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Supply Beautiful Wedding Cake Tables For Sale

Forex Furniture manufactures durable and affordable wedding cake tables and supplies them to hospitality facilities centers around the world. Our cake tables for weddings are elegant pieces of furniture that can be used in all kinds of hospitality businesses, including restaurants, hotels, and banquet halls. They can also be used in private homes for occasions such as dinner parties or other celebrations.

When it comes to weddings, you want to make each element count. From the flowers to the dress to the food, everything should be perfect. And if we’re being honest, nothing says “perfect” like presenting a beautiful, delicious wedding cake on an elegant table that is just as beautiful. This is exactly the type of beautiful cake table we manufacture for you.

Whether you want a vintage or a rustic wedding cake table, Forex Furniture can produce it for you to match the different decors and event themes.

3 pcs in 1 set gold wedding cake stand for sale

Buy Long-Lasting Wedding Cake Tables

Because we are a reliable wedding cake table supplier for many hospitality businesses, we supply high-quality and beautiful cake tables that can last more than 8 years. We have a broad range of products and services that can help you run your event business or wedding rental business more efficiently, effectively, and with less risk. Hosting weddings at your facility won’t be a problem again because we can supply you with all the wedding chairs and wedding tables you will need including the most durable cake tables for weddings.

We guarantee that our cake tables used at weddings will boost your productivity and efficiency. We take pride in being recognized as one of the best sellers of wedding cake tables in the world.

gold wedding cake stand for sale

Manufactured With High-Quality Materials

Our cake tables are produced from the top quality materials available on the market. Some of the materials we use for our products include solid wood, which is both durable and sturdy. Forex Furniture’s rustic wedding cake tables have a natural feel to them that makes them easy to use and maintain at your facility.

We can also use lightweight materials like polypropylene, polycarbonate, and other materials that are easy to transport. The materials can be used for both the base and the tabletop. We can also customize the base and the tabletop with different materials.

The metal-framed wedding cake tables are produced with gold powder-coated surfaces to prevent rusting. They can be stylishly designed to give them a modern look.

gold wedding cake stand with glass top

Functional For Different Events

Wedding cake display tables produced by Forex Furniture serve as a centerpiece. The cake table sits at the center of the reception hall, where all guests can see it. The cake tables can be used for many other events besides weddings, including birthdays and anniversaries,

Aside from our cake tables for weddings, they are also perfect for intimate events, large corporate parties, and any events where cakes are served. They are ideal for any occasion because of their unique shape, design, and functionality. They come in different shapes and sizes, which makes them suitable for every situation.

Circular wedding cake tables make it easy for the guests to gather around and admire the bride and groom cutting their cake, as well as making it easier for them to take photographs to mark the occasion. Also, the cake tables for weddings that we manufacture come in different heights, so you can choose the height that is most comfortable for you to cut the cake and serve it to your guests.

gold wedding cake stand with white glass top

Custom-Made Elegant Wedding Cake Tables

Forex Furniture’s beautiful cake tables are special because they’re entirely customizable, allowing brides and grooms to make their wedding as personal as possible. They’re also designed to be as versatile as possible, with a round shape that allows them to be used for all sorts of celebrations, not just weddings.

The top of the wedding table is made from a special kind of glass that allows you to see through the surface without any distortion. This greatly enhances the general ambiance and adds an extra dimension to the look and feel of your event space.

We can customize cake tables in two varieties: one designed for indoor use and one designed for outdoor use. They both come in different styles and can be painted any color you like. The outdoor one is made with materials that can withstand the effects of the different weather conditions.

gold wedding cake stand for sale

Quality That Lasts Many Years

What really sets Forex Furniture apart is our dedication to quality. You’ll never see a split seam or broken leg on one of our cake tables—that’s why we guarantee every single one with a lifetime warranty. That means you can use our wedding tables for all of your events for years to come!

When you choose Forex Furniture for your event table needs, you’re getting a product that will remain functional for as long as your business exists.

wholesale gold wedding cake stand for sale

Ship Wide Range Of Furniture For You

Forex Furniture is a global supplier of wedding cake tables and other event furniture like melamine banquet tables, gold wedding chairs, chameleon chairs, Louis chairs, ghost chairs, folding event chairs, and many more. Buy all your event furniture from us. We guarantee quality that will outlast your expectations. The furniture you buy from us can be shipped via air-freight and sea-freight.

Email Forex Furniture to buy high-quality cake tables for weddings.

Wedding Cake Tables FAQ

Forex furniture can manufacture rustic cake table, acrylic cake table, glass cake table, and more. We can customize different cake table size for your weddings. 

The diameter 48” round table would be great for you. If you have special requirements, kindly let us know, we can manufacture for you.

We can supply aluminum cake table, it is lightweight and durable. For the gold stainless steel table, we can customize it with 4 wheels, easy to move when laying the cake on the tabletop.

Yes, we can. There are over 30 different cake table decorating ideas we can provide, let us know your wedding hall and theme, we can recommend the best one for you.

If you order wedding chairs and tables also, we can manufacture one piece or more for you, if not, our minimum order quantity would be 5 pcs per one design.

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