The 17 Different Design Hot Sale Chairs For Weddings

The wedding area layout is an important item in wedding preparation. When others are still thinking about, like how to build the stage background? How to build the ceiling? What shape does the florist want? We are already considering the chairs for weddings, wedding tables, dancing floors, and so on.

chairs for weddings

Nowadays, whether it is outdoor or indoor weddings, a good design is inseparable from matching appropriate chairs. Because the area where the chair is located can directly extend the scope of decoration from the stage – T stage – sub stage to the area where the guests are located, making the integrity better, the style more unified, and the guests have a stronger sense of integration.

There are many kinds of chairs for weddings, with different specifications, materials, and shapes. To make good use of these chairs, we must acquaint them first.

The Chairs For Weddings List


Chiavari Chair

This chair must be well-known to everyone. In recent years, it should have had the highest appearance rate at weddings. Chiavari chairs come from Italy because their back is like bamboo branches.

Chiavari chairs color

There are many colors of Chiavari chairs for weddings use: transparent, golden, and white, silver, and more.

As the most popular chair in weddings, the Chiavari chair has a very large design space, which can perfectly realize the creativity of planners

gold Chiavari chairs for weddings


Napoleon Chair 

The Napoleon chair is the hot sale chair except for the Chiavari chair at the wedding. It is somewhat similar to the shape of the bamboo chair. The standard colors are gold, silver, and transparent.

gold Napoleon chairs

Compared with the classic Chiavari chair, Napoleon’s chair has a more beautiful shape, which is very suitable for fairy tales and Princess Wedding.

Napoleon chairs for weddings


Round back chair – Louis Chairs

The round-back chair is named after the shape of the chair back.

round back chairs

 It not only inherits the gorgeous and exquisite Rococo style but also absorbs the furniture style of ancient Greek and Roman culture. 

Louis wedding chairs

Its elegant, tall and beautiful, rigorous and simple art style is more exquisite and elegant in the grand and gorgeous banquet space.

wood louis chairs


Cross back chairs

This is also one kind of popular chair for weddings. The material and color of logs have a strong French and American style. It is often used in outdoor weddings.

wood cross back chairs


Thonet chairs – No. 14 Chair

Close to the style of fork-backed chair is this sauna chair. 

wood Thonet chair

It is also a very famous designer. It often appears in many famous films and classic paintings, so it has retro and advanced settings.

Thonet chair

If you have seen the daily record photos of celebrities such as Einstein and Picasso, you will find that they often have the same wooden chair around them. 

The smooth line-shaped chair back and comfortable sitting feeling are the sauna chairs that have been popular for nearly two centuries.

Black Thonet chair for weddings


Folding chairs

This wooden folding chair often appears in many outdoor weddings of different styles. 

wood folding chairs for weddings

In addition to being beautiful, it is also very easy to carry and easy to collect and transport. 

wood folding chairs

And there are many shapes and specifications, creating a very leisurely and relaxed atmosphere.


Phoenix chairs

The back of the Phoenix chair is oval, and the curved design inside makes it more simple and aesthetic. They are made of pure polycarbonate with various colors, like crystal, amber, gold, white, and others for weddings.

Clear Phoenix chairs


Ghost chair

Don’t be frightened by its name. This chair is designed by Philip Stark, a very famous genius designer. Because this Ghost chair has no superfluous pattern details, it focuses on highlighting the overall radian and lines. 

In addition, it is made of acrylic material with very high transparency, just like crystal, so we call it “crystal chair” more.

ghost arm chairs

The simplicity and fashion of crystal chairs can also be perfect for many styles of weddings, making the scene clean and transparent.

clear ghost armchairs

 Now you can also buy crystal Ghost chairs in other colors, transparent, amber, white, black, and more.

acrylic ghost chairs with table


Metal Tolix chair

In 1934, it was designed by French designer Xavier Pauchard. Its original intention was to design outdoor furniture, trying to show the lazy and leisure temperament of the French style. 

Tolix chair

In recent years, it has been favored by fashion designers all over the world, from outdoor to home, business, exhibition, wedding, and other purposes. Because of its unique charm in the mix and match, rural, American, nostalgic, Nordic simplicity, Chinese, and other major decoration styles, it is also praised as the “No. 1” chair in the fashion industry.


Sofa chair

Who stipulates that chairs can only appear in the ceremony area or banquet hall? The wedding reception area or group photo area is decorated with chairs, which is also a good choice. 

wedding sofa

As a decoration, most of the chairs are sofa chairs, and the single one is large. Pay attention to the on-site space.


Director chair

Foldable and artistic “pony bar”. In the island wedding, the light and casual director chair was moved to the beach, showing a fashionable and advanced sense.

Director chair


Rattan chair

Lightweight and generous, the intricately interwoven vines are simple and refreshing, giving people a natural and pastoral feeling, which is suitable for outdoor weddings.

Rattan Peacock chair

 However, the rattan chair is too large to be used as a seat for all guests. At the wedding, it mostly appears in the form of newlyweds’ chairs or decorative chairs.


Organ stool

Because it looks like an organ, it has this inherent name. It has a good response when used in outdoor weddings!

Organ stool


Toast stool

This seat is square and neat, simple and fashionable. It often appears in some press conferences or shows, so it is more inclined to the fashionable, cutting-edge and informal modern wedding.

Toast stool


Wooden bench

This is also a natural style seat, pastoral, courtyard, destination… Simple but beautiful.

Wooden bench



The appearance of these elements in the wedding has exceeded the shape conditions of the chair, but it also has both functionality and decoration.

wedding cushions

 It breaks the solemnity of the conventional wedding and is more like an outing and party between family and friends, which is more relaxed and comfortable.



It is also a common seat form in rural and pastoral weddings, but this kind of seat has two disadvantages: to avoid depression due to the inability to bear the weight of manpower, each haystack will be particularly thick, and basically no concave space will be left. 


Therefore, the weight of a single haystack will be particularly large, and it needs at least 3-4 men to move it, which is inconvenient for transportation; The other haystack is not covered with blankets. Please don’t sit down, especially women in skirts. Frankly, they will be stabbed in the ass accidentally.


With so many beautiful chairs for weddings, are you ready to choose one for your dream wedding?

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