properties, it is used as the tabletop material when manufacturing commercial-grade plastic wedding tables. They don’t break or crack. They are UV-stabilized meaning they can be used outdoors conveniently without being affected by sunlight. They maintain a firm structure that is the same as a new one no matter how many years they are used.

Different Variations Of Round Wedding Tables For Sale

The foldable round wedding tables we manufacture are can be easily collapsed and moved around without any difficulty.

We can also custom-make round wedding tables that have gold chromed stainless steel legs and a glass top. This is one of the premium wedding tables we manufacture. If you want, we can also manufacture round mirrors for wedding tables that are luxury accents to any event. Other variations we customize include a wedding table made with a powder-coated steel base with a round plywood top and more.

circle wedding tables for sale

Multiple Round Tables Sizes For Your Weddings

Round wedding tables from Forex Furniture are available in sizes such as four feet across and six feet across all the way up to 8 feet across, so you can find the right size to fit your needs whether you need to seat ten guests or 300.

A wide range of colors is also available. You can get them finished in any color that matches the decor colors of different events, like gold, white, rustic, and more.

If you have any special requirements for your round wedding tables that aren’t listed in our product catalog, just let us know. Because we are experts in customizing wedding furniture, we can produce exactly what you want.

round wedding table for sale

Budget-Friendly Round Tables For Wedding Reception

It is no secret that people love round wedding tables. They look good in photos, they’re popular for destination weddings, and they’re excellent for seating arrangements where you have multiple groups at one table (like big families or event guests). But if you have ever tried to rent or buy round wedding tables in bulk, well… it can be a little bit of a challenge.

Hospitality businesses like yours have contacted us saying things like: “I need a lot of wedding tables—as many as I can get my hands on. But I don’t want to buy them from different suppliers who don’t offer bulk pricing and don’t customize their designs.” And Forex Furniture is happy to say that we always meet our clients at their budget. This means the furniture is supply is always affordable compared to other manufacturers. They are durable (like durable polymer chairs and tough aluminum frames) and you can get exactly what you need without overpaying for extra.

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Custom Circle Wedding Table Designs

If you want a custom design for your special events, our team of experts is here to help. Because they are custom-made to order, you can add anything you want to the round table’s look. Feel free to reach out and ask us about anything before you order the quantity you need.

Forex Furniture has been working as an expert round wedding table manufacturer for more than a decade offering our buyers a collection of high-quality circle wedding tables; they feature the same top-quality materials that 5-star hospitality businesses use.

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Last Longer Wedding Furniture Supplier

When it comes to round wedding tables, there is no need to compromise – they must last longer and be able to withstand the rigors of frequent use at various events. The quality of materials we use for manufacturing contributes to how long these round tables for wedding reception last.

You can buy all types of event tables like melamine banquet tables, half-moon banquet tables, stainless steel dining tables, all kinds of event chairs such as gold wedding chairs and Louis chairs from Forex Furniture.

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Round Wedding Tables FAQ

We can manufacture diameter 48 inch, 60 inch, and 72 inch tables for your weddings, the biggest is diameter 3.4 meters, it is 4 pieces joint together, can change to “S” design.

Yes, we wholesale round and half-round tables for your rental business, contact and let us know which material and sizes you are interested in.

No, we also manufacture different styles round table for wedding cake, and for wedding reception also.

We can supply metal gold, wood rustic, plastic white, and other colors for you, different tables material have different color finishes

Besides wedding furniture, we also wholesale, tablecloths, and cheesecloth table runners for round table

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