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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Dining Tables For Sale

Durable stainless steel dining tables have also been trendy in the hospitality industry. Using quality ones in your hospitality facility keeps you on the top list of where guests would love to visit and dine.

 Forex Furniture is a global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality stainless steel dining tables that can last 8+ years. You’ll never have to worry about rust or corrosion from water, you can enjoy your new table year-round. The best part of this is we give a longer warranty than you can get from any stainless steel furniture manufacturer in China.

gold oval stainless steel dining tables for sale

Because we have been supplying the top quality tables that are mostly expected by the most famous hospitality hotels and restaurants in London, Italy, Spain, Canada, and the USA, we keep getting repeat orders. Every year we supply tens of thousands of stainless steel dining tables for wholesale.

Tired of heavy oak or maple? It’s time to go shiny and clean with a table made out of stainless steel. Not only will it match different decors and look great, but stainless steel is also easy to clean as well as being resistant to stains and bacteria. This makes these kinds of tables we produce safe to use in your successful hospitality business.

Forex Furniture’s stainless steel dining room tables will add a contemporary look to your space and keep your dining and kitchen looking good for years to come. The stainless steel dining tables we manufacture are sturdy, easy to assemble, and feature a maintenance-free finish that can’t be scratched or chipped, which means they look as good at the end of their lives as they did on day one. 

gold half round stainless steel dining tables for sale

They’re also aesthetically pleasing (they look very much like tables made out of metal), and they’re super easy to maintain (just wipe them down with a damp cloth). And the best part? They can be used in every part of the world – both in cold regions and warmer regions.

Make the most of your indoor and outdoor hospitality space by complimenting them with wonderful knockdown stainless steel dining tables, which can be easily assembled in 5-10 minutes.

Long-Lasting Stainless Steel Dining Tables For Sale

Forex Furniture has taken our years of experience and created a line of prestigious stainless steel tables that can’t be compared to any other table from other manufacturers when quality is concerned.

There are many benefits of buying a quality stainless steel dining table over the ones made with other materials. For example, stainless-steel surfaces are more easily cleaned than wood and plastic, and they don’t show dirt or grease stains as much.

stainless steel dining tables wholesale

They’re also lint-free, which means fewer dust bunnies under the table or trailing off your clothes after you wipe a spill. Even better for dining halls where how your furniture looks is just as important as how it works, stainless-steel furniture is stunningly beautiful.

As a hospitality business, you should consider buying high-quality stainless steel dining tables for their durability, low maintenance, and customization options. This is one of the reasons Forex Furniture’s furniture is the priority when hospitality businesses need to purchase any furniture type.

201 & 304 Stainless Steel Used For Manufacturing Dining Tables

The main types of stainless steel used to manufacture dining tables are 201 and 304. These grades of stainless steel can be both ferritic and austenitic. Ferritic stainless steels have a chemical composition of approximately 18% chromium, 10% nickel, and the remaining balance iron. 

They are solid solution strengthened alloyed stainless steels that contain non-magnetic elements in amounts between 1% and 2%. Austenitic stainless steels are non-magnetic alloys that contain nickel, chromium, manganese, silicon, or other modifiers to provide corrosion resistance and strength.

stainless steel dining tables materials

In the furniture industry, stainless steel type 304, is the ideal choice for commercial furniture products that are used in areas where rusting is a potential issue, such as near pools or on the beach. This is because this grade of stainless steel has the highest resistance to corrosion out of all the stainless steel types. This is why it is ideal for areas with a lot of moisture or acidity. It’s also more affordable than other grades. The most durable stainless steel dining tables are made from this type.

201 stainless steel has a bit lower quality that will get rust after 10 years if used in rich moisture areas. It’s cheaper than 304-grade stainless steel, it’s typically only used for manufacturing furniture where indoor dining rooms or other places are used for. Forex Furniture uses 201 stainless steel manufacturers for hospitality businesses request limited budget stainless steel dining tables. You can also order this type of custom-made stainless steel table with extra clear coated to improve its lifetime.

half round stainless steel dining tables

There are other types of stainless steel like the 410 stainless steel but at Forex Furniture we don’t use this type since it has lower strength. Rest assured we won’t produce the stainless steel dining room table you order with this kind of stainless steel.

Easy to Transport

Now, before you start to worry that they’ll be way too heavy—they’re not. Our stainless steel tables are designed for easy transport and storage, but they’re also strong enough to hold whatever party-related items you throw on them. Forex Furniture ensures that each one is lightweight enough for your guests to carry around without complaint.

round stainless steel dining tables for sale

For one thing, foldable hospitality furniture is great for saving space. They can be easily moved when not needed and quickly set them up when they are needed. If you need stainless steel dining tables that can fit into different spaces, that can handle a lot of wear and tear from guests, and that will match the aesthetic of various decors, then Forex Furniture’s folding stainless steel dining room tables are exactly what you need. They can fold up so small that they’re perfect for even the most crowded restaurant or banquet hall.

Perfect for Indoors & Outdoors

The commercial-grade stainless steel dining tables we manufacture are resistant to staining, rusting, and corrosion. The tables are perfect for indoor and outdoor events. This ensures that the table will last longer than other materials and will not need to be replaced as often. Stainless steel tables can also be cleaned very easily with a microfiber cloth, making them a good choice for restaurants that don’t want to spend too much time maintaining their furniture.

At Forex Furniture, we build tables that go the distance, you don’t have to worry about a guest tripping over a wobbly table.

long stainless steel dining tables for sale

Forex Furniture has been manufacturing custom-fit, unbreakable outdoor and indoor stainless steel dining tables for parties and events of all sizes and varieties. An indoor stainless steel dining table is the ideal addition to any event. It’s sleek, stylish, and resistant to stains from condiments and spills, you don’t have to worry about setting up a special “condiment table” made out of stainless steel for your guests.

Since an indoor stainless steel table is designed for events that take place inside your home or venue, you can also choose to add a matching sideboard or buffet table to complete the set. This way, you can set up your buffet area while still providing your guests with a space of their own where they can relax and enjoy their meal in comfort and style.

gold stainless steel dining tables for outdoor use

Forex Furniture makes it easy to have a complete dining set with all of the right pieces in all of the right places—like an outdoor stainless steel dining table. We make outdoor dining tables from top-quality stainless steel that stays looking great and performs well for decades, no matter how many times you bring it out for parties.

It’s also weather-resistant and mildew-resistant, so there’s no need to worry about how it will hold up in the weather elements when you’re planning your next big gathering. These weather-resistant tables are built for both indoor and outdoor use, you can use them just about anywhere! They’re sturdy enough for big parties but also light enough to hold smaller events.

Customizable Different Shapes Tables

You can buy Forex Furniture’s stainless steel dining tables in many shapes and sizes, including round, square, and rectangular. They can be customized with tempered glass or marble tabletops to create a stylish addition to any restaurant or lounge. The mirror glass stainless steel dining room tables are perfect for corporate and plush events.

diameter 340 cm stainless steel dining tables

You can buy commercial stainless steel dining tables from 30 inches to 96 inches long that seat anywhere from two people up to 12 people depending on your needs. They come in different styles including contemporary, industrial, and modern. No matter what your style is, you can find one that fits your decor. Round stainless steel dining tables usually fit any hospitality space and match different event themes.

Some of the features we can customize for stainless steel restaurant dining tables include different heights (from 30’’ height up to bar height), adjustable bases for uneven floors and outdoor use, and locking casters so they don’t roll around when not in use.

Wholesale High-End Stainless Steel Dining Table At Affordable Price

From weddings to events to everyday dining, Forex provides stainless steel dining tables in high-quality materials at affordable prices.

The cost of buying new equipment can add up quickly when running a business, but stainless steel tables from Forex Furniture are an affordable option that still provides high quality unlike the average ones from other stainless steel dining table manufacturers.

gold stainless steel dining tables with black glass

At a competitive price, you can get a high-quality product without paying extra for the high-end brand. It’s the ultimate value for your money. Now, you have no excuse to buy a cheap, low-end dining table that doesn’t work well.

The stainless dining tables you buy from Forex Furniture are inexpensive, modern, and easily portable. And don’t worry about making the wrong decision. We’ll help you pick out the best material for the look you want, and we know our stuff: we’ve made over a million frames and are known as one of the best in the business.

Customizable Designs Dining Tables

The stainless steel dining table designs we customize are attractive and modern. They look sleek and give any space an updated look that feels fresh and inviting. The variety of designs that you can customize for stainless steel dining tables is endless. Whether you want to go with the classic look of a round table or something more modern and square, you can customize your stainless steel dining tables to match any style. The same goes for the design of the table itself.

stainless steel dining tables welding

Some hospitality businesses prefer a traditional-looking table with a marbled or wood-grain finish, while others are looking for something a little more modern and sleek. You can find all types of finishes—from shiny to matte, from polished to brushed—to match any space in your hospitality facility. You can even get a custom design carved into the top of your table!

You also have the option of picking between different types of bases including a pedestal base, round base, rectangular base, square base, and an oval base.

half round stainless steel dining tables for sale

Any design you can think of, Forex Furniture can add to your stainless steel dining table. This provides a great way to express your style and make your dining area stand out among your competitors. We can add custom engravings to the table frames also.

Customizable Different S.S Dining Table Colors

They come in a variety of colors, and our skilled artisans can add text and other decorative elements so that your table is not only beautiful but also tells the world who you are. Brushed stainless steel dining tables and other colors can be customized. Different gold color variations like ti-gold and rose gold can be customized. Also, black gold chromed dining table frames are perfect for all kinds of events. The customizable colors of the table are varied and your choice will be quite wide enough to meet your demand.

oval gold stainless steel dining tables with black glass

The surface coating on stainless steel dining tables can be altered to create almost any color you want. Aside from Forex Furniture’s ability to customize your stainless steel dining table in any color, we specially coat them with titanium dioxide to help prevent the surface from becoming marred. The surface coatings are what make the stainless steel dining room tables resistant to corrosion.

We apply a clear coat over the top of the stainless steel to allow your table to retain its original shine while still protecting against other damages. It is important to note that some table manufacturers use clear coats that may be yellow over time. This is not the case with Forex Furniture, we only use a quality coating that maintains the beautiful look of your stainless steel dining tables.

oval stainless steel dining tables for sale

Also, you get the most durable stainless steel dining tables from Forex Furniture. Why? There are some more drastic options available to you if you want your stainless steel tables protected at all costs. For example, a composite coating could be added over an existing layer of protective paint or clear coat to improve structural strength and provide superior resistance against scratches. However, it’s important to be aware that this option usually increases the overall thickness of your table’s surface making it heavier. This makes the table more durable.

More Customization Variations Available

Stainless steel table frames can be customized with tabletops made with different materials like MDF, glass, hardwood, and more. We ensure that the stainless steel legs for dining tables are strong enough to hold the weight of the tabletop material. If you want both a natural and modern look you can order Forex Furniture’s unique stainless steel and wood dining table.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for knockdown stainless steel round dining tables which saves shipping costs. You can easily assemble them with the easy-to-follow assembling guide we include in your order.

gold stainless steel dining tables with white glass

What do you love about your current dining table? Is it the color? The shape? The material it’s made from? Whatever it is, we can make you a new one that’s just as good. We have several different customization options for tabletop materials that you can choose from as well as different table leg customizations. Don’t hesitate to tell us how you want your stainless steel tables when you contact us by email or phone.

And we don’t just make the frames. We also make some of the strongest stainless steel legs available on the market today. You can rest assured that any stainless steel dining room table you order from us will stay standing for years and longer than that of average furniture manufacturers in China.

round gold stainless steel dining tables

You don’t have to settle for tables that you have to replace every year. There’s a better way: stainless steel dining tables from Forex Furniture. We are proud that Forex Furniture’s stainless steel dining room tables are supplied to over 45 states in the USA as well as throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Get More When You Buy Dining Tables From Forex Furniture

At Forex Furniture, we provide expedited shipping for all your orders at your request. We also have standard shipping available which is still faster than the average delivery time in the industry.

Standard shipping which uses sea freight is our default option and the most affordable one. We use air freight for expedited shipping. Forex Furniture provides insurance for the stainless steel furniture products you buy when you opt for expedited shipping. We are known in the hospitality industry as a global stainless steel furniture supplier.

stainless steel dining tables base

For indoor stainless steel dining tables, we customize them with legs caps to prevent floor marring or floor-scratching. These table types always come with free extra leg caps from our Factory.

We provide free premium service of giving our hospitality clients a hospitality space layout design to help with the number of dining room tables and stainless steel dining chairs that can occupy your space. This also helps you know the exact quantity to order.

Purchase Any Furniture

The best part is that Forex Furniture has every single kind of table you could want, from wood wedding tables to glass tables, and we’ve got them in every size imaginable. Contact us and we will let you know all the options available to you.

Buy other furniture including resin padded chairsChiavari chairsLouis chairsNapoleon chairsbanquet chairsbanquet tablesfarmhouse tables, and all types of wedding tables for Forex Furniture.

Irrespective of the quantity you want to order, contact Forex Furniture now and our friendly representatives will be able to answer all your questions and get your order processed within 24 hours!

Email Forex Furniture to buy your next stainless steel dining table!


Stainless Steel Dining Tables FAQ

Yes, we can manufacture round, rectangular, square, and oval style tables in different sizes, and we supply clear, black, white, and mirror glass, they are tempered.

Yes, they are separate packing, it can save shipping space, when you received them, only need to fix a few screws.

There are have plastic stoppers on the dinner table frame, the table top won’t easily move when daily use.

We can OEM silver, brushed, Ti-gold, rose gold, and black gold chrome finish, you can let us know which one you are interested in

If the table is made of 304# stainless steel, it won’t rust. When using 201# it will rust after a few years, but you can order extra clear coated to improve use lifetime.

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