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Multiple Styles Wood Banquet Table For Sale

Forex Furniture wholesale wood banquet tables to different service and hospitality businesses for weddings, parties, conferences, and more. We custom makes the wooden banquet tables you order. They can be customized either lightweight or heavyweight depending on what you want. We make multiple sizes, materials, colors, and provide different prices for every budget. The wood table can be used as a standalone piece or combined with other banquet chairs to meet your banquet seating needs.

wood banquet tables

Any banquet facility and hospitality business can use Forex Furniture’s wood banquet tables. Our wood folding banquet tables which fold into two equal halves are one of the most purchase banquet tables our clients prefer.

Buy From The Best Manufacturer In China

Why choose wood tables? Unlike other materials such as plastic, are a high-quality choice when durability and performance are your priorities – and you want a table you can use over and over again, no matter how big your next event is. Also when you invest in a sturdy, reliable table such as a wood banquet table, you never have to worry about how frequently they can be used for special events and still maintain their quality. A high-quality table made from hard wood is both durable and beautiful and can make all the difference during banquets or events without breaking the bank. If you want such a benefit then Forex Furniture is your banquet furniture manufacturer to contact today.

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Long-Lasting Wood Banquet Table

When you choose a wood banquet table made by Forex Furniture, you’re getting a piece that is built to last. We have a selection of banquet tables with durable aluminum and iron steel frames and a wood tabletop. We can also combine laminate and wood for restaurants and banquet facilities looking for a more affordable option. No matter what your budget, the look you’re going for, or the amount of use you need from your tables, Forex Furniture can help.

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With our wooden banquet tables, you won’t have to worry about mold growth underneath them when you set up the tables a week before the event or for a longer period without removing them. The wood that is used has less than 8% moisture content and the surface is chemically treated to prevent mold growth and termite attack. This makes you save money since Forex Furniture tables last longer than those from other furniture manufacturers in China.

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High-Quality Wood Folding Banquet Tables

Fold-and-go! Wipe away your worries of back pain with a smooth table that folds and can be easily picked up. These wood folding tables are easy to set up and break down, so they’re perfect for outdoor parties or large events. You can use these special wood tables in virtually any setting and not worry about whether they will fit the decor.

Forex Furniture can custom-make a banquet table that is made up of a strong steel structure to carry heavyweight and it is supported by four legs to give it a stable base for carrying various items. They can also withstand scratches and dents which happens sometimes when a heavy item is placed on the table.

wood banquet tables

Size matters so Forex Furniture allows our clients to request custom-made folding wood banquet tables in different sizes. Apart from the standard 4-foot wood banquet tables, 6-foot wood banquet tables, and 8-foot banquet wood tables, we can also produce other sizes based on your preference. You can also order round wood banquet tables, square wood banquet tables, half-round wood banquet tables, rectangular wood folding buffet tables, and more.

Functional Design You Have

We produce wood banquet tables in designs that make using the table easy. There are wood folding banquet table types with collapsible legs. Also, there is another type with a bi-fold design. With the bi-fold wood banquet table, the tabletop folds into two plus the legs are also collapsible.

wood banquet tables

When in use, the legs have a secure locking system that keeps the table stable. It is also quick and simple to release them and fold them for storage. We can also customize wood folding banquet tables for sale with adjustable legs. This makes it possible to extend the size and reduce or increase the table height. Forex Furniture’s wood banquet tables with steel legs come with rubber caps at the tip of the legs to prevent scratching banquet floors. These tables are great for parties, weddings, and other events where you may need extra table space.

Quality Wood Tables Finish

All finishes including the powder coating on the metal legs protect the surface of the table. The quality finish on the tabletop shows the natural wood grain and gives the table a beautiful look. The quality finish lasts 5+ years without fading.

Forex Furniture has a faster lead time and as a global banquet table supplier in China, we also do faster deliveries.

wood banquet tables

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Besides wooden banquet tables for sale, we also manufacture and supply plastic banquet chairsmetal banquet tableschurch banquet chairs, and other hospitality furniture.

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Wood Banquet Table FAQ

We can supply round, rectangle, narrow, half round wood tables for wholesale, also wood farm table for outdoor events

Most of table top are made of pure plywood with clear coated, for the farm table, it is solid pine wood with color painted finished

The plastic folding table made of blow molded, different process, our wood table can customize different sizes with your requirements

Yes, we can supply banquet tables made of wood base and top, also we have metal folding legs and plywood top tables for sale

The metal folding base we had assembled in factory, but the wooden base are separate packing in container, it need to fixed few screws before use

Yes, we do. We can manufacture multiple sizes tables from 4ft -8ft, All our wooden banquet tables legs can be foldable, easy to transport, and save your storage space

The 6 foot wood banquet table is number one choice for your banquets and hospitality business, it can service 8-10 guests.

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