Stackable Conference Chairs

Custom Made Stacking Conference Room Chairs For Sale

Forex Furniture manufactures long-lasting stackable conference chairs to help your business thrive. Our durable complete factory-assembled and knockdown stackable chairs are preferred by many hospitality businesses around the world. We ensure that all stackable conference chairs shipped to you are delivered neatly and safely packaged to prevent damage. You will receive all chairs in the same perfect condition they were after manufacturing in the factory. 

Forex Furniture can manufacture a stackable conference chair free sample, and ship it to you to access the kind of quality chairs we manufacture in our ultramodern factory and afterward place your order.

As a trusted event furniture manufacturer in China, we guarantee your high-quality stackable conference room chairs that meet international standards. The upholstered conference chairs we manufacture pass the CAL 117 and BS 5852 making them fire-resistant as well as heat-resistant. 

Stackable conference chairs

What To Consider When Buying Stackable Conference Chairs

Customization is done at Forex Furniture. We can manufacture stackable conference chairs to your specifications. From the materials to the design, Forex Furniture can custom make your chairs perfectly. We ensure that the chair’s design matches your hospitality space.

Each chair you order comes with a 3-year warranty. We guarantee free repairs within a valid warranty period. In case any chair is damaged beyond repairs during shipping, Forex Furniture can replace it with a durable new one. We serve all our hospitality clients satisfactorily to save money on repair and maintenance costs. 

The design allows as many as 15 chairs to be stacked together to save storage space, and also make it easy to move or transport more stackable conference chairs in a short time. 

Forex Furniture has a faster lead time that beats industry standards. We can manufacture 2000+ chair units in an average of 20 days. 10-15 days is the fastest lead time for urgent and peak season orders.

Stackable conference chairs

Different Stackable Conference Chair Types For Sale

You can order durable stackable wood conference chairs from Forex Furniture, a global furniture supplier. Stronger wood such as beechwood, birchwood, and more are used for a longer lifespan. The wood surfaces are well polished to give a luxury look as well as make them easy to clean. 

Metal conference chairs can be custom-made for you. Forex Furniture produces anti-rust and corrosion-resistant metal conference room chairs using powder-coated aluminum or chromed steel. The chairs are designed to fit perfectly in any event, conference room, or banquet hall where they will be used. 

Forex Furniture can manufacture different variations of cushioned stackable conference chairs. We can customize removable cushions or they can be permanently fixed on the chair’s seat. The cushion thickness can be customized to match the stackable chair type and for comfort during sitting. 

Also, we can produce luxury upholstered conference room chairs for hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses. The stacking conference chairs can be upholstered with vinyl, leather, fabric like velvet, and any other material of your choice. Our experienced designers ensure that the upholstery type you choose blends beautifully with your hospitality space.

You can also order other stackable conference chairs types like acrylic chairs. The molded injection technology used to produce them makes them stronger and they remain firm for longer. They pass the EN 12520 test, which makes them withstand breaking and durable enough to last many years.

Stackable conference chairs

How We Produce Durable Stackable Conference Chair

All stackable conference chairs you order from Forex Furniture are produced in China, in our large-space factory. We use modern machines like automatic CNC wood cutting machines, automatic metal cutting machines, automatic welding machines, and more that reduce production time and manufacture clean stackable conference chairs faster.

20 production lines are used for faster manufacturing. The manufacturing process is supervised to ensure that all the conference chairs are perfect. If you can’t determine the quantity to order, Forex Furniture can provide a free design layout to show you how many chairs will fit perfectly in your hospitality space. 

All stackable conference room chairs undergo quality inspection before they are packaged and loaded into containers to be shipped. Our quality control team follows industry guidelines to ensure that all the conference chairs are safe for use.

Stackable conference chairs

Faster shipping & Delivery Worldwide

You can order stackable conference room chairs from any part of the world and we will manufacture and deliver them without delay. For sea freight, your goods can be shipped in LCL or FCL depending on the quantity you ordered. Forex Furniture has faster than average delivery times than other furniture manufacturers in China. As a global furniture supplier, we use the best shipping companies with 20+ years of experience to supply your goods. 

In addition to stackable conference chairs, you can order all kinds of hospitality furniture, including banquet tables, banquet chairs, wedding chairs, event chairs, and more. 

Email Forex Furniture today for a free quote on stackable conference chairs.

Stackable Conference Chairs FAQ

Forex furniture can manufacture plastic, metal, padded conference room chairs for wholesale, we can customize them with wheels, arms, and stacked design.

Yes,  we can supply stackable conference chairs with armrest and without, it depends on your requirements

Yes, we can custom made your conference room chairs with various powder-coated color frame and upholstery colors.

The aluminum chairs with upholstered are your best choice, various powder coated and fabric upholstery color, can stacked up to 15 chairs

Yes, you can order spandex or fabric chairs cover also, there are a wide range of design and colors you can choose

The Aluminum chairs’ weight not heavy, can be stacked up around 15 chairs

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