Stackable Banquet Chairs

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Excellent range Of Stackable Banquet Chairs For Sale

Forex Furniture manufactures stackable banquet chairs for all hospitality businesses including hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and many more. We wholesale different kinds of stackable banquet chairs to any event hall for different types of events like weddings,  parties, conferences, and more. The banquet chairs we produce are high quality with features that contribute to how long they last.

Stackable Banquet Chairs

As an expert banquet furniture manufacturer in China, we use materials like aluminum, steel, wood, plastic, resin, and more to produce stacking banquet chairs that last longer. Whatever budget you have, as long as your order meets the minimum order quantity of 50 and above, Forex Furniture makes the stacking banquet chairs durable.

Strongest And Long-Lasting Stackable Banquet Chairs

The metal banquet chairs we manufacture are made with powder-coated aluminum and steel. The powder coating provides a protective surface for the metal-framed stackable banquet chairs to prevent scratching, flaking, and other forms of chair surface damage. 

Stackable Banquet Chairs

When you order stacking wooden banquet chairs from Forex Furniture, we manufacture them using high-quality wood species that are termite-resistant and can withstand weather conditions. We can produce different wood banquet chair styles to fit your hospitality establishment’s style or banquet hall style. 

Custom-Made With Modern Designs

We can customize many contemporary and modern stackable banquet chair designs. Forex Furniture produces stackable banquet arms chairs that support your guest’s arms and shoulders for longer sitting periods. Also, we produce banquet stacking chairs with different chair back designs that can provide support to the spine and prevent guests from developing backaches.

 Forex Furniture custom makes one of the most durable stackable resins and plastic banquet chairs. They are produced using injection molding technology and with this modern manufacturing method, any shape and design you want can be produced with a computer-controlled machine. The plastic banquet chairs do not break easily and can withstand heavyweight. 

Stackable Banquet Chairs

Forex Furniture also manufactures stackable upholstered banquet chairs. Quality spongy foams are used for the banquet chair cushions, and they serve as comfortable seats for many events. The cushions can be custom-made with different densities depending on what you prefer. 

Functional Banquet Chairs

Any stackable banquet chair you order from Forex Furniture can be custom-made to have a high weight capacity of up to 600 pounds. The chairs can withstand constant use and maintain their quality after many years of use.

 The metal stacking banquet chairs are custom made with plastic glides on the chair legs to prevent scratching when stacked together. This ensures that the smooth and quality finishing on the chairs is maintained for years.

Stackable Banquet Chairs

The stackable banquet chairs are manufactured to meet quality and international standards. Durability tests are done on each chair after production to ensure they can withstand frequent use without becoming weak. Also, the stackable upholstered banquet chairs pass the CAL 117 and BS 5852 standards making them heat-resistant. This means they can be used in different parts of the world, whether in cold or warm countries, and still maintain their quality after many years of use. 

Faster Manufacturing with Modern Machines

All the stacking banquet chairs from Forex Furniture are manufactured in a larger factory based in China. The factory houses modern furniture manufacturing machines that make production efficient and faster. All the machines like CNC cutting machines, welding machines, and more are automatic. This ensures that the banquet stacking chairs are produced without errors.

 The furniture manufacturing factory has more than a dozen production lines for faster manufacturing. At each production line, a supervisor oversees manufacturing to ensure that the chairs are produced correctly with your specifications. After manufacturing, a certified quality team checks all the chairs to ensure they pass our quality standards. 

Stackable Banquet Chairs

We are available at any time so you can contact us 24/7. Your inquiries are responded to within an hour during working hours from Monday to Saturday. Any email or inquiry sent after working hours is responded to first thing on the next working day. 

At Forex Furniture, we provide all our clients with a free furniture sample before you order a larger quantity. You can request a sample of the stackable banquet chair type you want and within 5 days we will produce and send it to you. We can also create a mockup with a banquet furniture arrangement to show you how the furniture can be arranged nicely for any event. 

For our clients who don’t know the exact quantity to order, we provide a free hospitality space design layout. With this, we can determine how many stackable banquet chairs can fit perfectly in your hospitality space. 

Stackable Banquet Chairs 7

Safe Packaging & Faster Shipping

Our packaging is one of the major reasons why clients order stackable banquet chairs. Any banquet furniture we produce is packaged with a 7-layer export carton to prevent any damage type during shipping. The furniture is covered in plastic wraps before putting them in boxes and loading them into containers. 

Forex Furniture is a global furniture supplier in China and any banquet furniture you order can be shipped using sea-freight and air-freight. 20ft and 40ft containers are used for sea-freight. Your order can be shipped with DHL, and FEDEX for faster airplane shipping. We can also use the courier service of your choice to transport your banquet furniture. 

Stackable Banquet Chairs 7

In addition to stackable banquet chairs, you can order folding banquet tables, folding plastic chairs, chairs Dolley, restaurant chairs, church chairs, and other hospitality case goods from Forex Furniture – a global furniture company.

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Stackable Banquet Chairs FAQ

In Forex furniture, we can manufacture over 300 different styles stacking chairs, they are made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, wood and resin. All of them can use for hotel banquet hall

when load container, we pack all chairs base on your container type,  it is 20ft or 40ft container, we try to stack them up to top of container, save your shipping space

It depends on chairs design and size, the standard banquet chairs can load 1400 pieces.

We can supply aluminum Chiavari chair, standard banqueting chairs, and more, they can stacking 15 chairs no problem

All our chair raw material had qualtiy inspected before order from supplier, also they are full welded, dovetail join, and automatic injection finished. They designed for commercial use.

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