Wood Banquet Chairs

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Experienced Wooden Banquet Chairs Manufacturer In China

Forex furniture, an over 10 years banquet chairs company in Foshan city, China. We supply commercial grade wood chairs for kinds of banquets, like wood cross back chairs, wood Chiavari chairs, wood folding chairs, wooden Louis side chairs, and more.

Top-End Natural Wood

We imported beechwood, Oak wood, Ashwood, and other hardwood from the USA, and Euro. All of them are fumigated before arrived China. They won’t be termites in chairs’ lifetime. The hardwood moisture is lower than 10%, it can withstand any weather which you are going to use anywhere, ideal use for outdoor events also.

wood banquet chairs materials

Customized any wood banquet chairs design

We can supply bamboo style, round back, bentwood, and other chair backrest designs for you, there are over 100 different styles of wood stacking chairs you can choose from in our showroom.

Forex furniture also can OEM the design of your chairs, just need to send us a photo, we can use Autocad to draft the 3D views with full details for you, we won’t start until you confirm it. The engineer uses CNC machines to cut the chairs’ raw wood materials exactly the same as the drawings you approved.

We can manufacture classic wood chairs with carvings, no matter whether there are on chair legs or backrests, Forex furniture staff can do that experience.

wood banquet chairs cnc cutting machines

Durable Wooden Chair Frames Manufacturing

 As it is raw material, Forex furniture staff send the wood parts to the planing machine and plan the top rough surface until shows the nice wood grain. Usually, it needs to repeat 3-4 times and planing 2-3 mm thick wood.

Now the wood banquet chair parts come to the next manufacturing process, before drilling the holes, the chair parts send to two different machines to sand the glitch and the sharp corners till smooth.

wood banquet chairs manufacture

After that, chair parts are sent to drill the holes, it is one of the most important steps in manufacture, the holes can’t too small, can not assemble, and also can not be too big and not firm, which will affect the wood banquet chairs’ weight capacity.

All the wooden banquet chairs in Forex furniture company use a dovetail joint design to assemble. Some other factories in China used battens, which will be easily broken when the weight is too much. Staff also will put enough anti-oxidation glue when putting together wood parts, which can improve chairs’ lifetime.

wood banquet chairs assembled

Multiple Wooden Chair Colors For Your Banquets

Before color paint, all the wood chair frames need to check to if any small holes there, sometimes there are a few holes after wood planing. Staff uses the same wood sawdust to cover and sand smooth.

wood banquet chairs paint

There are 3 times clear coated on banquet chair frames, they can stop away the air moisture from getting inside to make the chair frame to be out of shape. Also, they can make the chair frames more glossy when color painted. Usually, this bottom clear coated needs around 3 – 5 days to finish, it depends on the weather like moisture, temperature, and others. Each coated need dry enough before sanding.

Coated, wait until dry, sanding, all of 3 steps need repeat 3 times, after that the chair frames can send to color paint. Forex furniture can provide walnut, limewash, fruitwood, natural, and other colors, let us know your banquet hall interior decoration, and we can recommend the best one to you.

The color coated on wood banquet chair frames can dry in 6 hours, while they are ready staff spray the clear coat on colored frames in non-dusty rooms. It takes 12 hours to dry enough.

wood banquet chair colors

Wooden Banquet Chairs Quality Inspection

The wooden banquet chairs are ready to inspect quality on the second day morning when the coated is dry.

Forex furniture’s 10 years of experienced quality controller inspects all wood stacking chairs one by one, they will inspect if the color is all same, if the clear coated any problems like lay together, not enough, not smooth, and more. Once passed will send to upholstery, if any problems there will refund to the working shop and revised.

wood banquet chairs frames

Like wood Chiavari chairs, wood Napoleon chairs, and other stacking banquet chairs without any upholstered, staff arrange packing and send them to warehouse waiting for load container. The other wood chairs will send to an upholstery working shop, and from there chairs are finished kinds of colors upholstered, Forex furniture can provide upholstered banquet chairs pass CAL 117 and BS 5852 certificated. All the chairs also must be inspected before packing.

wood banquet chairs packing

Order from Reliable Factory In China

Forex furniture is a manufacturing vendor with a vertical set-up, which means we have great control of the supply chain and we are cost-effective.

We are experienced in selling to five-star hotels and distributors in the US, Euro, Australia, and more.

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About products:

Custom-Made Types Of Wood Banquet Chairs Wholesale

Buy premium hardwood banquet chairs that will last generations to come and are affordable. Forex Furniture is your number one wood banquet chair manufacturer with a large spaced factory in China. We are a professionally managed furniture company with 15 years of expertise and skilled workers.

Wood Banquet Chairs

The wooden banquet chairs can be used indoors and also customized for outdoor use. Forex Furniture sprays banquet chairs with a protective finish that safeguards them from the weather elements (sun, rain) in order to continue serving their purpose. With timely maintenance, your wood banquet chairs will last longer just like the ones supplied to all our clients operating 5-star hospitality businesses. 

Our outdoor banquet chairs perfectly fit the profile of garden chairs and as such, they can be used for outdoor events. We can produce them lightweight or heavyweight based on your preference. They can be customized to have a high weight capacity of up to 800 pounds. Forex Furniture’s wooden banqueting chairs cannot be easily broken. 

Wood Banquet Chairs

Various Beautiful Designs Wood Banquet Chairs

Forex Furniture can manufacture wooden banquet chairs in many designs including a cross-back design. The design strengthens the chair while giving it an eye-catching appearance. The cross-back design also provides support for the spine so sitting comfort is assured for long hours. The wood cross-back chair can also be customized with a cross brace under the seat to also provide more sitting comfort and support guests.

We manufacture plain wood banquet chairs and nice-looking banquet chairs with carved designs. Our skilled woodworkers can carve creative designs on the wood chairs to make them look more beautiful as well as luxurious. We use machines to also assist in designing creative and sophisticated designs on wood banquet chairs. 

Wood Banquet Chairs

The wood banquet chair legs can be angled or produced straight. Every design detail is carefully engineered and custom-made to support the chair’s durability and longevity. Also, whatever leg design we customize, we ensure that it is able to carry a greater proportion of the weight placed on the chair.

Custom-Made Shapes & Backrests

Forex Furniture can produce wooden banquet chairs in different shapes. The seat and backrest can have the same shape or are custom-made to differ from each other. Whatever shape Forex Furniture customizes reinforces the chair’s durability. 

Wood Banquet Chairs

Many backrest variations can be custom-made for wood banquet chairs. We can customize a steam-bent (semi-circle shape) backrest with a flat wood piece that joins the backrest to the seat. This particular design and other customizable backrest designs provide quality support and prevent back straining. 

We can also produce wooden banquet chairs with armrests to support the shoulder. The armrest can be customized anyhow you want it. 

Wood Banquet Chairs

Removable Cushions & Upholstered Chairs

Forex Furniture can manufacture wood banquet chairs with removable cushions. The cushions can be custom-made in different colors in order to match the decor of different events. You can easily remove the cushions and wash them when necessary. Once an event is over, the cushions can be easily untied and the chairs can be stacked, about 15 pieces high, for storage. 

Also, Forex Furniture can manufacture wood upholstered banquet chairs. The whole chair or just the seat or backrest will be upholstered. Our upholstered banquet chairs are super comfortable. They can be custom-made into a tufted design which makes them one of the luxurious upholstered wooden chairs that our hospitality clients buy a lot. 

Wood Banquet Chairs

Free Wooden Banquet Chair Mockup Before Order

Depending on where you will use the banquet chair, whether in a restaurant, hotel banquet hall, or coffee shop, Forex Furniture can create a mockup and send you pictures and videos to see how your hospitality space will look with the chairs nicely arranged.

As a first step, we will send you a wood banquet chair sample with your specifications. The sample allows you to check the durability of the furniture we produce. The minimum quantity you can order is 50 and there is no limit to the maximum quantity we can produce for you.

Wood Banquet Chairs

Faster Lead Time We Have

Forex Furniture’s fastest lead time helps you receive your chairs on time. The minimum order quantity can be manufactured in about 2 weeks. Any large quantity is manufactured in 3 weeks. We have 300 staff and 15 automatic machines to ensure that manufacturing is not delayed and completed faster. After manufacturing, the wooden banquet chairs are carefully inspected for errors, and if any are found, it is corrected. 

Safe & Faster Shipping

Shipping wood banquet furniture to our clients has never been delayed. Forex Furniture uses the most reliable shipping companies to transport banquet furniture to various countries. Besides packaging your wood banquet chairs with foams and carton boxes, they are safely transported by our shipping partners without damage. 

Wood Banquet Chairs

Forex Furniture provides longer warranty periods for all our clients, whether your order is minimum or maximum. We allow you to choose the shipping method you want. 20ft and 40ft containers are what we use to ship furniture. 

You can also buy other furniture like banquet tables, wedding tableswedding sofasfolding chairsgold wedding chairsGhost chairs, and all hospitality furniture from Forex Furniture. 

Contact Forex Furniture to buy high-quality wood banquet chairs.

Wood Banquet Chairs FAQ

We can use solid Oakwood, beech wood and ashwood for production, also can customize chairs with your requirements

We can provide fabric / vinyl upholstery cushions for your banquet chairs, also we can customize rattan padded cushions

The Chiavari chair, cross back chair, Louis chair, and bentwood chair, they can paint in different color, widely use for events

We can also supply wood folding chairs, and bar stools, they are commercial quality and can use for hospitality business

We can supply limewash, gold, silver, fruitwood, rustic, walnut, and more different color for your banquet chairs

No, all our chairs frame are made of 1# grade quality hardwood,  and they are dovetail joint structure, durable, and heavy support guest weight

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