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A Wide Variety Of Stackable Vinyl Chairs For Sale

For affordable and durable stackable vinyl chairs, Forex Furniture is your manufacturer to contact. We manufacture vinyl upholstered banquet chairs in a modern factory with the latest machines in China and supply them to any country. Forex Furniture prioritizes has passed many certifications like SGS, ISO 9001, and more to ensure that high-quality stackable vinyl chairs are produced for all our hospitality clients. 

All the stackable vinyl chairs you order are custom-produced with your preferences. We start by sending you the vinyl chair drawing for you to approve. We can revise the drawing to fit exactly the vinyl upholstered chair type you want. Forex Furniture then produces a free sample and sends it to you to inspect the quality before we mass manufacture. 

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Order Any High-Quality Stackable Vinyl Chair Type

Every year, we ship 20,000+ stackable vinyl chairs to the USA, Europe, Canada, and other countries. Aside from the vinyl chair’s durability, our hospitality clients prefer to do business with us due to the various kinds of vinyl banquet chairs we can manufacture.

Forex Furniture can produce wooden-framed stackable vinyl chairs for use in different events in hotels and other hospitality establishments. We use wood with less than 10% moisture content to prevent shrinking and swelling. We use wood types like ashwood, beechwood, birch wood, and more to produce stronger stacking vinyl chairs for sale.

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Forex Furniture also manufactures different kinds of metal-framed stackable vinyl chairs. The metal is powdered-coated making the chair anti-rust without any rough edges that could cause injury. We can customize different metal vinyl chair designs to complement any event, decor, or the hospitality space style.      

Forex Furniture also manufactures folding vinyl banquet chairs. We can customize these folding banquet chairs with vinyl padded seats and backrests for comfortable sitting. The folding nature of the chairs makes it easy to pack and unpack them. They are easily transportable and save storage space. 

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Different Custom-Made Stackable Vinyl Chair Designs

Forex Furniture can custom design your preferred stackable vinyl chair. We have experienced designers that can create any vinyl banquet chair design you want. Chair shape can also be customized. 

The weight and chair color can be custom-made how you want them. No matter the color we customize for your stackable vinyl chairs, they don’t fade. Forex Furniture can reinforce the chair’s strength with additional bars to support guests with heavy body weight.

Also, we can customize vinyl banquet chairs with armrests. The armrests are padded to provide a soft comfortable space where guests can relax their hands to prevent any shoulder pain. 

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Delivered With Your Preferred Shipping Method

There are multiple shipping methods you can choose from. For sea freight, we can ship using LCL or Full Container Load. You can go for any option irrespective of the stackable vinyl chair quantity you order. If you want, we can also arrange and send your goods via air freight. We can even send them using DHL if you need them urgently and much faster. 

Forex Furniture provides you with a tracking code to monitor the location of your goods while in transit to the destination port. We send you all the necessary documents once your goods have been shipped. This is to help you easily clear your stackable vinyl chairs from the destination port without delay.

We are a global vinyl banquet chair supplier in China, wherever you are in the world you can place an order and we will deliver them safely.

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Receive Your Goods In a Perfect State

Forex Furniture ensures that all the vinyl banquet chairs you order are delivered to your country in the same perfect condition they were after manufacturing. The vinyl chairs are quality-checked, wrapped in bubble plastics, and placed in thick and strong protective export cartons to prevent damage. There are EPE foams in the package for shock absorption to prevent breaking.

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Benefits You Get When You Buy From Forex Furniture

We offer a 3 years warranty for each furniture product you purchase from us. Apart from customizing durable stackable vinyl chairs that last many years, we also provide you with original parts for maintenance.

You can contact us for additional support at any time after receiving your goods. Our customer care team is on standby 24/7 to offer you a stress-free and seamless buying experience.

If you order knockdown stackable leather chairs, we send you a free assembling guide. The guide is easy to follow and within a short time, you can complete assembling the vinyl chairs. 

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In case you are unsure about the stackable vinyl chair quantity to order, Forex Furniture can help you relieve that worry. We can provide a free layout design of the space where the chairs will be used, this helps you know how many chairs can fit perfectly in the space.

We provide free extra leg caps for metal-framed vinyl banquet chairs to prevent scratching hotel floors. 

Besides stackable vinyl chairs, you can also order farm tables, banquet tables, Ghost chairs, folding chairs, banquet booths, and other event furniture from Forex Furniture.

Message Forex Furniture today to order stackable vinyl chairs.

Stackable Vinyl Chairs FAQ

Yes, we can customize stackable arm chairs with quality vinyl upholstery, they can made of metal like aluminum, steel, stainless steel, wood.

We can provide multiple vinyl colors for your choice before you confirm the order, you can customize the chair with mixed colors

All the metal banquet chairs without arms have a high stacking capacity of up to 15 chairs, with armrest they can stack up to 5 chairs.

 In Forex furniture, can customize different color vinyl chairs, use for church, banquets, weddings, restaurants, and more.

Leather is much expensive than vinyl, vinyl is one kind of man-made material, widely used for furniture upholstery. We can customize leather upholstery chairs for your five star hotels.

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